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                                  BOARD OF SELECTMEN

                                       August 2, 2011

SELECTMEN PRESENT: Steven N. Wawruck, Jr. and Joseph R. Calsetta
ALSO PRESENT: Patrick McMahon (EIDC Consultant), Malcolm Hamilton, Douglas Hamilton,
             Dennis Gragnolati, Peter Coffey, Linda Gagnon, and Reporters from the
             Journal Inquirer and
First Selectman Wawruck called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was observed.

Selectman Wawruck explained that tonight’s meeting was moved from the Selectmen’s
Conference Room on the second floor to the Ella T. Grasso Conference Room on the first floor
to allow for handicapped accessibility because the elevator is out of order.

PUBLIC INPUT (Items of Interest): None.

Selectman Calsetta moved to approve the July 19, 2011, Regular Meeting Minutes as
published. Selectman Wawruck seconded the motion. Both were in favor.


a. Adopt Resolutions:
 1. State Matching Grant for Elderly and Disabled Demand Responsive Transportation
    Selectman Wawruck explained that the Senior Center applies annually for this State
    Matching Grant for elderly and disabled transportation purposes. The awarded grant is in
    the amount of $11,201.00. Selectman Wawruck added that adoption of the proposed
    Resolution by the Board of Selectmen is a requirement of the grant process.
    Selectman Calsetta moved to adopt the following Resolution:
    RESOLVED, the First Selectman Steven N. Wawruck, Jr. is authorized to sign and
    execute Agreements and Contracts, along with all necessary Agreement/Contract
    documents, on behalf of the Town of Windsor Locks with the Department of
    Transportation of the State of Connecticut.
    Selectman Wawruck seconded the motion. Both were in favor.
  2. Municipal Support for the proposed Realignment of the Route 20/Route 75
     Westbound Exit Ramp located at 3 Ella Grasso Turnpike, Windsor Locks, CT
    Selectman Wawruck requested that the “Municipal Support Resolution” for the proposed
    realignment of the Route 20/Route 75 westbound exit ramp be tabled until the Town
    Attorney and the Connecticut DOT have supplied the final language for the required
    There was no objection from Selectman Calsetta.
Board of Selectmen
August 2, 2011
Page 2

b. EIDC Consultant: Update on Historic Train Station & Application for the Transit-
  Oriented Development for Pilot Programs:
  Mr. Patrick McMahon came forward to update the Selectmen on the Historic Train Station,
  and the Application for the Transit-Oriented Development for Pilot Programs.
  Historic Train Station:
  Mr. McMahon stated that it has been several months since the Windsor Locks Preservation
  Association (WLPA) notified the Town of Windsor Locks that they had disbanded. Since then,
  the Town has been working with Amtrak to further the project. The Town has also reached
  out to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) regarding the utilization of the
  $225,000.00 Small Town Economic Assistance Program Grant that was awarded to Windsor
  Locks in 2006. The DEP has agreed to allow the Town as the recipient of the grant to
  continue to utilize the funds. Approximately $4,560.00 of the original grant funding was used
  by the WLPA toward legal fees related to negotiations with Amtrak, however the bulk of the
  grant is still available for its intended purposes which includes: legal fees, permit fees,
  protective decorative fencing, insurance, design costs, survey work, stabilization repairs and
  a market study. The attorney utilized by the WLPA has provided the Town with some of the
  studies that had been conducted by the WLPA, and is expected to also provide copies of
  correspondence that took place with Amtrak within the next couple of weeks.
  Mr. McMahon continued by stating that the Town will continue to move forward with the
  restoration of the station although how the project will come together still remains to be
  determined. He added that the Town recently drafted a letter to Amtrak regarding the
  importance of restoring the historic building, and have met with Amtrak Officials to discuss
  pursuing either the sale of the property to the Town, or a long-term lease option similar to
  what the Town of Windsor has. A long-term lease would eliminate some of the potential
  liability issues, although both avenues have costs and benefits that will need to be carefully
  Mr. McMahon continued by stating that renovating the building is still a large project and will
  require separate funding in addition to the planning grant funds that are already in place. Mr.
  McMahon stated that the town has received a large amount of feedback from residents that
  remain interested in the continuation of the building renovation and in keeping it on the
  National Register of Historic Places in Connecticut.
  Mr. McMahon concluded by stating that the exact use of the historic station will depend on
  where the train platform is relocated to. The historic building may be an integral part of the
  new train stop or could be used for some kind of support services (restaurant, office, etc.). He
  added that the building is a treasure on Main Street and that it has been vacant for far too
  long. He stated that the goal is to get the building back into a productive use.

