You can contact the                     Your comments
     Ards DPP Manager at:                To assist us in improving our service,
                                                                                         ARDS BOROUGH
      Ards Borough Council
                                         please make any criticisms, suggestions
                                         or comments below.
                                                                                      Burgh Cooncil o’ the Airds, Newton an’ Blathewick
        2 Church Street
       NEWTOWNARDS                       ____________________________________
           BT23 4AP

    Telephone: 028 9182 4070             ____________________________________

        Fax: 028 9181 9628               ____________________________________
On-line:                                                             Borough
                   ~                     ____________________________________                     Inspector’s
        You can contact the              ____________________________________                        Office
  Borough Inspector’s Office at:         ____________________________________
                                                                                        Ards District Policing
     Ards Borough Council                ____________________________________               Partnership
          2 Church Street
             BT23 4AP                    If you would like a reply please give your
                                         name and address.

    Telephone: 028 9182 4005             ____________________________________
        Fax: 028 91824071                                                              Customer Charter
   On-line:      ____________________________________
         Ards Borough Council                    Act as a conduit between the community and      answer the majority of telephone calls
                                                  those with influence and responsibility for      within ten seconds
Ards Borough Council is one of 26 local
                                                  policing and community safety
authorities in Northern Ireland, covering                                                         identify themselves to all their
140 square miles and with a population of        Nurture and build a strong relationship with     customers.
about 70,000.                                     Community Police Liaison Committees and
The Council has a range of responsibilities,      similar groups
including refuse collection, street cleaning,                                                          How to tell us what you think
                                                 Provide support for the implementation and
providing leisure facilities and maintaining                                                     If you are pleased or dissatisfied with any
                                                  promotion of crime prevention initiatives
parks and cemeteries.                                                                            aspect of the service provided by the
                                                  including Neighbourhood Watch Northern
                                                  Ireland                                        Borough Inspector’s Office, then we would
                                                                                                 like to hear from you. Comments and
 What does the Borough Inspector’s               Encourage the community to report              complaints will help us improve our service.
 Office do?                                       crime                                          If you have a complaint you can raise it
The Borough Inspector’s Office forms part                                                        informally with the person you have been
                                                 Engage the public on a regular basis,
of the Chief Executive’s Department and                                                          dealing with. However, if you prefer, or are
                                                  developing confidence in and
delivers four key functions, namely                                                              still not satisfied, you can contact, by
                                                  satisfaction with Ards DPP.
   1. Licensing and Regulatory Service                                                           telephone or by letter, the Borough
                                                                                                 Inspector who will deal with your complaint
   2. Ards Anti-social Behaviour Team                Commitment to our customers                 in the first instance. If you complain in
   3. Ards District Policing Partnership                                                         writing, your complaint will be
                                                 Ards DPP staff undertake to:
                                                                                                 acknowledged within three working days.
   4. Ards Community Safety Partnership           be pleasant, helpful and courteous at         We will investigate any complaint
This leaflet details the services provided by      all times                                     thoroughly and give a response within ten
Ards District Policing Partnership (Ards DPP)                                                    working days.
                                                  act with fairness, integrity and
and the standards of service that you can          impartiality, according equal respect to      If, after contacting the Borough Inspector
expect to receive from its Officers.               all                                           you are still not satisfied, then you can
                                                                                                 write to the Chief Executive, who will also
 Ards District Policing Partnership               advertise all public meetings and             respond to your complaint within ten
                                                   events of the Partnership                     working days.
Ards DPP, which is made up of 19 local
councillors and community representatives,        ensure that Ards DPP website is               If you are still not satisfied you can contact
has been established to identify policing          updated on a monthly basis                    the Northern Ireland Ombudsman at
issues, establish policing priorities and         respond to all enquiries requiring a          0800 34 34 24 or by writing to
monitor police performance. The Borough            written response within five working          The Ombudsman, Freepost, Belfast
Inspector’s Office through its Ards DPP            days                                          BT1 6BR.
Manager and Administrative Assistant
supports the Partnership by helping to;           give information and advice on all areas
                                                   of the Partnership’s work

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