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COMM 301: Public Speaking – FRIDAY CLASS                                                                     Spring 2012
Patricia Harris-Jenkinson (harrispa@scc.losrios.edu or profphj@gmail.com)                            REVISED 02/24/2012

Schedule Legend:
L: Lecture                   Assignment Due            Readings and video lectures should be completed by assigned day to fully
 In-Class Activity          Reading Due               participate in class activities. Assignment specifics are can be accessed
 Reminder                   Assignment Given          via the links on this document.
 Video Lecture                                         Any class sessions with extra time available will be used for mini-
                                                        impromptus or work-up speeches; be prepared to speak on a daily basis.

 This Schedule Links document can be found online at: http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/sched/ps/scc/c301_sched.rtf
 Grades (to date) can be found in an Excel document at: http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/grades/ps/scc/grades_301.xls

TO OPEN UP DOCUMENTS: Place your curser over the link (underlined, blue). Depending upon your computer, you just
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with internet access.) You can then read the document and/or save it to your computer. IF NOT WORKING: Go to the END
of the document and use the urls listed.

NOTE: Lecture notes links below are to pdf handouts, 3 per page. If you wish to print 6 per page, add _6 to the end of the
file name.

Assignment Specifics, Additional Links, and URLs are located near the END of this document.

What are we Doing? What should be Read by this date?                                         What is Due?
                       L: Introduction to Class/Web Enhancement (0.75)
                        ACTIVITY: What is a Competent Speaker? (0.75)
                       L: Delivery (1.0)–  R: Ch. 16 (Methods of Delivery),
                           17 (Nonverbal Comm), 18 (Verbal Comm), 19
                           (Delivering Your Speech)
                       L: Bag Speech Assignment Discussion (0.25)
1    1/20        F
                       Bag Speech (See Assignment Specifics near the
                         end of this document, and grading rubric)
                       Speech Worksheet Assignment Explained (this
                         applies to ALL speech worksheets) assignments
                       Bag Speech Worksheet
                      DISCUSSION: Communication Models video lecture                         DUE: Schedule Printout
                         (.25)                                                               DUE: Pre-Req
                      L: Speech Anxiety (1.0) -  R: Ch. 1 (Speaking in                      Verification
                      Public), 4 (Improving Your Confidence)                                 DUE: Student Info Sheet
                      L: Listening/Evaluating (0.75) –  R: Ch. 5 (Listening)                 View the Comm Models
                      L: Nine Criteria for a Good Speech (0.25)                               Video Lecture before
                      DO: Life Stories Mini-Impromptus (0.75)                                 class. (mp3 file)
2    1/27        F     R: Ch. 2 (Audience-Centered Process), 8
                         (Developing Speeches), 3 (Ethics/Free
                         Speech)Discussion: Minor Tasks for speeches
                      Final questions/hints on Bag Speech & Bag Speech
                         Worksheet (YOU COME TO CLASS WITH

                       Info Prep Worksheet #1 (5 Topics/Aud Relevance)
                       DO: Bag Speeches                                                      DUE: Bag Speech
3     2/3        F     Please read Make-Up Speech Caveat at end of this                          Worksheet (due on
                          document!                                                              scheduled speech day)

P. Harris-Jenkinson                                 Spring 2012                                            CSUS: COMS 004
                                        Note: Schedule is Subject to Change                                      page 1 of 8
                      DO: Bag Speeches (continued)                                Life Stories Mini-
                      L: Informative Speech (1.25) –  R: Ch. 22                  Impromptus
                         (Informative), 10 (Supporting) 11 (Organizing), 12        Remember to download
                         (Intro), 13 (Conclusion)                                    the Speech Worksheet
                      DISCUSSION: Source Citations Video Lecture (0.25) -            template for your Bag
                          R: Ch. 9 (Gathering Support)                              Speech
                      Info Speech Topic Review (0.50)                             DUE: Info Prep
                      Test 1 Review (please bring study guide!)                     Worksheet #1 (5
4    2/10      F                                                                    Topics/Aud Relevance)
                      Assigned:                                                    View the Informative
                       Informative Speech (& Outlines) (See Assignment             Speech Video Lecture
                        Specifics near the end of this document, and                before class. (mp3 file)
                        grading rubric)                                            View the Source Citation
                       Info Prep Worksheet #2 (Research/Org/Aids)                  Video Lecture before
                                                                                    class. (mp3 file)

