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									            BOLTON COMMUNITY
                 HOMES LTD
            Interim Delivery PLAN
                  2007 - 2010

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1. Introduction

2. Vision and Aims

3. Housing Strategic Priorities 2007 –2010

4. Delivery Action Plan

5. Directors, Members & BCH Team structure

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1. Introduction

Established in 1992, Bolton Community Homes (BCH) is an independent strategic housing,
regeneration and service provider company limited by guarantee.

BCH is Bolton’s strategic housing partnership. It is one a number of partnerships which make up
the Local Strategic Partnership for Bolton (known as the Bolton Vision Partnership).

Registered at Companies House and with a Board of 12 Directors, BCH represents a wide ranging
cross sector partnership of the local authority, housing and regeneration service providers, service
users and developers in the Bolton area.

Collectively, individual Company Members of BCH:

   Manage and maintain over 25,000 homes.

   Provide support to numerous service users in supported and temporary housing

   Directly employ over 1300 people in the Bolton area.

   Lead on the delivery of a wide range of regeneration initiatives.

   Contribute to the identification of regional objectives.

BCH links with the Councils Regeneration and Development and Adult Services Directorates
bringing together economic, physical regeneration and community services.

In addition to representation on BCH Board, the council have a management and operational
relationship with BCH Officers through the Chief Housing

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2. Vision and Aims

BCH has developed its vision by listening to others such as customers, communities, other
partnerships and agencies and by drawing upon The Bolton Vision Partnership’s Sustainable
Community Strategy: ‘Bolton: Our vision 2007-2017’.

BCH will work towards making Bolton the place we all want it to be by developing it as a place
which is:
    Strong and confident
    Safe
    Healthy
    Achieving
    Cleaner, Greener
    Prosperous

‘Our vision is to work in partnership with others and maximise resources both
new and existing to:
            Deliver a person-centred approach that places the customer first in
                everything we do and provides value for money housing services
            Develop sustainable communities and neighbourhoods that people
                choose to live in and work in.
            encourage and support communities to develop and achieve their
            provide real housing choice in safe and cohesive neighbourhoods’

A principle objective of BCH is to influence, support and contribute to implementation and delivery
of Bolton’s Housing Strategy, and has a role in influencing National, Regional and Sub regional
policies and agendas.

Our actions and activity will include influencing and contributing to the delivery of key Council
priorities especially the Local Area Agreement and the Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy.

We will work closely with others to achieve our vision.

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3. Housing Strategic Priorities 2007 – 2010
BCH is a major influencer and delivery vehicle for the Housing Strategy.

The key objectives and priorities identified in Bolton’s Housing Strategy will form the basis of the
BCH Delivery plan. Its activities and actions will also be influenced from the Sustainable
Community Strategy and the LAA.

Priority A: To provide housing that is affordable and offers choice whilst meeting the needs
and demands of the future.

The provision of decent and affordable homes is a clear priority within Bolton’s Sustainable
Community Strategy. The cost of housing in Bolton has risen dramatically over recent years, which
has led to many people being unable to access the type of housing that they can afford and want.
This combined with a growing number of households in Bolton, has resulted in a shortage of
affordable accommodation to rent or buy.

Priority B: To create and promote communities that are sustainable and inclusive.

Ensuring that our communities and neighbourhoods are desirable places that people want to live in
and become part of, is a priority that cuts across a number of the goals in the Sustainable
Community Strategy. The challenges that Bolton faces include deprivation, fear of crime,
increasing levels of migration into Bolton and environmental issues. Residents should have an
active role in influencing how we tackle these problems and support communities to live together in
a cohesive manner.

Priority C: To improve the quality of private sector housing.

Bolton has an aging stock of private sector housing, both owner occupied and rented, which in
some cases is in poor condition. A significant proportion of these properties are occupied by older
people and those on low incomes, which means they may not have the resources to carry out the
improvements needed to improve the property. This can lead to health problems and reduce the
quality of life of the residents.

Priority D: To promote health, well-being and quality of life.