  Application for the Transit-Oriented Development Program:
  Mr. McMahon stated that the State of Connecticut approved the allocation of $5 million
  dollars for the Transit-Oriented Development Pilot Program. The Town of Windsor Locks is
  eligible to apply for a minimum of $250,000.00 in grant funding for planning efforts related to
  transit-oriented mixed-use development (housing, retail, etc.) around its train stop. The
  Town’s intention is to utilize these planning funds to further efforts at relocating the train stop
  back to downtown and facilitating mixed-use development in that area.
  Mr. McMahon continued by stating that because Windsor Locks is slated to be a stop on the
  New Haven-Springfield commuter rail as well as the inner city and high-speed rail
  connections with a bus line to Bradley International Airport, a downtown station is going to be
  a key to the importance of the aspect of the rail line. He added that the current station that is
Board of Selectmen
August 2, 2011
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  located at the south end of town is essentially a glorified bus shelter and is in an area that has
  no room for any type of development.
  Mr. McMahon stated that the primary recommendation from the completion of the Main Street
  Master Study was to relocate the train stop back to the downtown area in the vicinity of the
  historic train station building. The Town has been working aggressively with the State of
  Connecticut and Amtrak for the last three years to move the project forward. Different
  signalization and traffic impact studies have been conducted to verify that the relocation of
  the train stop could work in that area. He stated there is also plenty of land in that general
  vicinity that would allow for ample parking and businesses that would welcome additional
  traffic into their stores.
  Mr. McMahon briefly discussed the benefits of having the train platform relocated to the
  downtown area and stated that a relocated station would be a major catalyst in the
  redevelopment of the Montgomery complex, the historic station, the Windsor Locks
  Commons and several other underutilized buildings in that general area. He stated that after
  many meetings with Governor Malloy, DOT Officials and Amtrak substantial progress has
  been made to move the project forward. He felt that if the relocation doesn’t take place now it
  may be unlikely in the future.
  Mr. McMahon stated that if the Town is successful in obtaining the planning grant funding of
  $250,000.00 it will be used for various tasks including; the preparation of cross sections of
  Main Street and associated side roads in this area, inventory utility locations, making
  projections related to amount of building that could take place and utility needs, preparing a
  concept plan for the Windsor Locks Transit Center, developing zoning regulations that
  encourages transit-oriented development and determines market feasibility. He added that
  the application is due to the Office of Policy & Management (OPM) by this Thursday. Mr.
  McMahon clarified that a Town Meeting would need to take place by early September to
  authorize the conditions of the grant.
  Selectman Wawruck stated that one of the comments during the meeting with Amtrak
  Officials last week was that they were glad that the Town of Windsor Locks didn’t sign the
  document that would have either chosen the relocation of the train platform or the restoration
  of the historic building. The Amtrak Officials were favorable about selling or leasing the
  historic train station which is no longer in use and its site to the town as well as the possible
  relocation of the current train station to the downtown area.
  Selectman Calsetta moved that the Board of Selectmen approve, forward and
  recommend the following Resolution to a Town Meeting for final approval:
  1. to authorize the submission of the Windsor Locks Transit-Oriented Development
     Planning Grant application in accordance with the Transit-Oriented Development
     (TOD) Pilot Program Request for Applications; and,
  2. to authorize the Town of Windsor Locks to enter into and, if necessary, to amend a
     Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Capital Region Council of
     Governments, or any successor organization, which incorporates the requirements
     outlined in the Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Pilot Program Request for
     Applications, as well as identified any other specific responsibilities that the Town
     chooses to delegate to the Regional Planning Organization in administering the
     grant, if awarded, as agreed to by the parties; and,
  3. authorizes the individual serving as First Selectman or their successor(s), to sign
     the grant application, to negotiate the terms and conditions of the MOU, to sign the
     MOU on behalf of the Town of Windsor Locks, and to sign any other documents
Board of Selectmen
August 2, 2011
Page 4

      associated with administering the grant, if awarded, including any amendments
  Selectman Wawruck seconded the motion. All were in favor.
  Selectman Wawruck stated that a Town Meeting date would be set at the next Board of
  Selectmen’s meeting on August 16, 2011.
c. The Colvest Group, LTD Real Estate Tax Abatement – Oak Street
   Selectman Wawruck reminded the Selectmen that this abatement is required each year for
   the Oak Street parking lot located behind the CVS building that is used during activities at the
   Senior Center.
  Selectman Calsetta moved to abate the Real Estate Tax Bill List #2010 1 000965 for The
  Colvest Group, LTD in the amount of $3,442.14. Selectman Wawruck seconded the
  motion. Both were in favor.

a. Proposed Blight Ordinance Revisions
  Selectman Wawruck referred to the Blight Public Hearing that was held on July 19, 2011. He
  stated that there were numerous comments on blight enforcement that evening. Following the
  Public Hearing and after talking more with the Town Attorney he felt that the proposed
  revision gives the Ordinance more teeth and more definition to the types of blighted premises
  versus the original document. It also allows for anonymous complaints to come forward
  along with delegation if the First Selectman so chooses. He also felt that the proposal meets
  the demands of what the residents have been asking for and that he would be willing to move
  the document forward for Town Meeting approval.
  Selectman Calsetta stated that he supported the revised Ordinance, but suggested that the
  First Selectman seek funding from the Board of Finance to hire a part-time (19½ hours/week
  or less) Blight Enforcement Officer. He added that he didn’t foresee that the job would entail
  19½ hours every week especially after some of the more difficult blight areas have been
  taken care of. He also thought that the part-time position would allow the opportunity for
  documentation and reports to be prepared on a regular basis.
  Selectman Wawruck was in agreement and stated that he would forward this request to the
  Board of Finance. He added that the Blight Complaint Form has been recently revised along
  with the implementation a new filing system that separates blighted properties from previous
  years to the current year. The filing system is available in The First Selectman’s Office for
  public viewing.
  There were no other comments from the Board of Selectmen.