5    2/17      F      No class; campus closed.
                      TEST 1: Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16,   Test 1 Study Guide: Test 1
                         17, 18, 19, 22 and accompanying lectures                  Remember to download
                         (including the video lectures)                             the Outline template!
                      Test 1 Debrief (0.25)
6    2/24      F
                      View Sample Informative Speeches (0.75)

                       Work-Up Speeches 1: Pet Peeve
                      DO: Work-Up Speeches 1: Pet Peeve (1.0)                      Don’t forget those online quizzes!
                      L: Impromptu (0.50)                                         DUE: Work-Up
                      DISCUSSION: Outlining Video Lecture & Presentation             Speeches: Pet Peeve
                         Aids Video Lecture (0.50) –  R: Ch. 20-23               DUE: Info Prep
                         (Presentational Aids) R: Ch. 14 (Outline/Editing);          Worksheet #2
                         (Outline grade sheet online)                                (Research/Org/Aids)
7    3/2       F                                                                   View the Outlining Video
                      Q&A on Informative Speech                                    Lecture before class. (mp3
                      Assigned:                                                    View the Presentation
                      Work-up Speeches: Informative Speech Progress               Aids Video Lecture before
                       (What topic/why you chose it; challenges)                   class. (mp3 file)
                       Work-Up Speeches 2: Vacation
                      DO: Work-Up Speeches: Informative Speech Progress            Don’t forget those online quizzes!
                        (1.0)                                                     DUE: Work-up Speeches:
                      DO: Work-Up Speeches: Favorite Vacation (1.0)                Informative Speech
8    3/9       F                                                                   Progress
                                                                                  DUE: Work-Up
                                                                                   Speeches: Favorite
                      DO: Informative Speeches (14-18 per day)                    DUE: Info Speech
9    3/16      F      Please read Make-Up Speech Caveat at end of this             Outlines (on day of your
                      document!                                                    speech)
                      DO: Informative Speeches (14-18 per day)                     Don’t forget those online quizzes
                      Discussion of Sales Speech “Tournament”
10   3/23      F
                      Bring “sales item” and ideas to class next time

P. Harris-Jenkinson                             Spring 2012                                      SCC: COMM 301
                                     Note: Schedule is Subject to Change                              page 2 of 8
                      Pers. Prep Worksheet #1 (5 Topics/Aud Relevance)
                      DISCUSSION: Persuasive Speech Video Lecture (0.75)         View the Persuasive
                         –  R: Ch. 23 (Persuasive Principles), 24                Speech Video Lecture
11   3/30      F
                         (Persuasive Strategies)                                  before class. (mp3 file)
                      View Sample Persuasive Speeches (0.75)
      4/6      F      Spring Break
                      Tournament: (1.00): Bring an aid and a prepared 1-2       DUE: Pers. Prep
                         minute persuasive sales presentation (using             Worksheet #1 (5
                         Monroe’s Motivated Sequence).Each student               Topics/Aud Relevance)
                         delivers the speech to the group for feedback; group   BRING: Sales item &
                         selects finalist. One person from each group            organization ideas
                         competes in finals.
12   4/13      F      L: Audience Analysis (1.0) –  R: Ch 6 (Audience
                         Analysis), 7 (Adapting to Audience)
                      Pers Speech Topic Discussion (0.50)

                      Persuasive Speech (See Assignment Specifics
                         near the end of this document, and grading rubric)
                      L: Credibility (1.0)                                       View the Language
                      DISCUSSION: Language for Oral Presentations Video           Video Lecture before
                         Lecture (.25) –  R: Ch. 15 (Language/Style)             class. (mp3 file)
                       R: Ch. 25 (Special Occasion)                             Remember to download
                       R: Ch. 26 (Small Groups)                                  the Outline template (or
13   4/20      F      Test 2 Review (please bring study guide!)                   adjust your Info one) and
                                                                                  the Pers. Prep Worksheet
                      Assigned:                                                   templates (see specifics)
                      Pers Prep Worksheet #2 (Research/Org/Aids)                Don’t forget those online quizzes!
                      Work-up Speeches: Pers Speech Progress (What
                        topic/why you chose it; challenges)
                      TEST 2: Chapters 6, 7, 14, 15, , 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26   Test 2 Study Guide: Test 2
                      and accompanying lectures                                  Don’t forget those online quizzes!
                      Test 2 Debrief (0.25)                                     DUE: Work-up Speeches:
                      DO: Work-Up Speeches: Persuasive Speech Progress           Persuasive Speech
14   4/27      F                                                                 Progress
                      (What topic/why you chose it; challenges)
                                                                                DUE: Pers Prep
                                                                                 Worksheet #2
                      DO: Persuasive Speeches (ALL)                             DUE: Pers Speech
                                                                                 Outlines (on day of your
15    5/4      F
                      Assigned:                                                  speech)
                      Tribute Speech
                      DO: Final Exam & Tribute Speeches                         Final Study Guide:
                                                                                Comprehensive Final
16   5/11      F                                                                DUE: Speech of Tribute
                                                                                and manuscript

