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					                                                               Parts and Function Review 2

                                           Cell Parts
Complete Chart: Write the cell function for each part of the cell, and in the third and fourth
column, place a checkmark in the box if it is an animal and/or plant cell part.

                         Investigating Eukaryotic Cells
                                                                                        Plant Anima
Parts of a Cell                             Cell Functions

Cell Membrane Outer covering, layer controls what goes in an out of the cell            x        x

Cell Wall          Offers structure and support to plant cells- protections             x

Chloroplasts       Contain chlorophyll to help plant photosynthesize                    x

                    Jell like substance- help cell processes area outside nucleus,
Cytoplasm                                                                               x        x
                   inside cll membrane

Endoplasmic        Transport of materials Smooth- transports fats
                                                                                        x        x
Reticulum          Rough ER transports protein

                   Surround nucleus-controls which materials enter and leave            x        x

Lysosomes          Contains enzymes for the digestion of food in animal cells                    x

                    Cell respiration takes place- glucose broken down with oxygen to
Mitochondria                                                                         x           x
                   release energy.- cells do work with this energy

Cytoskeleton                                                                            x        x

                   Control center, contains the genetic information- DNA
Nucleus                                                                                 x        x
                   Contain the nucleolus

Chromosome         Contain the complex genetic information direct cell activity-DNA x            x

nucleolus          Where ribosomes are made                                             x        x

Centriole          Help cell asexually reproduce, mitosis                                        x

Ribosomes          Protein synthesis- where proteins assembled-made                     x        x

Vacuole            Storage area for plant cells- store food, water, …                   x

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