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Stake Relief Society Activity - 28 April 2012 by siasnan


									           Stake Relief Society Activity
              40 Minute Workshops

Horticulture                                  Health
Presented by Sis Hohua.                       Get some health tips from a medical
Come and see a master gardener and            expert. Come with any health
learn some awesome skills. Bring              questions you may have.
something to share with other sisters
e.g. seedlings, fruit/veges, cuttings.

My Daughter an Elect Lady                     Family Home Evening
Presented by Arlen Armstrong.                 Presented by Mayron Wihongi.
Come and listen to an inspired priesthood     Come and get some awesome ideas for
Holder talk about womens divinity             Family Home Evenings. Games,
                                              Lessons and other ideas.

Date:                     28th April 2012
Time:                     10am-2pm (Refreshments from 1:30pm_
Place:                    Kaikohe Stake Centre
Bring:                    Ideas and things to share
                          for Horticulture workshop.
Any enquiries please phone Sis Joyce (09)4010640 or Sis Wihongi (09) 4053311

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