     5/11-            Finals Week; SCC’s final exam schedule link is:           DUE: Quiz grades pulled
                      http://www.scc.losrios.edu/Deadlines/Final_Exam_Sche         down at 5:00 on day of
     5/15             dules/Spring_2012.htm                                        final

P. Harris-Jenkinson                            Spring 2012                                     SCC: COMM 301
                                    Note: Schedule is Subject to Change                             page 3 of 8
Make-Up Speech Policy/Caveats:
Students who are not able to perform their speech on their scheduled speech day (for any student-
initiated reason, including illness) MAY have the opportunity to make up the speech at the end of the
semester on the Make-Up Day scheduled above (no guarantees that you will be able to make up a
speech). Please pay attention to the following conditions:
       Students may only make up one speech (if you miss more than one speech, you will not be able
          to make up any speeches; since you cannot pass the class without doing all the speeches, this
          will result in a failing grade.)
       Make-up speeches will be assessed a 30% penalty (right off the top).
       There is a limited time available for mak- up speeches; when the time is filled, no other make-up
          speeches will be scheduled (so, no guarantees that you will be able to make up a speech).
       If I end up having to push the schedule back (e.g., I must cancel class or run behind on the
          schedule), the time scheduled for make-ups will be canceled (again, no guarantees that you
          will be able to make up a speech).
       Remember: If you choose to take a make-up, you are running a risk that you might not be able to
          make it up!

Additional Links:
   Quiz Hints (how to ace those online quizzes): Remember: Quiz for each chapter and each video
    lecture! (http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/resources/quiz_hints.pdf)
   General Info about this Class/Instructor
    o General Class Information (more detailed expectations on course policies, like academic integrity)
    o Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    o Official College Student Code of Conduct
   Speech-Specific Resources
    o Speech Anxiety Handout (thanks to Lanette Pogue for gathering this information from a variety of
        sources. This discusses speech anxiety and recommendations for dealing with it.
    o Speech Checklist (use this checklist to help you when you prepare your speech. While most of it
        can be generalized to all speeches, it works especially well for both informative and persuasive
    o Using Note Cards Effectively (this document explains one method of preparing your note cards
        for a presentation) (http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/resources/note_cards.doc)
   Outline Information/Source Citations
    o Outline Information (this document gives you information about outlining, as well as shows you a
        sample outline form)
    o Outline Template (this Word document is an outline template. If you use this and just fill in your
        information, you should have the correct format. NOTE: It is helpful if you just copy and paste
        information, rather than hit Enter if your Microsoft Word default is "Auto Format as you type."
    o Sample Outline on Antibiotic Resistance (Persuasive Speech) (want to see a real outline? Check
        out this Microsoft Word document! (It's a persuasive speech, but the format is the same.)
    o How to Cite Sources in MLA and APA Format
    o Identifying References (thanks to Lanette Pogue (again) for compiling this information about the
        different types of references (footnotes, etc.) and when and how to use them. This document
        particularly focuses on APA (American Psychological Association) referencing style.

P. Harris-Jenkinson                         Spring 2012                                   SCC: COMM 301
                                 Note: Schedule is Subject to Change                           page 4 of 8
    o   Citation Machine (easy online fill-in-the-blank program for citing sources; remember to follow the
        instructions for copy/paste/format margins) (http://www.citationmachine.net/)

Other Assignments/Activities that I may assign:
   o Speech in the Round
   o Impromptu Speeches
   o Student Critiques
   o Your Choice Assignment Info (we may do something like this instead of the final; it involves a
       choice of competing at an Intramural Speech Tournament on a Friday afternoon (dates to be
       determined) OR taking the comprehensive final)
   o (http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/pub_speaking/other_assgn/your_choice.rtf)
   o Outside Speaker Critique

Assignment Specifics:

                                                                                 Min # of Min # of         Max # of
Speech                                Time                                       Aids     Oral Cites       Note Cards
Life Stories Mini-Impromptus          30-60 seconds, 0 prep                          0         0                0
Work-Up Speeches (3+ speeches) 1-2 minutes                                           0         0                1
Impromptu Speech (if we do)           1 min prep time, 1-2 min speaking time         0         0                1
Bag Speech                            2-4 minutes                                    3         0                1
Informative Speech                    6-8 minutes                                   1+         4                3
Persuasive Speech                     5-7 minutes                                optional      5                3
Tribute Speech                        1-3 minutes                                optional      0           manuscript
Notes are limited to 3x5 cards, 1 side; must be handwritten

