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					                                               H/R BULLETIN
                                                                                                                    Oct ober 2005
                                                                                                                  Vol ume 2, Issue 2
                                           FROM YOUR HUMAN RESOURCES DEPT.


COLONIAL SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE                              If you are

interested in Short Term Disability, Life Insurance, Cancer Insurance,                        Teachers Bowling League
Hospitalization and/or accident coverage contact Kathy Kennedy ASAP as
                                                                                               at Park Place Lanes in Salem
the deadline for enrollment is coming fast!!

                                                                          Join the Southern NH Teachers League beginning October
WEIGHT WATCHERS® IS COMING TO DERRY                                       20th.   Bowling is every third Thursday of the month at 4:00
VILLAGE & EAST DERRY in October! Interested in                            PM. Don’t worry if you are not a good bowler, it’s for fun!
joining (health insurance provides incentives) contact                    This is what you’ll get: Rental shoes, 3 games of bowling,
Deb Zajac-Soucy at Derry Village 432-1233 or Mary                         Pizza and Soda in the Jonathan’s Lounge or Alley Kat Dining
Streeter at East Derry 432-1260. Everyone is welcome                      room after bowling. There are 4 players per team so get your
to join!                                                                  friends together and come join the fun. The cost is just
                                                                          $13.00 per month which includes all of the above. Just call

                                                                          Park Place Lanes at 898-4422 or fax your roster to 983-5489.

       CLASS RAFFLE WINNER!!!!                                              NEW ADDRESS FOR SUBMITTING MEDCO BY MAIL ORDER

                                                                          Medco Health, the provider of our pharmacy benefits, has a
                                                                          new address for covered members to use when submitting
                                                                          mail order forms:
As you know Dr. Moody was offered a free graduate class at Rivier                       MEDCO HEALTH of Pa, No. 2, LCC
                                                                                                 P.O. Box 2201
College as compensation for his mentoring a staff member. He
                                                                                             Pittsburg, PA 15230
generously donated it to the staff here in Derry. Staff members were
informed through the Curriculum News that they could place their name
in the raffle by emailing Kathy Thistle. The drawing took place on
September 23rd and the winner is:
                                                                                  STATUS OF NH RETIREMENT CONTRIBUTION
                                                                            NHRS members who applied for the Additional
                                                                               Contributions program by the deadline of
Financial Planning & NH Retirement                                          December 31, 2004, should have received their
Workshop Scheduled on October 5TH IN                                        cost calculation in the mail in early September:
                                                                                Members who did not receive their cost
THE LIBRARY AT WEST RUNNING BROOK                                          calculation by September 15, 2005, or who have
AT 3:30 PM .                                                                 questions about their cost calculation, should
                                                                                      contact NHRS by writing to:
Important information to save less now for retirement                                ATTN: Service Credit Specialist
rather than a lot later. Valuable information for you and                                NH Retirement System
your future.                                                                                4 Chenell Drive
                                                                                          Concord, NH 03301
Experts in the field of NH Retirement, Social Security,                         or by email at
and annuity plans will be on hand to inform and answer                       Please note that the Additional Contributions
questions. This is not only for those who are planning to                  program is available to only those members who
retire soon. This workshop is for anyone planning to                          applied by December 31, 2004, and whose
retire someday.
                                                                            applications have been approved, as stated in
                                                                               the NHRS statutory provisions (RSA 100-A).
   H/R Bulletin Oct. 2005                                          Page 2                                       Vol. 2 Iss. 2

      DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE                                                             $300 is waiting there for you and your
                                                                                            covered family members.

