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									  Heald Green Health Centre
  Heald Green                                                                                                           Issue 4
  Stockport                               DR WRIGHT AND PARTNERS                                                      Sept 2011
  SK8 3JD
  Tel: 0161 426 9020
                                                                        “SEEKING EXCELLENCE, CARING FOR PEOPLE”

     Hello and Welcome to the official newsletter of Dr Wright & Partners           Our Team of Doctors. From left to right:
                        Heald Green Health Centre                                   Dr Andrew.T .Wright, Dr Emma Leon,
                                                                                    Dr Carmel Morris, Dr Andrea Mottram,
                                                                                    Dr Fidelis Osuide, Dr Jamal Abushena
August was a time of change for the practice as we said goodbye to Dr G Ellam       and Dr Victoria Bramwell
who has successfully completed his training and is working as a GP in Bramhall,   Services at Heald Green Health Centre
Dr N Chandrate now working in Staffordshire and Dr N Kendrick who has
relocated to Leamington. We wish them luck in their new lives.                    GP Services
                                                                                  We offer a full general practice service and run
You may have also noticed some new faces at the practice. We welcome 3 new        clinics specialising in:
GP Registrars who will be at the practice until August 2012. These are
                                                                                          Diabetes
Dr F Osuide, Dr J Abushena and Dr V Bramwell.
                                                                                          Cardiovascular Disease
Following excellent feedback from Manchester University we are pleased to                 Asthma
                                                                                          Hypertension
welcome students from all years of medical school this year.
                                                                                          Minor Surgery
                                                                                          Blood Clinics
                                                                                          Medication Reviews
                                                                                          Antenatal
                                                                                          Women’s Health
                                                                                          Family Planning
          Your Surgery Needs You!                  Extended Hours Surgery                 Child Health/Immunisation
                                                                                          Travel
 We are looking for a cross-section of our     We continue to put on one late             Weight Management
 patients to join our Patient Participation    evening surgery a month for                Smoking

 Group. The group usually meets one            those who are busy working
                                                                                  For an appointment or further details call on
 evening per month to discuss any queries      and struggle to get to the
                                                                                                    0161 426 9020
 or concerns and are always happy to           surgery in normal working
 greet new members.                            hours.

 Please check our notice-board for contact     We are pleased to see this is               www.drwrightandpartners.co.uk
 details.                                      working well.
                                                                                             Here you can find information on
                                                                                                  services, opening hours,
                                                                                           appointments, repeat prescriptions,
                                                                                            contact details and links to healthy
                                                                                          living, childhood vaccinations, sexual
                                                                                                health and family planning.
 It’s that time of year again ……Flu Season Book in for your Flu Jab now.
 October 15th 8.30am -12 pm and other dates until the end of the year.
                                                                                              Produced By Dr Victoria Bramwell

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