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                                                                               February 2007

                                                                           What lies behind us and
                                                                           what lies before us are
                           UNION PARISH
                         Methodist Presbyterian                            inconsequential compared
                                                                           to what lies within us.

                  Parish Register                                      CAR BOOT SALE
BAPTISM                                                                 Saturday 24 February
10.12.2006    Kira Naima Blyth, infant daughter of                           From 7.30am
              Chris Blyth and France Luneau,
              Waikoura Road, Kaeo                             Kerikeri Church Car Park (in the hall if wet)
          Welcome to the family of the church                            Sites available for $5.
                                                             Contributions to Church Stall always welcome,
WEDDING                                                         funds going towards the cleaning fund.
20.01.2007      Laura Young and Paul Savory
                at Karikari Estate Vineyard                       CONNECTING CHILDREN
       Congratulations and God’s blessings to you
                                                                      WITH JESUS
                                                           A Training Day will be run by Scripture Union in
26.11.2006      Robert Francis (Bob) McDonald of
                Cannon Drive, Kerikeri                     Kerikeri on
                                                                      Saturday 24 February
14.01.2007      Derrick Smith of Turner Street, Kaeo
  Our sympathy and prayers are with their family and       The aim is to equip people for Bible in Schools,
                      friends                              SupaKids after school club, Sunday School etc.
                                                           We need new teachers and helpers in all these
Congratulations                                            areas.
                                                           Contact your minister or Heather Hackett
To Nell Graveson for her 90th Birthday in January
                                                           4077265 if you are at all interested. Details and
To Jodie Webster and Larry Cotton on their                 venue to follow - mark the date now!
To Anne and Helmut Kool for their 50th Wedding             One person with a belief is equal to a force of
Anniversary in January                                     ninety-nine who have only interests.
                                                                                              John Stuart Mill

Highlights in February
       Kaeo Youth Group restarts Thursday 8 February 6.30-8.30pm
       Kerikeri Little Ferns restarts Friday 9 February 10-11.30am
       Sunday Schools restart Sunday 11 February during Services at each Church
Robyn’s Ramblings                                              What’s more, the Christian faith (and other
                                                               religions) are much more diverse in their expression
What do you make of the recent debate about                    and practice than the ‘straw man’ that Dawkins and
orthodoxy, heresy and people in high church                    others attack. That is what Bishop Randerson
places?     Is the Dean of Auckland Anglican                   wants to present to the wider public. (Along with
Cathedral an agnostic? And what difference does                others who catch the public imagination, make
it make to our faith – the faith we share as                   headlines, and seem to disturb the orthodox church
congregations in Kaeo and Kerikeri, and/or the                 institution.) We already know it from the very first
personal faith of each of us?                                  Gospel stories of Jesus: the 12 men plus more,
                                                               including women, were already very varied in their
The context for the flurry of articles in The Herald           faith and response to him.
and items on television is a high profile scientist’s
publication of a book that debunks Christian faith as          The article that raised my spirits in The Herald
he presents it.                                                series was the one by John Roughan, a regular
                                                               contributor and a non-church person.          “I like
As he presents it.                                             mysteries in existence,” he wrote. “I’m not religious
That is a crucial feature of Richard Dawkin’s                  about it but there are things I sense spiritually, for
argument. He’s someone I read a few years back                 want of a better word. I want to be awed by infinite
and decided he was pretty narrowly focused in his              possibilities.”
perception of life. Also he seemed rather dogmatic             He can recognise and respect faith when he sees it:
in his insistence that every rational person should            “Religious services demonstrate worshippers’
see things the way he does.                                    efforts to connect with something more wondrous
If readers of Dawkins, and of other scientists with a          than the human mind.”
similar doctrinaire rejection of the possibility of            Amen to that.
things beyond human grasping, know very little
about the range and variety of religious faith, they                                                  Shalom, Robyn
may be easily convinced to go with his argument.
