Advt Glue Grant Scheme DBT by O5030Q


									                            DEPARTMENT OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
                              Ministry of Science & Technology
                                         Govt. of India

                                    GLUE GRANT SCHEME

        Linking basic and clinical science departments in inter-institutional linkages

DBT seeks applications from basic science institutes & university departments with medical
or veterinary school departments, to establish a long term partnership programme.

The key components that will be supported through the inter-institutional partnership
centre include:

   i)        Ph.D. programme in which focus is on disease biology, early translation,
             interdisciplinary research, or technology innovation; each Ph.D. student would
             have a guide from each partner, and share responsibility for structured education
             and training in the initial period of Ph.D. programme.

   ii)       Joint participation in mutual education and training activities at post-graduate or
             Ph.D. level with focus on building science competency of medical background
             scholars and faculty, and disease orientation of basic scientists in areas of

   iii)      Joint workshops, small science meetings, research priority development exercise
             in areas of mutual interest.

   iv)       Collaborative Research: The partners, in their application should identify
             domains (upto 3) within which collaborative research proposals will be developed
             as a result of above interactions. Funding for specific projects will be provided on
             submission of individual proposals, approved by a joint scientific advisory group
             with fast track review at DBT. For each domain, the Department required a
             thousand words write up on why the domain is prioritized, overall programme
             direction and approach to identifying key questions and specific projects.

The support where appropriate can cover for Ph.D. fellowships, carrier development awards
for medical and basic scientists, strengthening platform technologies and support to
strengthen electronic clinical research data gathering, knowledge specific banks and core
support for reagents and supplies to help exploratory research pending submission for full
funding to DBT.

DBT will consider support for 5 years to any new faculty recruited to strengthen groups in
research capacity provided the host institute(s) to make regular appointments. A clearly
defined long term R&D strategy is important for a successful award; disconnected, multiple
proposals even of good quality will fall short of our prescribed benchmark.

Specific partnership with THSTI, Faridabad

We also seek specific proposals from interested medical schools departments or centres to
establish partnership programme with two already functional niche centres of THSTI,
Faridabad. These are Vaccine & Infectious Disease Research Centre (VIDRC) and
Paediatric Biology Centre (PBC). The background provided for the nationwide call will also
apply to partnership with THSTI, Faridabad
The general principals for funding DBT’s centres of excellence and programme support
should guide development of applications to be submitted to DBT. For details please visit
DBT website at and for Centres of Excellence follow link

The interested scientists may submit their proposal within one month of publication
of this advertisement to Dr.T.S.Rao, Adviser, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry
of Science and Technology, Block–2 (6th-8th Floor), CGO Complex, Lodi Road, New
Delhi – 110003 Tel.:011-24364065, Fax: 011-24362884, E-mail:

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