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Gannet – Largest North Atlantic Seabird


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									Gannet – Largest North Atlantic Seabird

The gannet is the largest sea bird in the North Atlantic. They can dive
from 30 meters and go speeds of 100 km/h as they hit the water, thus
diving quite deep to catch their prey.

Physical Characteristics

Gannets have a black and white body and a yellow head. They also have two
meter long pointed wings and long bills. They are quite unusual as they
have no external nostrils, air sacs in the face and under the skin to
soften their body hitting the water when they dive for food, plus they
have eyes that are set far forward on their face so they can judge
distance with binocular vision.

Habitat and Location

Northern gannets live in the North Atlantic, and two other kinds of
gannets live in Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Gannets are also found
in Iceland, Canada, Scotland, UK, Ireland, France, Faroe Islands,
Shetland Isles, Norway, and nearly 20 percent of them live in St Kilda in


Gannets eat fish and squid that they dive deep into the ocean to catch.

Breeding Facts

Gannets breed in colonies on the coast of islands in the thousands
together. They lay one chalky colored blue egg. Gannets are unusual
because it takes the young bird a full five years to mature. The
immature birds are fed by their parents regurgitating their meals for
them to eat.

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