The extremely dogmatic and fundamentalist                                        ANGEL CHILD
definition of the Christian faith that Dawkins decries
relates to a small minority of people, who do not              Members of the Northland Branch of Prison
mind being called irrational, because the absolute             Fellowship very much appreciated the donations
certainty of their faith matters that much more.               made to the Angel Child project. They wrote:
The concern that stirred Richard Randerson into                “Through the grace of God and your willing hearts we've
action was a concern that has been shared more                 done it again for the second year! Angel Tree gifts are
than once in our own Parish Council. If this                   now finding their way into 92 homes! This also means
particular voice of science claims centre stage as             that 220 of our Northland children will receive a
the voice of authority, then take guard. Listening to          Christmas present that you have helped us purchase.
it decry all religion and call rational people to reject       With that gift we have also been able to include a N.T.
the way of faith, we as Christians are foolish to sit          Bible and a Bible Society calendar. Tremendous
back and say nothing. Indeed it would be irrational            achievement, well done!
on the basis of our faith not to speak up to
challenge a view of life that drains it of any inherent        We are beginning to hear small sounds of hearts that are
value.                                                         softening, and we ask for your continued prayerful
It would be faithless of us to stand back and let
                                                               support for all the men, women and their families, that
people argue that human beings have the measure                this year's programme has connected with.
of all things, can control all things and stand as the         During this year we have continued to strengthen our
peak of all hope for goodness.                                 links with over 70 churches within our area which has
Other scientists see things differently, recognising           been a joy for us as well as a burden lightened!
there is room for both a rigorous pursuit of evidence          Our team at Angel Tree Northland is aware of the
and an openness to things yet unknown and                      continued need for reassessment and any ideas for the
possibilities beyond our imagining. We can                     schemes improvement for next year are really welcome.
understand the parts but we can never quite hold
together the whole.                                            Meanwhile it just remains for us to express our thanks to
                                                               you and your community and pray God's blessing upon
It’s something to do with our finiteness and the
perplexing concept of infinity.                                you all.”
                                                                         Sue Nash, Anne Byatt and Maureen Harris
                   ACW NEWS                                  The Distance aspect is a key feature of EIDTS
                                                             study. It enables:
Another year is due to start again for the ladies of
                                                                  students to work in their own homes and in
the A.C.W.
                                                                    their own time
On February 1st A.C.W. starts with the yearly picnic              the student to learn in context
and this year it takes the form of a visit to Diane
                                                                  the student to integrate learning with
Paterson’s at Purerua. The morning will be spent at
                                                                    work/ministry commitments. Lay or
Diane’s house with morning tea, a short meeting
                                                                    ordained ministry is thus enriched.
followed by lunch and, in the afternoon as a special
treat, Diane has offered to take us down to Marsden          Short Residential Schools offer face-to-face learning
Cross. It will be a longer day than usual but an             and a chance to interact with other students.
interesting one.                                             For information go to www.eidts.ac.nz or contact
For those who intend going please phone Lorraine             the Registrar Sue Haley on 0800 667 969.
Emerson at 407 5944 or Lorraine Stewart at 407
8296 so transport can be arranged. Those wishing                               GOOD NEWS
to go, please be at the church at 9.30 a.m.                        An evening of Christmas music at Kaeo
                                                                            in early December
                                    Lorraine Stewart
                                                             What’s it like being part of the group standing under
          STUDY OPPORTUNITIES                                the (hot) lights, holding a folder of songs, looking
                                                             out at rows of expectant faces? For me, by that
Ecumenical Institute of Distance Theological Studies
                                                             stage it’s too late to worry: it’s more a case of a
EIDTS offers theology and ministry study by                  quick little prayer and letting it all be in His hands,
distance learning. This allows people to work in             then go ahead hoping everyone will enjoy the results
their own home, in their own time, and at their own          of our efforts as much as we enjoy presenting them.
