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					                                          HUMAN RESOURCE SERVICES

     The Department of Human Resource Services is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
         The resource persons listed below can be contacted by calling their extension during office hours.

                                           INFORMATION DIRECTORY

Affirmative Action                                         Americans with Disabilities Act
Benita Peace            4-4510                             Alan Bridge               4-5009
Compliance Officer                                         Associate Vice Chancellor for
Employee Services Manager                                  Human Resource Services
Emily Foust                6-0342
Benefits Specialist

Angela Montgomery       4-4514                             Deb Carley                4-3007
Benefits Systems Manager (Notary)                          Director Personnel Services

                                           Elizabeth LePlattenier 4-4060
                                             Benefits Specialist (Notary)
 Accidental Death &                      Educational Assistance Program       Retiree Questions
  Dismemberment                           Exit Interviews                      Retirement
 Automobile Insurance                    Family Medical Leave                 Social Security
 Beneficiary Changes                     Flex Spending                        Supplemental Medical
 Cancer Insurance                        Health Insurance                     Supplemental Retirement
 Death Claims                            Life Insurance                        Accounts (401K, 403b, 457)
 Deferred Compensation                   Medicare                             Tax-Sheltered Annuities
 Dental                                  NC Flex                              Terminations (Benefits)
 Disability Insurance/Claims             New Employee Orientation             Vision
                                          Paycheck (Benefit Deduct.)           Workers’ Compensation

Employee Relations
Don Shore               4-4508                             Angela Mahoney            4-4507
HR Consultant                                              HR Consultant
Employee Relations Manager                                 Classification/Compensation Manager
   Absenteeism (Disciplinary)                                Emergency Loan Fund
   Demotion (Issues)                                         Grievance
   Discharge (Issues)                                        Sexual Harassment
   Disciplinary Actions                                      Warnings
   Discrimination
Employment – Permanent/SPA Employee Records
                                             Kathy Watford 4-4506
                                           Employee Services Supervisor

Carol Benjamin          6-0181                             Brenda Hedrick          4-4763
Employee Services Technician                               Pre-Employment Coordinator

Glendneil Blackmon       4-4515                            Natalie Jacobs          4-4783
Senior Employee Services Technician                        Employee Services Technician

Wendy Clayborne          4-9796
Senior Employee Services Technician

                                             Benita Peace 4-4510
                                           Employee Services Manager
   Demotion (Processing Only)       Lateral Transfers                         Probation
   Discharge (Processing Only)      Leave (Bonus, Community                   Resignation (Processing Only)
   Hiring Rates                      Involvement, Maternity, Military,         Termination (Processing Only)
   Holidays                          Sick, Vacation)                           Time-limited Appointments
   I-9’s                            Overtime                                  Unemployment
   Jury Duty                        Pay Grades                                Verification of Employment
                                                                                Work Hours
Employment – Temporary
Betty Betts             4-4511                           Benita Peace           4-4510
Employee Services Coordinator                            Employee Services Manager
 Hiring Rates (On-campus)                                Temporary Agencies
Performance Evaluations
Angela Mahoney            4-4507                         Don Shore               4-4508
HR Consultant                                            HR Consultant
Classification/Compensation Manager                      Employee Relations Manager
*Departments/Divisions                                   **Departments/Divisions
University Advancement, Athletics, Bryan School,         Facilities, Financial Services, HES/HHP, HRS,
Chancellor’s Office, College of Arts & Sciences,         ITS/Telephone Services, Auxiliary Services, Music,
Continual Learning, Education, Enrollment Services,      Nursing, Public Safety & Police, SERVE, Business
Graduate School, International Programs, Library,        Services, Weatherspoon Art Gallery
Millennial Campus, Provost, Research Services, Student
Affairs, Teaching & Learning Center
Position Management
Deb Carley                 4-3007                        Don Shore               4-4508
Director of Personnel Services                           HR Consultant
                                                         Employee Relations Manager

Angela Mahoney            4-4507                         Mary Russell              4-5166
HR Consultant                                            Personnel Analyst
Classification/Compensation Manager
 Audit of Positions                                      Promotion
 Compensation/Classification                             Reclassification
 Establishment of New Positions                          Salary Equity
Organizational Development/Training
Jason Morris              4-4408                         Deb Carley                 4-3007
Staff Development Specialist                             Director Personnel Service

                                      Gwenne Causey 4-49795
                                             HR Specialist
Toby Hedgepeth          4-4512                           Benita Peace           4-4510
Jobsearch Recruitment Coordinator                        Employee Services Manager
Information Technology/Systems
Sean Farrell              6-0341                         Tammy Waddell             4-4505
Tech Support Analyst                                     Tech Support Analyst

                                        Angela Montgomery 4-4514
                                         Benefits/Systems Manager

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