 Liberty Mutual Home and Auto insurance discounts: 10% off Auto,       Eligible programs for reimbursement include:
 5% of your home owners with a multi-policy discount of an
                                                                       Physical Activity: Karate, Kickboxing, Pilates, Tae Bo, Tai chi, Ballet,
 additional 10% off the home insurance.     Contact Liberty Mutual
                                                                       and Aerobics classes
 603-42-8967 x200 (reference client #110627)
                                                                       Stress and quality of Life: Yoga, Intro to Reiki Level 1, Tai Chi, Care of
                                                                       the Caregiver, Introduction to Massage, Infant Massage, and Parenting
 Postal Center USA in Londonderry Commons: 10% off all goods           Classes
 and services. 603-421-0427
                                                                       Preventive care: First Aid, Basic CPR, Infant Massage,
                                                                       Lamaze/Childbirth, and Parenting Classes
 RS Design and Remodel: 20% discount on painting, windows,
                                                                       Injury prevention: Defensive driving, First Aid, AED Training, and
 siding, fencing, deck & patios, kitchens & drywall*attics &
                                                                       Basic CPR classes
 basements, finish carpentry 603-966-6626
                                                                       Medical Self-care and Consumerism – Making Money Work for You,
 DERRY SCHOOL DISTRICT COMPUTER BUY PROGRAM:                           Behavior & Learning Disabilities in Children, Emotional Intelligence,
 This program is set up to help employees with financing a             Care for the Caregiver, Diabetes Education, and Understanding Autism
 computer for their home. Here is how it works: The employee           classes
 purchases computer and submits the receipt to the Superintendent’s
 Office for reimbursement by purchase order. The employee has bi-      WEIGHT WATCHERS IS NOW 100% REIMBURSABLE (UP TO
 weekly deductions taken from his/her pay check for the remainder      THE $300 CALENDAR YEAR MAXIMUM) UNDER HEALTH
 of the school year. (Deductions can not be taken from the very last   AWARENESS!!!!!!
 pay check or balloon check.) Call either Toby or Kathy in the
 Human Resources Department if you have any questions, 432-
                                                                       WEIGHT MANAGEMENT AND NUTRITION – Nutrition classes and
 Jesse’s Computer Repair located in Derry offers employees the         Weight Watchers programs.
 Employee Computer Purchase & Repair Program. A complete
                                                                       In addition to the above listing community organizations offer a wide
 description of the Discount Program is available by contacting
                                                                       variety of related offerings.
 Jesse’s Computer Repair at 603-425-1833.
                                                                       Approved Course Providers:
 CURVES For Women -“30 Minute Fitness & Weight Loss Centers” is
 offering CORPORATE RATES - NO SERVICE FEE!                            The following is a sampling of approved providers that you may
 $29 MONTHLY/CHECK DRAFT FOR MINIMUM 1 YEAR                            contact for a list of course offerings:
  Derry 437-9988   Londonderry 965-1088
                                                                       American Red Cross
                                                                       American Heart Association
 Coming next month: Discount on Massage                                UNH Cooperative Extension
 Therapy!!!!                                                           IHRSA-member fitness facilities
                                                                       National Health & Safety Council
                                                                       Community adult education centers
   Making $en$e of Financial Planning                                  Most local hospitals
 For more information on IRAs and Tax -deferred                        National certified yoga centers (or facilities)
 savings plans contact Walter Jezak, Santo
                                                                       Be sure to call Health Trust at 800-527-5001 before you enroll to
 Insurance and Financial Services, Inc.                                confirm that the program is eligible for reimbursement. Once you’ve
 603-890-6439 extension 113.                                           confirmed that the program is eligible for reimbursement, sign up, get
                                                                       a receipt, attend at least 75% of the program’s sessions/classes and
                                                                       complete a Health Awareness Program Reimbursement Form including
                                                                       the instructor’s signature and submit it to Health Trust at
                                                                       Health Trust P.O. Box 617, Concord, NH 03301-0617.

Member Assistance Program: LifeResources Member Assistance- Counseling Services,
Information & Referrals, Professional Coaching - FREE, CONFIDENTIAL, Municipal/School Benefit
available 24 hours a day 7 days a week    1-800-759-8122

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