                                                             It all begins four or five months back when Gladys
Their mission is to equip people for leadership and          puts a notice in the church Newsletter and stands up
participation in society by providing quality                in church to say there will be a Christmas singing
theological education that –                                 group ‘pre’ meeting at her place (and your can't
     is accessible, affordable and consistent with          leave once you get there ‘cos it’s a one way drive!)
        the Christian traditions and policies of their       Or you may have been tapped on the shoulder; “I’ve
        member churches;                                     heard you singing in church - would you be part of
     upholds the commitments of member                      our singing group please?”
        churches to bicultural relationships, gender         A schedule of practices is sorted, to be immediately
        equity, social justice and ecological                put in the diary and on the calendar (heaven help
        responsibility.                                      anyone who plans something to clash - family
The Ecumenical Board that oversees EIDTS                     gatherings exempt). Folders are tidied, retaining
includes representatives of the Anglican, Methodist          songs being repeated and adding new ones as we
and Presbyterian Churches, the Salvation Army and            begin learning them.
a representative from the Distance Theological               Those of us who don’t read music are blissfully
Education sector.                                            unaware of what’s in store. Briefly…! It doesn’t
The Licentiate in Theology programme offers a                take long to figure those lopsided tic-and-ball
number of interesting papers and as such is an               thingys up there on or above the top line mean a
excellent resource for lay persons or for the                challenge to the vocal chords; and the words
continuing professional development of Lay                   that have lines going ------ on... on...on... across the
Preachers, Licensed Lay Ministers and those who              page tax the lungs and diaphragm no end! And if
are ordained. Papers are offered as individual papers        you do read music you soon discover Gladys is
as well as being part of qualifications e.g. Stand-          never restricted by what is written! All this just
Alone Certificate, Ministry Certificate and                  adds to the challenge and fun of getting it all
Associate Diploma.                                           together.
Scholar of Theology is an option available for               All the while Gladys is tactfully cajoling, supporting
taking study to a higher level.                              and encouraging us to give more than we thought
                                                             we had. Thank you so much, Gladys, for the
opportunity to grow in this way; we all really                             FARE THEE WELL
appreciate that. So we have fun and we discover
                                                             The Kerikeri service on 3 December was set aside as
that together we can “sing and make a joyful noise
                                                             the last time Clara and Duncan could worship with
to the Lord.” We hope the end result is a valuable
                                                             us before leaving Kerikeri, so a special after service
experience for those who hear it.
                                                             morning tea was arranged.
Along the way there are many other good spin-offs:
                                                             Clara was present at the beginning of the service -
we meet new people; we share the ups and downs of
                                                             looking her usual exquisitely groomed self (even
our lives; we support each other through challenges
                                                             days after serious surgery Clara looked fantastic!) -
and celebrate achievements on many levels. We car
                                                             but no sign of Duncan. However, dependable as
pool and chat, getting to know people better; we
                                                             always, he arrived soon after.
juggle time and commitments; we worry and gargle
and try to practice at home; we share tips. We are           The Gillanders have been a part of the parish for 17
encouraged and discouraged and worry we’ll be flat           years, son Stewart being here too until he finished
or – worse – screech!                                        high school. They have been involved in parish and
                                                             community activities throughout: things like Red
At the end of it all we get busy baking, trusting that
                                                             Cross, Bible Society Christmas cards and Bible
what we are doing is one small part of God’s plan
                                                             studies for Clara; Parish Council, working bees and
which could well be a pivotal point in someone’s
                                                             community service for Duncan.
life: only He knows. We pray it will be an
enjoyable evening with a clear message and ...               Many people made speeches at the morning tea,
there’ll be plenty of good supper!                           sharing how the Gillanders had impacted on their
                                                             lives and how they will be missed; and wishing
                                      Alan Robinson
                                                             them well in this new phase of their life journey. A
                                                             magnificent pukeko crockery set was presented as a
                                                             parting gift.
On speaking during December to the organizers
                                                             Duncan reckoned our Kerikeri congregation to be
Derek and Mavis Utton of the “Operation Christmas
                                                             very welcoming and supportive, showing
Child”, they were overwhelmed by the response
                                                             unconditional love to newcomers - very kind of him.
from the various churches this year. On behalf of
                                                             May we continue to be so, as our Teacher Jesus has
O.C.C. they would like to thank the Union Church
                                                             shown us.
for allowing them to collect the shoe boxes from the
various churches and stack them in the front of our          Go well Duncan and Clara, may God be with you
church ready for collection later.                           always.
