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					                                                           HALE HAPPENINGS
                                            A Newsletter of the Program of Higher, Adult & Lifelong Education
                                           Educational Administration, College of Education, Michigan State University
Volume 2, Issue 3                                                                                               SUMMER 2005

A Message from the
Program Coordinator….                                           MCPA and the SPARTAN CONNECTION
                                                                     Michigan State University alumni and students have
          Welcome to the Higher, Adult, and Lifelong
                                                             been well represented in the Michigan College Personnel
Education programs at Michigan State University’s
                                                             Association, since the organization’s inception in 1952. MCPA’s
College of Education. Spring is always a busy time
                                                             first conference was held two years later on the MSU campus.
for all of us in HALE, with so many professional
                                                                     This fall, the MCPA annual conference will be held in
conferences,    dissertation   defenses,   the   annual
Raines Colloquium, and of course, graduation. You            Lansing,       Michigan.     Partnerships   in      Higher   Education:

see in this issue of HALE Happenings only a small            Capitalizing on Emerging Opportunities, as the conference is
sampling of our many activities. Because of the value        titled, promises attendees countless options for professional
we place on being a Community of Scholars, we like           development and collegial interaction. Jennifer Hodges, HALE
to   be     sure   to    particularly   highlight   the      doctoral candidate, MCPA Conference Chair and Co-President
accomplishments and activities of our students. They         elect for 2005-2006 described conference planning in this way,
are so much of what makes MSU an exciting place!             “We tackled critical issues, reconsidered how we support
          As we approach the fall, we prepare for            multiple forms of learning, and focused on the process of
another eventful term including two new course               diversity. These conversations encouraged us to examine the
offerings, several unique conference opportunities,          state of higher education today while imagining the possibilities
and an array of ways to connect with HALE. A new             for tomorrow.” Further information can be found at the MCPA
research publication, Research Annals, made its
debut in the spring and we look forward to this
                                                                     Jennifer Hodges will share the MCPA presidency with
additional forum through which faculty and students
                                                             another HALE doctoral student, Amy Radford. Both women are
can share their work with others. As we update our
                                                             eager to begin their work in an official capacity this fall.
graduate database, we invite you to get to know us
better or to reconnect with us if you are a former
Spartan, and become part of our community of
scholars in 2005-06. Let us hear from you!
                                                              Inside This Issue
                           Marilyn J. Amey, Professor                   1               A Message from Marilyn Amey

                                                                        2               Fall Course Offerings

                                                                        3               Transformative Learning Conference

                                                                        4               Student Accomplishments

                                                                        6               Key Dates for the HALE Community

                                                          HAPPENINGS 1
                                   Fabulous Fall Courses
EAD 969: Issues in the Academic Profession                     EAD 991b: Advanced Seminar in Student
Monday, 7-9:50 pm, Dr. Roger Baldwin                           Development Theory
                                                               Wednesday, 4-6:50 pm, Dr. Kristen Renn
         Faculty members form the core of any higher
                                                               [prerequisite: EAD 966 or permission of instructor]
education institution. They design curriculum, plan
learning activities for students, and advance the                       College students represent an increasingly diverse
boundaries of knowledge in their disciplines. Like the         population ranging from "traditional" students entering college
institutions they serve, members of the academic               full-time directly out of high school to "non-traditional" students
profession are experiencing unprecedented change.              who may be part-time students with full-time jobs, families, and

Their roles are evolving while debates continue about          so forth. The demographic diversity of students has increased

the most effective ways to facilitate learning and the best    in terms of race, ethnicity, faith tradition, ability, socio-economic
                                                               class, and sexual orientation, among other factors. At the same
strategies to integrate technology into education. At the
                                                               time, pressures on institutions to be accountable for student
same time, the nature of faculty appointments, the
                                                               outcomes have increased. The ability of educational leaders
faculty evaluation and reward structure, even the basic
                                                               and policy makers to demonstrate positive learning and
values of the profession are being questioned and              developmental outcomes will rely in large part on their ability to
debated. In a nutshell, the academic profession is in          understand how students learn and develop while in higher
transition.                                                    education, as well as their ability to create environments that
         Issues in the Academic Profession takes a close       support learning and development and then to measure those

look at the academic profession in a time of                   outcomes.