Speech Worksheets/Outlines:         Review Assignment Specifics
Bag Speech:                         Preview/Summary, Main Points, Aids
Info Speech #1:                     10 potential topics w/Audience Relevance
Info Speech #2:                     4+ Sources, draft main points, possible aids
Info Speech Outline:                2+ pages, 4+ oral footnotes identified in outline, 5+ sources in Bib
Pers Speech #1:                     10 potential topics w/Audience Relevance
Pers Speech #2:                     4+ Sources, draft main points, possible aids
Pers Speech Outline:                2+ pages, 5+ oral footnotes identified in outline, 8+ sources in Bib
Tribute Speech Manuscript           1+ pages, typed

P. Harris-Jenkinson                            Spring 2012                                         SCC: COMM 301
                                    Note: Schedule is Subject to Change                                 page 5 of 8
URLs for Links in Schedule Links Document
(Use these if the links don’t work in the Schedule Links document; type them into your
browser’s address bar. Remember: I don’t use spaces in my urls; if it looks like a space, it’s
probably an underscore _):

Course Syllabus:      http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/syllabi/ps/scc/c301_syllabus.rtf
Schedule Links:       http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/sched/ps/scc/c301_sched.rtf
PJ’s Teaching
Grades to Date

Intro to Class:       http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/pub_speaking/orientation.pdf
Delivery:             http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/pub_speaking/delivery.pdf
Bag Speech
Comm Models           http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/mp3/pubspkng/comm_models.mp3 (mp3
Speech Anxiety        http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/pub_speaking/speech_anxiety.pdf
Nine Criteria for
a Good Speech
Info Speech
                      http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/mp3/pubspkng/info_speech.mp3 (mp3 file)
Source Citations      http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/mp3/pubspkng/source_citations.mp3 (mp3
Impromptu             http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/pub_speaking/impromptu.pdf
                      http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/mp3/pubspkng/outlining.mp3 (mp3 file)
Persuasive            http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/pub_speaking/pers_speech.pdf
Speech                http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/mp3/pubspkng/persuasion.mp3 (mp3 file)
Credibility           http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/ppt/pub_speaking/credibility.pdf
Language for
                      http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/mp3/pubspkng/language.mp3 (mp3 file)

P. Harris-Jenkinson                         Spring 2012                                   SCC: COMM 301
                                 Note: Schedule is Subject to Change                           page 6 of 8
Oral Assignments (Speeches):
Bag Speech:
Life Stories          http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/pub_speaking/speeches/life_stori
Mini-Impromptu        es.rtf
Bag Speech
Info Speech
Work-Up               http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/pub_speaking/speeches/work_up
Speeches              _speeches.doc
Persuasive            http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/pub_speaking/speeches/pers_pol
Speech                icy_sp.rtf
Tribute Speech
Minor Task            http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/general/minor_task_roles_hando
Roles                 ut.rtf
Grading Rubric

Speech Worksheets & Outline Assignments:
Speech                http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/pub_speaking/other_assgn/speec
Worksheet             h_worksheet_assignment.doc
Bag Speech            http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/pub_speaking/other_assgn/bag_
Worksheet:            worksheet.doc
Info Wksht #1 (5
Info Wksht #2
Outline               http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/pub_speaking/other_assgn/outlin
Assignment            e.rtf
Outline Grade         http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/assignments/pub_speaking/grade_sheets/outli
Sheet                 ne_grade_sheet_50.doc (review to for grading criteria)
Pers Wksht #1 (5
Pers Wksht #2

P. Harris-Jenkinson                         Spring 2012                             SCC: COMM 301
                                 Note: Schedule is Subject to Change                     page 7 of 8
                      The Persuasive Speech Worksheets and Outline are the same as the
NOTE:                 Informative Speech; you could take your Info Speech Worksheet and change
                      the word Informative to Persuasive, then type over the topics, etc.
Study Guides:
Test 1                http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/tests/pub_speaking/study_guide_t1.doc
Test 2                http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/tests/pub_speaking/study_guide_t2.doc
Final Exam            http://scc.losrios.edu/~harrispa/tests/pub_speaking/study_guide_final.doc

P. Harris-Jenkinson                         Spring 2012                             SCC: COMM 301
                                 Note: Schedule is Subject to Change                     page 8 of 8

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