It was exciting to have a large truck donated, with                                                Alan Robinson
volunteer drivers etc who come from Auckland to
collect the boxes from the church. Thank you to all                    LECTIONARY READINGS
the church members who helped to load the boxes
                                                             4 February                   11 February
into the truck from the church.                              Isaiah 6:1-8 (9-13)          Jeremiah 17:5-10
From Kerikeri north approximately 500 boxes were             Psalm 138                    Psalm 1
                                                             1 Corinthians 15:1-11        1 Corinthians 15:12-20
collected and altogether 28,000 were collected in            Luke 5:1-11                  Luke 6:17-26
New Zealand. This year the ones collected in N.Z,
are delivered to the Islands of Fiji and the                 18 February                 25 February (Lent 1)
                                                             Genesis 45:3-11,15           Deuteronomy 26:1-11
Solomons.                                                    Psalm 37:1-11,39-40          Psalm 91:1-2,9-16
Two teams of volunteers are paying their own way             1 Corinthians 15:35-38,42-50 Romans 10:8b-13
                                                             Luke 6:27-38                 Luke 4:1-13
to deliver them to remote parts of the Islands, to
children who may never have received a gift before.
                                                              People are like stained glass windows:
Keep the shoe boxes in mind and start buying little
                                                              they sparkle and shine when the sun is
things, as it’s amazing how they add up over the
year. It is a great project and the brochures are             out, but when the darkness sets in their
available mid-year.                                           true beauty is revealed only if there is a
Thank you to all who participated in any way.                 light within.
                                                                                           Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
                                    Lorraine Stewart
 WHAT’S GOING ON AT THE KERIKERI                               If you know of anyone who is unwell or who would
            CHURCH?                                            like to have someone call in for a chat or be visited
 (apart from an hour or two on Sunday morning, that is)        by our minister, contact:
You’d be surprised! A lot of busy people pass                          Jenny Phillips               407 8883
through.                                                               Jean Andrewes                407 9411
                                                                       Jessica Scott                407 5555
On Mondays - Room 2 becomes a Counselling
                                                                       Val Driver                   407 9005
                                                                       Olive Shepherd               405 0263
        The hall has children learning to dance
                                                                       Avril Manley                 405 1998
        And adults learn The Salsa at night
                                                                       Gladys Wilson                405 1748
On Tuesdays More counselling in Room 2                                 Yvonne Robinson              405 0688
               While some do Yoga in the hall,                         Dawn Hayden                  405 0471
               Dance classes later in the day,                         Lorelei Hayes                405 0282
               And Martial Arts at night,
                                                               Anyone else interested in being part of this pastoral
On Wednesdays The dancing goes on for the                      network, willing to have their names on this contact
               children,                                       list, make occasional visits on request or supply
               Martial Arts enthusiasts take the               food, please contact Robyn (401 7554).
               night spot again!
On Thursdays Room 2 has another Counsellor
                                                                   CHURCHES TOGETHER IN NORTHLAND
               While the Girls’ Brigade take over
        the    complex after school,                                      MEETING AND FORUM
               Then the ballroom dancers at night!
On Fridays It’s the Little Ferns’ morning in the                      Wednesday 14 February 2007
               hall having lots of fun and then…
               You guessed it,
                                                                   FORUM: “Sharing Some of the
               Martial Arts at it again at night.                Mission of St Andrew’s Whangarei”
But wait … there’s more …                                          Ideas to take away; stories to hear; time of
There’s the two-weekly Stroke Club, and the                       encouragement; a great way to start the year…
Probation Officer; the monthly ACW, Combined                     at St Andrew’s cnr Bank and Hunt Sts
Churches sessions, and the Property Committee
meetings; the 2 monthly Parish Council meetings;                               4.00pm-8.00pm
plus Child, Youth and Family conferences, Orchid
                                                                   BBQ and Salad Meal available: $8 pp.
Show, Bird Show, and many other one-offs. Not
forgetting the monthly Car Boot Sales, and Room 1                    RSVP with numbers by 11 February to
serving as a depot for contributions for Women’s                   adrian@standrews.net.nz or 09 438 1667
         … IT’S ALL HAPPENING HERE!                                       CTN COUNCIL MEETING
                                                                               begins at 2pm
              CONTACT PEOPLE
                                                                   With afternoon tea available between the
              For Keeping in Touch                                          meeting and the forum
Everyone in our parish is involved in caring and
supporting others, whether friends, neighbours or
others in the church family. There are a number of              Fanatics are people who won’t change their
people who are available to help keep the caring                minds and won’t change the subject.
network strong, people to get in touch with and keep                                               Winston Churchill
in touch with others.