Improving the health of residents in Bolton, is a key goal set out in the Sustainable Community
Strategy. The provision of housing and support to vulnerable people has a significant impact on
health and enabling people to sustain quality of life. There is a need for adaptable, sustainable
homes, and for preventative action to stop health and independence from deteriorating.

Priority E: To strengthen our partnership approach to improve housing, services and

Housing in Bolton is based on a long tradition of partnership working and the provision of services
that best meet the needs of our customers. In the future, there will be changes in the way we
deliver services, work with each other and in customer expectations. To ensure that we continue to
provide excellent housing services in Bolton and be influential at a regional and national level, we
will need to build on our existing partnerships and relationships and continuously improve services.

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     4. Delivery Plan
     Housing Strategic Priority A:                    To provide housing that is affordable and offers choice whilst meeting the
                                                      needs and demands of the future.

     Links to Community Strategy Aim:                 Stronger and Confident Bolton

                     Task                            Sub tasks/Milestones                     Outcomes                              Target                 Lead
1.   Develop Affordable Housing                   New Affordable                    Increase affordable sustainable          150 new homes per       Dominic Conway
     Plan                                         Supplementary Planning            provision on new sites                    year
         Links to New                            Document implemented                                                       20% provision on site
           Build/Transforming                                                                                                Affordable housing
           Estates                                                                                                            threshold 15 units on
                                                                                                                              new developments

2.   National Affordable Housing                     Identify sites                Increased provision of rented      Bolton’s Allocation           Cheryl Foster
     Programme submission                            BCH & Exec Member             and intermediate housing            proportional to regional
                                                      Reports                       delivered with Housing              allocation
                                                     Submit bids                   Corporation grant funding.         Match NAHP 2006/08
                                                                                                                        allocation (£4.8m
3.   Continue to Increase and                        Establish Town Centre         Coordinated approach to town       20% provision on site         Dominic Conway
     develop sustainable Town                         RSL zoned areas               centre development and             sustainability and
     Centre living                                   Complete Town Centre          management.                          occupancy measure to
                                                      living survey                                                      be developed
                                                     Negotiate on site provision
                                                      for affordable housing in
                                                      town centre

4.   To support Bolton’s Housing                     New build developments           BCH schemes will meet                100% of schemes meet    Cheryl Foster
     Environmental Strategy                            maximise sustainability          level 3 of the Code for               level 3 of Code for
                                                       measures in design &             Sustainable Homes                     sustainable homes
                                                       construction                    Delivery of pilot scheme             8 homes developed
                                                     Develop an exemplar                                                     utilising renewable
                                                      Sustainable Homes                                                       energy technology

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     Housing Strategic Priority B:                    To create and promote communities that are sustainable and inclusive

     Links to Community Strategy Aims:                          Stronger & Confident, Safe, Prosperous and Achieving Bolton

                      Task                            Sub tasks/Milestones                   Outcomes                        Target                 Lead
1.     Migrant worker and private                 Consultation Brief produced      Greater understanding of                                   Paula Cheung
       sector research                             April 2007                       Migrant Worker population and
                                                  Research completed Sept 07       the private sector
2.     Deliver relevant actions from              Extension of furnished           Strong cohesive network of      10 Furnished family        Rachel Hardman
       the New & Emerging                          tenancy project to include       RCO’s that integrate into       homes per year
       Communities Strategy Action                 family homes                     community strategy
       Plan                                       Support new dispersal project
                                                  Support new Bolton Somali
                                                   Community Association in
                                                   sharing the learning from the
                                                   Accommodate Project to
                                                   develop other refugee
                                                   Community Organisations

3.     Deliver actions identified in              Ensure compliance of all         Improved access to housing,     100% compliance by all     Faruk Kala
       the refreshed BME Housing                   partners with the new CRE        services and related support    housing partners by 2010
       Action Plan                                 Code of Practice on Race         fro BME communities.
                                                   Equality in Housing

