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									         Chicago Bancorp is an Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee

         We’re a Different Kind of Mortgage Bank

Chicago Bancorp is one of the nation’s largest privately-held mortgage banks. We’re a Different Kind of Mort-
gage Bank, because we provide our bankers with tools enabling them to take their careers to the next level. Is
your broker firm or bank doing the same for you? The chart below demonstrates a few reason why at Chicago
Bancorp -We’re a Different Kind of Mortgage Bank.

Support Service                                                         Mortgage
                                                                                          at a bank         Bancorp
Large Product Variety: Brokers have multiple sources, but
they are restricted to “wholesale Lenders.” Banks only have
access to their own products. Chicago Bancorp has products
from over 100 of the top financial institutions, including FNMA,        Fair              Poor Great
FHLMC, and FHA. From A-paper to deep sub prime, we have
a loan for every one of your borrowers

Raw Pricing: Brokers do not have access to raw pricing and
banks do not allow their bankers to see real pricing. Are you
being paid on the full Service Release Premium (SRP) or Yield
Spread Premium (YSP)? If you do not know what these are,
                                                                        N.A.              Poor Great
you may be leaving 50% of your money on the table!

Loan Closes in Company Name: As a broker your earn-
ings per loan are disclosed on the HUD1. As a banker, you are
in more control, and your revenue per loan is kept confiden-
tial. Chicago Bancorp bankers show up at your closing with
                                                                        N.A. Good Great
check in-hand.

Best Pricing: Mortgage Brokers have multiple sources but
don’t have access to the same rates as a mortgage banker.
Banks have limited sources and are only competitive when
the bank wants to get aggressive. Chicago Bancorp has ac-               Poor               Fair             Great
cess to RAW PRICING, giving you the lowest rate with the high-
est premiums.

Centralized Operations: Only Chicago Bancorp empow-
ers you to have control at every point in the process from ap-
plication through closing. You are the single point of contact
for your client and have access to the loan file at every stage
                                                                        Fair              Poor Great
of the process.

Marketing Department: Chicago Bancorp has an on-site
marketing department that customizes marketing for each of
its bankers. Marketing Expense Accounts allow you to pur-
chase custom premium items with your pre-tax income. No
                                                                        Fair            Good Great
other broker or bank can do that for you!

                         Call us today to make MORE MONEY, have
                      MORE CONTROL, and be MORE SUCCESSFUL per loan!
                     Carrie Beeks, Director of Recruiting               300 N. Elizabeth Street, Floor 3E
                     (312) 738-8505                                     Chicago, IL 60607
Power Up Your Career
                       Introducing the
                       Chicago Bancorp
                       Difference...driving your
                       career to new heights

                       What makes Chicago Bancorp a
                       Different Kind of Mortgage Bank?

                       Unlimited Income Potential
                                  Up to 70% commission split
                                  Profit sharing
                                  Car allowance
                                  401 (k)
                                  President’s Club trip
                                  Loan Officer Assistant Program
                                  Marketing Expense Accounts
                                  MLS co-branding initiative
                                  National reach
                                  Health care and life benefits
                       Outstanding Operations Support
                                  Pre Approvals in 24 hours
                                  Closed loans in 10 days
                                  Centralized operations
                                  Access to raw pricing
                       Technology meets personal service
                                  Automated Underwriting (DO/LP)
                                  Contour-Loan Origination Software
                                  Employee website
                                  Remote access 24/7 to your files
                                  Online training
                       Excellent culture
                                  Fun/Exciting and
                                    Entrepreneurial environment
                                  Modern state-of-the-art facilities
                                  Sports teams/social events
                                  Experienced management
                                  Continuing education

                       Call us today to make MORE MONEY,
                       have MORE CONTROL, and become
                       MORE SUCCESSFUL

                       Carrie Beeks
                       Director of Recruiting
                       300 N. Elizabeth Street, Floor 3E
                       Chicago, IL 60607
                       (312) 738-8505

                       Chicago Bancorp is an Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee

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