                                        Kerikeri                                        Kaeo
               Door and Tea Duty                          Readers                       Readers
4 February     E & I Wright                               Gay Traas                     Annette Tupe
11 February    M Adams & D Hutton                         Gladwin Judd                  John Argent
18 February    B & L Stewart                              Arlene Purdie                 Lorelei Hayes
25 February    B & H Norman                               Lloyd Purdie                  Gladys Wilson
                       3.30-5.30pm Thursdays Kerikeri Girls’ Brigade – contact Sheryl 407 8963
            6.30-8.30pm Thursdays Kaeo Union Youth Bible Study; for Friday events – contact John 405 1267
                      10.00-11.30am Fridays Little Ferns Toddler Group – contact Elaine 407 1229
Thursday 1         10.00am       ACW Picnic (Meet 9.30am at Kerikeri Church) All welcome.
Sunday 4            9.30am       Kerikeri Worship: Communion
                   11.15am       Kaeo Worship: Communion
Wednesday 6          9.30am      Kerikeri Combined Churches meeting at our church
Thursday 8         6.30-8.30pm Kaeo Youth Group restarts for Bible Study in Kaeo Church Hall
Friday 9        10.00-11.30am Little Ferns Toddler Group restarts in the Kerikeri Church Hall
Sunday 11            9.30am      Kerikeri Worship       led by Jessica           Sunday School starts for 2007
                    11.15am      Kaeo Worship           and Neil Scott           Sunday School starts for 2007
Tuesday 13            6.30pm     Youth Committee meets at Kaeo
                      7.30pm     Parish Council meets at Kaeo
Wednesday 14         2.00pm   Churches Together in Northland Council meeting at St Andrew’s Whangarei
                  4.00-8.00pm CTN FORUM “Sharing Some of the Mission of St Andrew’s Whangarei”
                              Ideas to take away; time of encouragement; hear some of the stories; a great
                              way to start the year… - see notice on p.5 of newsletter ALL WELCOME
Friday 16                        Material for March newsletter due in now
Sunday 18            9.30am      Kerikeri Worship
                    11.15am      Kaeo Worship
                                 Kaeo Property meeting after the service
Monday 19            11.00am Worship Committee meets at the Kerikeri Church
Saturday 24      from 7.30am Car Boot Sale in the Kerikeri Church car park
Sunday 25           9.30am       Kerikeri Worship
                   11.15am       Kaeo Worship
                   12.45pm       Communion Service at Kauri Lodge
                    4.00pm       Communion Service at Robinson Chapel
Wednesday 28         7.00pm      Kerikeri Singers Home Group for fellowship and singing.
                                 All welcome. Enquiries: 407 8883
Thursday 1       10.00am         ACW Meet in the Kerikeri Church Lounge All Welcome
Friday 2           7.00pm        WORLD DAY OF PRAYER Service at the Holy Family Church, Kerikeri

                                              Parish Contacts
Ministers:    Everyone in the parish                          Minister to the Ministers:    Robyn McPhail
Parish Council Secretary:  Ross Renner                               ph: 401 7554         fax: 401 7555
                                                                     021 0247 6280        chirmac@xtra.co.nz
       ph: 407 5322         ross.renner@xtra.co.nz
                                                              N.B. Robyn has a new mobile number
Parish Council Leader:           Alan Robinson
       ph: 405 0688       robinson21@xtra.co.nz
                                                              Newsletter: chirmac@xtra.co.nz or PO Box 166, Kerikeri
Church Bookings:                                              Bulletin: Jenny.Jane@xtra.co.nz or ph: 407 8883
Kerikeri: answer-phone at church 407 8250                     Parish Treasurer: Arlene Purdie
Kaeo: Margaret Langman 405 0519 or 405 0337                          PO Box 166, Kerikeri
                                                                     ph: 407 9640            alp@paradise.net.nz


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