4.     Improve customer                           Mapping exercise of current       Improved customer              Tenant Board Member      Michelle
       engagement                                  consultation/engagement            involvement and influence      85% customer             Horrocks
                                                   processes                          across housing services         satisfaction with BCH
                                                  Identification of gaps and        Housing Services that meet      housing services
                                                   exploration of solutions to        customers needs and are
                                                   improve customer’s                 responsive
                                                   involvement and influence         Increased level of customer
5      ‘Respect task force’                          Action plan developed          Increased satisfaction in     LAA Targets                Rachel Hardman
          Develop and implement                      Financial and business plan      response to tackling ASB     Respect Action Plan
          Centre of Excellence for                    approved                       Greater sense of safety       Targets
          ASB                                        Respect task force             Reduced fear of crime and
                                                      established                      ASB
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                      Task                            Sub tasks/Milestones                   Outcomes                           Target                  Lead
6.     Contribute to the delivery of              Remove barriers to social           Increased access to           100% frontline staff        Rachel Hardman
       the new Domestic Abuse                      housing for domestic abuse           appropriate housing           attending training
       Strategy and action plan                    victims                             Secure permanent funding
                                                  Evaluation of the pilot cross
                                                   tenure Domestic Abuse post
                                                  Ensure appropriate staff
                                                   attend awareness courses
                                                  Delivery of new domestic
                                                   abuse refuge

7.     Transforming people‘s                      Support the development of       Improve well being of the local   Targets be developed by     Rachel Hardman
       economic opportunities                      the “world restaurant” as a      community through increased       Sept 2007.                  / Nick White
                                                   training centre/social           access to training and
                                                   enterprise                       employment                        Increase ‘take up’ by 20%
                                                  Develop further community                                                                      Julia Glover (St.
                                                   driving school project                                                                         Vincent’s H.A.)
                                                  Develop apprenticeships and                                        100% Take-up of:-           Glynis Campbell
                                                   training opportunities for the                                     a) Training                 (Bolton at Home)
                                                   development and construction                                       b) Apprenticeships
                                                   new homes
                                                  Support the use of Bolton                                          75% of people accessing     Steve Bottrill
                                                   WISE for environmental                                             full time employment        (Bolton Wise)
                                                   works on estates                                                   following completion of
                                                  Explore the potential to                                           apprenticeships
                                                   develop a ‘skills centre’ in                                                                   Peter Smith
                                                   partnership with Manchester                                                                    (St. Vincent’s
                                                   Enterprise                                                                                     H.A.)

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     Housing Strategic Priority C:                    To improve the quality of private sector housing

     Links to Community Strategy Aim:                           Stronger & Confident

                     Task                               Sub tasks/Milestones                Outcomes                     Target                    Lead
1.   Support the regeneration of                 Northern Housing Challenge Fund      Regeneration of Union                                  Great Places –
     targeted areas                              bid to be submitted to Housing        Road/Yate street                                       Peter Bojar
                                                 Corporation in Autumn 2007            neighbourhood.                                         BCH – Dominic
                                                                                      Leverage of                                            Conway
                                                                                       funding/resources to                                   Bolton at Home –
                                                                                       tackle area in decline                                 Glenys
                                                                                      New form of tenure                                     Campbell/Paul
                                                                                       enabling community to                                  Thomson
                                                                                       share equity in
2.   Returning empty properties                  IVHA pilot scheme to purchase        Reduction in empty        Number of Private           Empty Property
     back into use                               empty properties (Great Lever)        properties                 Sector dwellings that are   Group – Glenys
                                                                                      Increased provision of     returned into occupation    Campbell
                                                 Support the delivery of the Empty     homes                      or demolished as a          IVHA
                                                 Property Strategy                    Reduces blight pf          result of action by the
                                                                                       vacant homes in            LA to 89-2007/8, 90 in
                                                                                       targeted areas             08/09 and 91 in 09/10
                                                                                                                  (as per Bolton Plan
3.   Further develop links with                      Support the Review of PRS       Improved quality of       450 PRS properties          Cath Conniffe
     private rented sector (BARLO)                    delivery model                   Private Rented Sector      inspected per year.
                                                     Support the review of the        provision                 Increase in the number
                                                      landlord accreditation and      Increased choice of        of accredited landlords
                                                      management standard              tenure to meet housing
                                                                                       needs across the