transformation. The course examines core academic                       In this seminar, we will explore in depth theoretical
                                                               foundations for understanding how students from diverse
values and principles (e.g., academic freedom) and
                                                               backgrounds learn and develop while in higher education. We
controversial policies (e.g., tenure,). It also studies more
                                                               will explore cognitive/epistemological, psychosocial, and
recent developments and trends (e.g., the growth of non-
                                                               interpersonal theories, comparing to and contrasting with more
tenure-track appointments, post-tenure review). This           traditional "one model fits all" perspectives on college student
course serves as an introduction to the wide range of          development. We will read original texts in depth and students
issues that shape faculty life and influence the               will be expected to contribute to leading seminar discussions.
performance and productivity of professors.                    In addition, each student will propose a scholarly course

         One cannot fully understand the U.S. medical          project that meets her/his learning objectives for the course.

system without studying the medical profession or the          The project could be a substantive literature review in an area
                                                               of interest, a pilot study for the dissertation, or another
legal system without studying the legal profession. By
                                                               exploratory study that might contribute to the student’s
the same token, students of postsecondary education
                                                               development as a doctoral student and researcher.
should examine the academic profession if they wish to
understand our complex system adequately. This course
is ideal for aspiring education scholars, academic
administrators, and future college teachers. Students will
discuss and debate complex and controversial issues in
order to develop their own positions on the topics that
will shape the academic profession in the 21 century.

                                                      HAPPENINGS 2
                   New Initiatives in HALE and at MSU
      HALE, NALGENE & RENN?                                     “We are living in a time that that Peter Vaill has
                                                                described as ‘permanent white water,’ in which change
      Show your HALE and your Spartan pride, all while          seems to be the only constant. Lifelong learning is no
                                                                longer a slogan but a reality in the lives of leaders,
staving off dehydration during those 3-hour classes in          professionals, and line employees alike. The self and its
Erickson! We now have HALE-imprinted Nalgene bottles            relationships with the outer world are deeply implicated
                                                                in this learning and change process. This learning and
available for students, alums, faculty, families, and           change often challenges long-held and deeply cherished
friends of the SAA and HALE programs.                           assumptions and values, a kind of challenge that can
                                                                shake us, organizationally and individually, to our core.
      They're narrow-mouth, 16 oz, grey Nalgene bottles,
with "College of Education, Michigan State University"          The learning demanded today is deep, significant
                                                                learning, a process that involves multiple dimensions of
on one side and "HALE" and "Higher, Adult, & Lifelong           the person, including intellectual, emotional, spiritual and
Education -- Student Affairs Administration" on the other       somatic. The scholars and participants attending this
                                                                conference all have a deep commitment to exploring the
(in Spartan green, of course!). We have them available          nature of this level of learning and change, and the
for $10 each, with profits going to the Student Affairs         implications it holds for our educational institutions.”

Graduate Association (SAGA) for programming,                    On the experiential sessions:
professional development, etc. If you would like to buy
                                                                “In addition to more traditional paper sessions, we are
one or more bottles, please stop by Kris Renn's office          also featuring several experiential sessions. The
(428 Erickson) and/or email to arrange a           experiential sessions demonstrate new and innovative
                                                                practices in transformative learning through creative,
transfer. We can accept cash or checks made out to Kris         interactive formats. They reflect an integration of the
(until we break even, then it'll be SAGA...)                    theoretical, practical and experiential. Practical
                                                                experience within in a particular format is brought to
                                                                share within a particular theoretical frame. These
                                                                sessions will involve video, drama, graphic arts, poetry,
   TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING                                      movement and other art forms to help participants
           AT MSU                                               experience the nature of learning intended through these
      Michigan State University will play host to the
                                                                On how reflective activity will be incorporated:
Sixth Annual International Conference on Transformative
                                                                “Conference organizers and the international steering
Learning. Co-sponsored with Grand Rapids Community              committee are committed to fostering reflection,
College, MSU will welcome conference attendees and              dialogue, and a sense of community among presenters
                                                                and participants. This reflective process is being guided
presenters October 6-9, 2005. Titled Appreciating the           by the concept of appreciative inquiry. Small group
Best of What is: Envisioning What Could Be, the                 sessions have been created to provide conference
                                                                participants with the opportunity to think about, reflect
conference will showcase the work of a number of                on, and deepen their understanding of the information
scholars, including Jack Mezirow, Patricia Cranton,             being presented. Facilitators will help guide the work of
                                                                these groups to foster practical integration among and
Elizabeth Kasl, Ed Taylor, Victoria Marsick, and                across the various theoretical ideas represented in this
Edmund O’Sullivan. Dr. John Dirkx, Dr. Jorge Ferrer             information. Each of these appreciative inquiry groups
                                                                will report back to the conference as a whole in the
and Dr. Elizabeth Tisdell will give keynote presentations.      closing plenary session.”
      Dr. Dirkx described several facets of the
                                                                          Further information can be found at the program
Why the conference is not to be missed:                         site:

