A Review of Ardyss International - Reshape Your Life and Your Bank Account by huangwuyu


									A Review of Ardyss International - Reshape Your Life and Your Bank Account
Adryss International is a health and wellness company that has taken the networking industry by storm.
It began in Mexico in 1989. The company is owned by the Mexican, Diaz de Leon family. Initially, it
was very prominent offline. Now, it gives many, the opportunity to work from home, and it has
created an online presence. The company now operates in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, The
Dominican Republic, and Venezuela. It has over forty distribution centers over the globe. As of 2007,
it's major headquarters moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and the company changed their business model to
a network marketing structure. They opened their doors to reps to start building their own business.
This erupted a volcano of recruiting across the nation.wholesale mac cosmetics

Ardyss is well on the way to becoming the next multi-billion dollar industry. It sells reshaping
garments for men and women. It carries a long line of skin care products and nutritional products. One
of it most famous nutritional beverage's is the Le'vive juice. Ardyss, Le'vive juice, combines five
antioxidants, the world's most potent, superfruits: pomengranate, acai berry, noni, mangosteen, and
goji. These fruits promote weight loss, lower blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, defy aging, and
prevent cancer.

The reshaping garments were created by an orthopedic surgeon. It helps transforms your body's shapes
and it has different health advantages. The line reshapes men and women by flattening the stomach,
firming the breasts, and firming the buttocks. All this is done by a process called lipo transportation. It
moves all the fatty tissue in the body to exactly the right places. ( Now that's my kind of garment!)
The Body Magic is the most well-known garment in this line with these capabilities. The reshapers
promote weight loss and improve posture. The reshaping line includes: panty shapers, girdles,
abdomen shapers, and corsets.http://www.wholesalemaccosmetics4u.com

Ardyss skin care products are created by the same company that makes Estee Lauder's skin care line.
MAC cosmetics, they also created the Ardyss make-up line. This makes the, make-up line easier to
market, because Estee Lauder is a leading line of cosmetics.

Ardyss International business owners earn income, by retailing products and recruiting people. You
achieve bonuses by reaching certain quota statuses. The power-start-pack is two-hundred and
ninety-nine dollars. A start-up membership cost is forty bucks. Your monthly product autoship is
around one-hundred forty dollars.

Ardyss business model focuses on the power of five. It teaches to recruit five partners and to help each
of these five, find five more business owners. This is the Ardyss theme to building a residual income.
You must keep an active account and be on the monthly autoship to be eligible for all the member

Ardyss International is definitely a leading networking marketing opportunity, that has many
marketable attributes. But none of these attributes matter, if you don't Master the required skills, and
LEARN how to MARKET. Learn these necessary skills, NOW, and turn any primary business
opportunity into a cashcow.

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