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     Housing Strategic Priority D:                    To promote health, well-being and quality of life.
     Links to Community Strategy Aim:                           Healthy Bolton
                           Task                               Sub tasks/Milestones                   Outcomes                     Target                    Lead
1.       Support the delivery of the                       NAHP bid re remodelling of        Reduced repeat             Maintain minimum levels      BMBC Jon
         revised Homelessness Action                        Salvation Army                    homelessness               of repeat homelessness       Powell
         Plan                                              Hostel Capital Improvement        Improved                   of less than 10 per yr
                                                            Programme for Salvation Army      accommodation and          (as per Bolton Plan
                                                           Increasing amount of              services for Homeless      targets)
                                                            intermediate accommodation        people.
                                                            for single homeless people        Integrated service
                                                                                              provision and planning.
                                                                                              Young People enabled to
                                                                                              sustain independently
2.       Improving links between RSL’S                     Explore opportunities and links   Increased public sector                                 BCH – Jon Lord
         and the third sector                               with CLG – Future Builders        functions delivered by
                                                            Programme                         the Voluntary Sector
3.       Contribute to the development                     Establish Partnership Board       Improved health and        Establishment of new HIA     BMBC – Bryonie
         of a comprehensive                                Agree service delivery            living conditions in the   April 08.                    Shaw
         Boroughwide HIA i.e. Fuel                          functions                         private sector.            Targets and measures to
         poverty, Affordable warmth                        Secure Funding                    Decency achieved.          be developed.
                                                           Develop Business Plan

4.       Contribute to delivery of the                  Develop lifetime homes               Broader Choice of          25% of all new units /       BMBC
         Joint Housing Plan for Older                    standard                             housing for older people   developments meet            Bryonie Shaw
         People                                         Inclusion of Assistive               – cross tenure.            lifetime homes standards.
                                                         technology in appropriate
                                                         schemes                                                                                      BCH
                                                        Redevelop appropriate
                                                         sheltered accommodation to be
                                                         fit for purpose/decommission as                                 40 Units of mixed tenure -   Places for
                                                         required                                                        2009                         People
                                                        Deliver Manor Court Extra Care
5.       Reconfiguration/refurbishment                  Bid for funding Autumn 2007          Fit for purpose direct     35 units for same day        BCH - Dominic
         of Gilhead House Salvation                             o NAHP                        provision                  access.                      Conway
         Army Unit.                                             o HCIP                        accommodation unit         35 intermediate service      Salvation Army
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                                                           Identification of site for                                  units providing lifeskills
                                                            intermediate service provision                              support. Reduction in
                                                                                                                        Repeat Homelessness          Bolton at Home

     Housing Strategic Priority E:                    To strengthen our partnership approach to improve housing, services and

     Links to Community Strategy Aim:  Stronger & Confident Bolton
                 Task                 Sub tasks/Milestones      Outcomes                                                         Target                     Lead
1.       Develop ‘Homes for Bolton’                     Develop a core central              Improved access to        85% customer satisfaction.    Jon Lord
         concept to improve local                        customer access point               services and customer
         delivery of services                           Develop co-ordinated                satisfaction
                                                         neighbourhood management
                                                        Launch of new branding
2.       Review BCH/Housing                             Establish strong links with         Fit for purpose housing                                 Jon Lord
         Partnership role as part of                     new/revised LSP                     system
         review of the Housing system                   Revise performance framework
         in Bolton                                       for BCH                              Tangible outcomes
                                                        Adopt theme based approach to         monitored to ensure
                                                         delivery of priorities for RSL’s      VFM

3.       Deliver Neighbourhood Action                   BCH support/provide secondee        Sustainable               Targets to develop from       Great Places
         Plans (NRS/LAA Themes)                          to cover East Bolton NAPS           Communities               NAP’s
                                                        Support Farnworth
                                                         Neighbourhood Management                                      Contribute to achieving       St. Vincent’s
                                                         area – St. Vincents to lead on                                targets identified in
                                                         housing input/initiatives                                     Farnworth Neighbourhood
                                                        Continue to participate in Gt                                 action plan.
                                                         Lever Neighbourhood                                           Contribute to achieving
                                                         Management area –IVHA to                                      targets identified in the
                                                         deliver UCAN Centre                                           Great Lever
                                                        To support the continuation of      Secure funding streams    Neighbourhood action plan     IVHA
     C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\0843dc11-cf24-43f5-a7df-413b37d28148.doc                                                                                                 11
                                                         existing UCAN Centres e.g.     – delivery of Great Lever
                                                         Tonge, Moses Gate, Union       UCAN.
                                                         Road etc
                                                        Increase the role of housing                               BCH / Bolton at
                                                         within the LAA                                             Home
4.       Maximise opportunities for                                                     Secure 20% additional       Jon Lord
         external business/funding                                                      BCH external funding