                                                        HAPPENINGS 3
                            Student Accomplishments
AWARDS RECEPTION HIGHLIGHTS                               The Walter F. and Mary Jane Johnson Dissertation
                                                          Research Award was given to Wei-ni Wang, a HALE
The annual College of Education Awards reception was
                                                          doctoral student.
held at the Kellogg Center on Friday, April 22, 2005. A
number of HALE and SAA students were recognized for
their work:
                                                          First year HALE doctoral student Shenita Brokenburr
                                                          was the recipient of two awards – The Donald H.
The Anderson-Schwille Endowed Fellowship in
                                                          Nickerson Fellowship in Cultural Diversity & Minority
International Education was awarded to HALE doctoral
                                                          Concerns and the James A. Wilson Fellowship.
students Eran Tamir and Na Wei.

                                                          A complete list of the 2005 award winners can be found
Staci Gunner, of the Student Affairs Administration MA
                                                          on the College of Education’s website: http://ed-
program, received the Ann Marie Bolger Memorial 
Scholarship in Student Affairs.
                                                              SPENCER FELLOWS 2005-2006
The Clyde M. Campbell Endowed Fellowship was
awarded to Lynne Zelenski, a HALE doctoral candidate.     The following HALE students are recipients of the
                                                          prestigious 2005-2006 Spencer Fellowship:

HALE doctoral students Kang Li and Carolyn Ozaki
                                                          Melissa McDaniels, Becoming a Scholar: An
were honored as Erickson Research Fellows.
                                                          Examination of Doctoral Student Learning.

The Richard L Featherstone Endowed Scholarship in
                                                          F. Nevra Seggie, Manifestations of Secularism in the
Educational Administration was awarded to HALE
                                                          Turkish Undergraduate
doctoral candidates, Lucian Leone and Na Wei.

Bernadette Friedrich, a HALE doctoral student, was
                                                          Eran Tamir, A Comparative Study of the Struggle Over
presented with the Casmer F. Heilman Endowed
                                                          Alternate Routes into Teaching.

                                                          For further information on the Spencer Fellowship
Norseha Unin, HALE doctoral candidate, was the            Program, please visit the site set up within the College of
                                                          Education’s own page: http://ed-
recipient of the HALE Fellowship.

The Hinman Graduate Fellowship went to HALE doctoral
student Melissa McDaniels.

                                                  HAPPENINGS 4
                                Student Accomplishments
            SPRING CONFERENCE                                Jennifer Sturm presented a paper titled What is
              PRESENTATIONS                                  Student-Athlete Development at the American Alliance
                                                             for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
A number of our graduate students traveled to                National Convention in Chicago in April.
conferences this spring as presenters and competitors.
A small sampling of participants is listed here:
                                                             The Role of Peer Mentoring in the Leadership
Casey Ozaki attended the NASPA Conference to                 Development of Students-of-Color in Higher Education
present her paper, Hapa Student Organizations: Case          was presented by Connie Rose Tingson at the
Studies in Multiracial Identity, Leadership, and Identity    International Mentoring Association’s Annual Conference.
Politics. This conference was held in March in Tampa
Florida. Kacy Heinmiller also presented at NASPA with        Eran Tamir traveled to the AERA Conference in
Marilyn Amey, Cheryl Lovell and Mike Dannells on their       Montreal in April to present his paper titled Diversity or
study, CSP Instructors: Who’s Teaching Our Graduate          Hierarchy: Expansion Reform and Student Selection in
Students.                                                    the Israeli Higher Education System during the 1990s.
                                                             Norseha Unin was in Montreal as well, participating in
F. Nevra Seggie and Wei-ni Wang presented a paper            the AERA Graduate Student Seminar at the
titled Different Missions of Community College Systems:      organization’s annual conference.
Community Education in Taiwan and Vocational
Education in Turkey at the Annual Meeting of the             Keep us informed on your conference presentations and
Comparative and International Education Society at           activities. We want to hear from you!
Stanford University, March 2005.

