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									GCSE Physical Education
Your Choice?
What do I need to know?
• Physical Education includes practical
  and theoretical (class based) work.

• 60% is practical

• 40% is theory
Practical Components
• You will experience and
  be assessed in a number
  of different sports over
  the two years.
Four assessments required:

• From at least two groups.

• For example you cannot be assessed
  in only games, but must have an
  activity such as athletics too!
• You can be assessed as a performer
  (player), or as a coach or as an

• External assessments are allowed if
  supported by filmed evidence, in 2
  activities only
Sports include

      Football                                   Netball
      Basketball                                 Hockey
      Badminton                                  Badminton
      Tennis/Table Tennis                        Tennis
      Rounders                                   Rounders
      Indoor rowing                              Fitness

      There are other activities on the syllabus which can be
      assessed separately; swimming, martial arts; golf;
      horse riding; rowing
•External Assessment - 40% of Single Award
Written Paper 1½ hours

•Section A - Objective tests and short answer

•Section B - Extended written answers,
based on a scenario issued as pre-release
Theory Content

• The demands of performance
  – Injury
  – Aerobic Anaerobic exercise
  – What is Leisure and recreation
• Health and Fitness
  – Training
  – Diet
• Influence of the school on sport
  – School sport partnerships

• Cultural and Social factors
  – Leisure time
Career Paths
University – can lead to:
  – PE Teacher
  – Physiotherapy
  – Sports Psychology
  – Journalism
     • Sport writer
  – Leisure industry
     • Sport Centre management
Is it for me?
• If you can answer yes to the following
  questions then GCSE Physical Education is
  for you.
  – I play sport regularly for a club or a school team.
  – I enjoy taking part in all of my PE lessons
  – I like a number of games/activities (not just
  – I am well organised
  – I try my best in lessons, even when I have an
  - I have to bring kit to all practical lessons and
  - I will work hard in activities I don’t like as I know it
    affects the marks of others in the group if I don’t

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