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5. Directors of Bolton Community Homes
As at the 16 March 2007 the Board of Bolton Community Homes Ltd comprises:

Representing the Council
Executive Member for Regeneration                                 Chief Housing and Regeneration Officer
Cllr. Akhtar Zaman                                                Jeff Smethurst

Representing Registered Social Landlords
Great Places Housing Group - Ashiana Housing                      Irwell Valley Housing Association
Munir Ahmed                                                       Neil Baumber
Great Places Housing Group                                        Places for People Group – NBH
Steven Porter                                                     Kath Knowles
Contour Housing Association                                       Salvation Army Housing Association
Mike Creamer                                                      Stephen Holmes
St. Vincent’s Housing Association                                 William Sutton Housing Association
Peter Smith                                                       Wendy Pretton

Representing Bolton at Home

Cllr Noel Spencer                                                 Gwen Crawford
Members of Bolton Community Homes
Representing Customers
Council Tenant Representative                                     RSL Tenant Representative
Frank Fletcher                                                    Ian Handley
Representing                   Voluntary                Service Representing the Community Sector
David Bagley (BIAF)                                               Mohammed Mangera
Representing Developer and Contractor Partners
Richardson Project's Limited                                      Durose and Gourlay Limited
Alan Richardson
Representing Adult Services
Bolton Council
John Rutherford

Representing: Adult Services                               John Rutherford – Bolton Council
Chairperson:                                               Mike Creamer
Vice-Chairperson:                                          Peter Smith
Company Secretary:                                         Dominic Conway
Auditors:                                                  Barlow Andrews

Registered Office: 2nd Floor, 2 Silverwell Lane, Bolton, Lancashire, BL1 1QN.

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Tel:               01204-335389
Fax:               01204-335365

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                                                                  BCH SERVICE / TEAM STRUCTURE

                                                                               BCH BOARD
                   ADULT SERVICES                                                                              DEVELOPMENT &
                    DEPARTMENT                                                                            REGENERATION DEPARTMENT

                                                                           HEAD OF COMMUNITY

               COMMUNITY HOUSING                                                                           PARTNERSHIP & DEVELOPMENT
               SERVICES MANAGER                                                                                    MANAGER

         •HomesforYou                                                •Refugee / Asylum Service             • Partnership & Development Officer
         •Homeless Welfare                                           •Mediation Service                    ( section 106, AHP, Business Plan,
         •HAS                                                        •Community Development Project        Board Support etc.)
         •Home Ownership                                             Officer                               •BCH Project Officer
         •Benjamin Court                                             (Support to RCO’S and Unity Centre    (Access, Accommodation Services,
         •Furnished Tenancies                                        Management Support)                   Advice and IT)
         •Lease management Team                                      •Gypsy Liaison                        •BCH Project Officer /Best Value
         •Property Team                                              •Migrant Worker Project               (Communication, Improvement,
         •Money Skills – for Corporate                               •High risk /Offender Management /     Planning, service Development)
         Debt/CLS                                                    Community Safety                      •BCH Community Safety and Inclusion
         •Domestic Violence                                          •Money Skills Service                 Officer *
         •Private Rented Sector                                      •Regional Choice Based Lettings       (ASB, Community Safety / Housing
         Accreditation and Joint Services                            Project                               Joint Work, DV)
                                                                     •Housing Public Health                BCH Project Officer (Private Rented
                                                                     •Secretary to Head of Community       Sector)
                                                                     Housing/BCH and Community             * Jointly managed by DC/CC
                                                                     Housing Services Manager

                                                                                                                       MSO Team x 2

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