Senior Parent Night 11

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					Class of 2012
Senior Pathways Night

        HK School Counseling
           The College
        Application Process
 HKHS Guidance Department
Maryann Grimaldi, Department Head & School Counselor

          Peter Ettlinger, School Counselor

            Larry Leone, School Counselor

      Kaitlin Sullivan-Freimuth, School Counselor

      Rebecca Degnan, School Counseling Intern

      Jenna Cossette, School Counseling Intern

              Christine Smith, Secretary

               Gina Voytek, Secretary
Senior Packet Contents
   Info & procedures for submitting college
   Timeline for applications
   Release & request for counselor recommendation
   Candidate biography form, Senior Parent Input
   Sample resume
   Explanation of the process for teacher
    recommendation & Release for teacher
    recommendation (1)
   SAT & ACT test dates with registration deadlines
   Transcript Release Forms
   Scholarship information
   NCAA Clearinghouse information
Important Terms To Remember
   Early Action- non-binding, receive early response without
   Early Decision- binding agreement, full commitment on the
    part of the student to attend specific college/university
   Reach Schools- Colleges a student would like to attend
    and their chances of admission are extremely competitive
       Schools are very competitive for this student
   Range Schools- Colleges a student would like to attend
    and they have a 50/50 chance of being accepted
   Safety Schools- Colleges a student would like to attend
    and their chance of being accepted are likely
     WHEN                WHAT YOU NEED TO DO
     SEPTEMBER           NCAA- Div I & II- Register online - and
                            follow directions & bring the transcript release form to your
     SEPT/OCT            REQUEST TEACHER RECOMMENDATION- give your teacher
                            at least 3 weeks notice prior to the date you plan to mail your

     1 Month Prior to
         Mailing         COUNSELOR RECOMMENDATION- Complete Candidate
                            Biography Form and/or resume and return to your counselor
                            with your waiver signed by student and parent (if under 18)
     2 Weeks Prior
         to Mailing      TRANSCRIPT RELEASE FORM- complete and return to your
                            counselor- $3 per college/institution. Cash or Check payable
                            to HKHS
♦ Colleges/Institutions have different deadlines- you must follow each deadline exactly as they
dictate. ♦ SAT I & II scores- check with your college if they will accept scores off the official
 high school transcript or if you need to send them directly from the College Board or ACT ♦
                               Application & fees vary per school.
      School Reports/ Records
Q: What is sent from the school?

A: ♦ Official High School Transcript (1st page consisting of all courses and grades, 2nd page
    listing all school related clubs, organizations, and sports, and a check list to see the student has
    met all graduation requirements)
  ♦ SAT/ACT test scores (provided your student indicated our school code upon registration and
    we have a sticker from the College Board and ACT.)
  ♦ Teacher Letter of Recommendation (1)
  ♦ Counselor Letter of Recommendation (1)
  ♦ Secondary School Report (including student’s senior schedule, class rank, and GPA)
  ♦ School Profile
  ♦ Student Resume (if provided)

Q: How will we know if the college/institution has received our materials?

A: When all materials are sent out, we send a postcard with each application packet that
    is then signed by admissions personnel upon receipt and returned to us (in most

   SAT I – Reasoning- Critical Reading, Math &
   SAT II- One Hour Subject Specific
    Tests- more selective colleges, check with
    each individual school, check on “recommended”
    vs. “required”
   ACT- English, Math, Reading, Science
    Reasoning, optional writing component. Some
    schools may take ACT in place of SAT II subject
    tests. Students should take the writing section as it
    will be required by many schools when submitting
    ACT scores
Testing Registration
   REMEMBER our school
    code is 070324
   Pay attention to deadlines &
    register on time!!
   Online Registration
       SAT-
       ACT-
   Paper Registration
   Telephone Registration
       ACT- 1-800-525-6926

   Upcoming SATs-
       October 1st, 2011
           REGISTRATION DEADLINE: September 9th
           LATE REGISTRATION: September 21st
       November 5th, 2011
           REGISTRATION DEADLINE: October 7th
           LATE REGISTRATION: October 21st
       December 3rd, 2011
           REGISTRATION DEADLINE: November 8th
           LATE REGISTRATION: November 20th

   Upcoming ACTs-
       October 22nd, 2011 **HKHS is a testing site for this date**
           REGISTRATION DEADLINE: September 16th
           LATE REGISTRATION: September 30th
       December 10th, 2011
           REGISTRATION DEADLINE: November 4th
           LATE REGISTRATION: November 18th
Test Prep Options
   Books- sample tests, strategies, questions
   Online SAT/ACT prep
   Group Prep- i.e. Ivy Bound, College
    Planning Partnerships, Kaplan, Princeton,
    SAT 101 (HK Rec Dept), Brainerd Library
   Individual Tutoring focuses on student’s
    Financial Aid
   CSS/ Financial Aid Profile- check and see if your
    schools require this.
   FAFSA- MUST be completed by all applicants for
    federal student aid every year.
       After January 1st with the previous year’s tax information
                                          Financial Aid Formula :
   Types of Aid
                                          Cost of Attendance
       Grants
       Loans                             -Expected Family Contribution
       Scholarships                      -Pell Grant
       Loans
                                          - Aid from other sources
       Work Study
       Loans                             $$ Your Financial Aid Package $$

           REMINDER!!! FINANCIAL AID NIGHT November 29th at 7 PM
             Presented by Carolyn Karno , Education Funding Strategies
                          (SNOW DATE: November 30th)
    Helpful Resources
   Available in our offices: college and career information, Naviance
   College Rep Visits – DON’T FORGET TO CHECK THE
    SCHEDULE (available on line and in homerooms)
   Please check out our school counseling website- a link can be
    found on
   Career Center – college visits, coach visits, interviews, etc.
   College Fairs – check the website for upcoming local fairs
   Websites:
       SAT Registration, College Quick Search, CSS /Financial Aid
        Profile (
       ACT Registration- (
       FAFSA (
       NCAA Clearinghouse (
    Keep In Touch-
    Communicate with your Counselor
   Please don’t hesitate to have your senior
    stop by to ask any questions and feel free to
    drop us an email anytime.

       Maryann Grimaldi-
       Larry Leone-
       Peter Ettlinger-
       Kaitlin Sullivan-Freimuth-
       Rebecca Degnan-
       Jenna Cossette-

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