                                                                      RECENT DISSERTATIONS
Casey Ozaki and Jessica Rehling presented at the
Council for the Study of Community Colleges Annual           Kudos to those doctoral students who recently defended
Conference in Boston with Marilyn Amey and HALE              dissertations and officially joined the ranks of Ph.D.!
alumna, Pamela Eddy. Their paper was titled: A Portrait
                                                             Benita J. Barnes, Success in Graduate School: How
of K-14 Partnerships: Creating a Theoretical Framework
                                                             Exemplar Advisors Guide Their Doctoral Advisees
for Analysis. Wei-ni Wang also presented a paper at
                                                             Marietta Bell-Scriber, The Nursing Classroom Climate:
CSCC titled, Filling the Missions of Community Colleges:
                                                             Cooler for Traditional Age Students Who Are Male
The Role of Community Education Programs.
                                                             Gail Hoffman-Johnson, Seamless Transition in the 21
                                                             Century: Partnering to Survive and Thrive
Mike Saxvik and Corey Phare were awarded first and
                                                             Elaine Murphy, Persistence in the Face of Self-Doubt:
second place respectively at the ACPA Case Study             The Experiences of African-American and Hispanic
Competition held in Nashville, Tennessee in early April.     Women in Selective Healthcare Programs

                                                     HAPPENINGS 5
           CAREER TRAJECTORY                                     Benita J. Barnes, Ph.D., ’05, assumes a position as
Job Changes for HALE Students and Alums                          Assistant Professor of Higher Education at the University
                  What’s new with you?
                                                                 of Massachusetts-Amherst. Others joining the faculty
Katharine Burley, SAA ’04, has been employed as an
                                                                 ranks include Anne Hornak, Ph.D., ’04, Assistant
academic advisor in MSU’s Department of Political
                                                                 Professor of Higher Education at the University of
                                                                 Toledo, and Patty Farrell, Ph.D., ’05, Visiting Assistant
                                                                 Professor of Organizational Change and Adult Learning
Lynne Hensel, HALE doctoral student, has been
                                                                 at the University of New Mexico. Regina Smith,
appointed interim VP for Academic Education at Henry
                                                                 Ph.D. ’03 has moved from Portland State to the
Ford Community College
                                                                 University of Minnesota-Milwaukee where she is an
                                                                 Assistant Professor in Adult Education.
John Jobson, Ph.D. ‘04, is the newly appointed Director
of Residential Life and Housing at Hope College. .               Liliana Mina, Ph.D., ’05, has taken on responsibilities of
                                                                 Interim Director of Supportive Services at MSU.

Scott Maas, SAA ‘05, is working as academic advisor in
                                                                 Rachael Paul, SAA ’05, is a new hall director at Seattle
MSU’s College of Communication Arts & Sciences.

Kristy Nishina, SAA ‘04, is working at her
                                                                 Connie Tingson, HALE doctoral student, is now Director
undergraduate alma mater, The University of Southern             for the Center of Personalized Instruction at Madonna
California. Kristy is employed as a career counselor in          University.
the Career Planning and Placement Center.

                                                                               FALL 2005
Niki J. Rudolph is now the Assistant Director of                               KEY DATES
Undergraduate Student Affairs for MSU College of
Communication Arts & Sciences, while still continuing on               HALE Orientation
                                                                       August 20, 2005
in her role as academic advisor.
                                                                       Midwest CIES Regional Conference, MSU,
                                                                       September 23-25, 2005
Jessica Rehling, SAA ;05, is the new Residence
Director of Parmalee Hall, at Colorada State University.               Transformative Learning Conference
                                                                       MSU, October 6-9, 2005
Kari Schueller, HALE MA ‘05, has taken a position
at Miami University of Ohio in the role of first year advisor.         HALE Program Information Day
                                                                       October 10, 2005
Megan Munsey, SAA ’05, is Assistant Director of Student
                                                                       Michigan College Personnel Association
Life at Loyola College in Maryland.                                    Conference, Lansing, Michigan
                                                                       October 23-25, 2005

Willie Morgan, SAA ’05, is working in residence life at the            ASHE Conference, Philadelphia
                                                                       November 17-19, 2005
University of San Francisco.
                                                                       College of Education and MSU Graduate
                                                                       Commencement Activities
                                                                       December 9, 2005

                                                      HAPPENINGS 6

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