Roger E. Nelson – CONA for a Term Expiring on 5/31/12
Selectman Calsetta moved to appoint Roger E. Nelson as a regular member to the
Committee on the Needs of the Aging for a term expiring on May 31, 2012. Selectman
Wawruck seconded the motion. Both were in favor.
Board of Selectmen
August 2, 2011
Page 5

Before the Selectmen considered the Tax Refunds for August 2, 2011 Selectman Wawruck
explained that his son, Steven Wawruck, III is on the list for a refund in the amount of $27.25 as
a result of his GI Exemption. Selectman Wawruck stated that he would in no way benefit
personally from the refund to his son.
Selectman Calsetta moved to approve the Refund Request for August 2, 2011, in the
amount of $74.45, as outlined in Schedule A. Selectman Wawruck seconded the motion.
Both were in favor.
A copy of Schedule A is attached to the Minutes of the August 2, 2011 Board of Selectmen

PUBLIC INPUT (Agenda Items only):
 Mr. Peter Coffey came forward to ask the Selectmen two questions:
  1. What the status was on town employees taking unmarked vehicles home at night? He had
     suggested that the Town vehicles be marked with logo’s and/or license plates.
  2. How many miles are put on these vehicles from Friday afternoon to Monday morning, and
     how often do they come back into town during the weekend?
  Selectman Wawruck stated that he would get back to Mr. Coffey’s on this question.
  Mr. Coffey felt that a Blight Enforcement Officer was not necessary because there were
  enough officials already on staff to complete the work and do the necessary reporting.
 Mr. Douglas Hamilton came forward:
  He first commented on the usage of town vehicles by town employees. He asked if using the
  vehicles was a declared income and if the employees receive an annual 1099 form from the
  Selectman Wawruck stated that vehicle usage is a declare income for employees that use
  town vehicles. He stated that the town vehicle policy was in place before he came into office.
  He wasn’t sure if a 1099 form was issued, but knew that there is a dollar amount declaration
  for each day the vehicle is used. He also stated that the town conforms to the regulations
  dictated by the IRS and that an audit is conducted each year by the town’s audit firm. He
  stated that he would look into the matter to confirm that the proper procedures are being
 Mr. Malcolm Hamilton came forward:
  He distributed some pictures of 27 Greenview Street to the Selectmen showing blight in the
  back yard of that property. He further stated that the house is vacant and that the owner lives
  in Enfield also on a blighted property.
  Mr. Hamilton discussed at length a Blight Public Hearing that he attended in Enfield the night
  before with his brother Doug Hamilton. The Town of Enfield is in the process of revising their
  Blight Ordinance. He stated that he was allowed to address the Enfield Town Council on the
  blight concerns that are taking place in Windsor Locks. He also gave them a presentation on
  the Blight Ordinance that he is proposing for Windsor Locks. He added that the Enfield Blight
  Enforcement Officers and the Public Work’s Director will be studying his proposed Ordinance
  to see what they might be able to incorporate into their revision. Mr. Hamilton encouraged
  the Selectmen to study the proposed Blight Ordinance that the Town of Enfield is considering.
  He stated that he had two volunteers that would be willing to do the Blight Enforcement at no
  cost to the town.

Board of Selectmen
August 2, 2011
Page 6

 Mr. Douglas Hamilton came forward:
  He commented on the positive way the Enfield Blight Public Hearing was conducted. He
  also spoke on the two volunteers that would be willing to donate their time to the Town of
  Windsor Locks at no charge. He confirmed that the pictures that were distributed earlier to
  the Selectmen were sent to his house and that none of the pictures were taken by him on
  private property. He stated that his biggest concern is that nothing seems to move forward.
  The property is as blighted as it was seventeen months ago.

Selectman Wawruck thanked everyone for their comments.

   The Baltazar’s portion of the construction on South Center Street has been completed.
    The Town’s portion of replacing the sewer lines is done. Replacement of the water
    mains will continue for the next few weeks. The section of road between South Street
    and Montermerlo Street will be reclaimed as soon as the water main work is completed.
      Alstrom will begin remediation work tomorrow on some erosion that is taking place along
       the canal banks. The project will continue for the next few months. Regular reports on
       the project will be submitted.
      There was a meeting today at CCSWA regarding the garbage collection in Windsor
       Locks. CCSWA is looking for a commitment from the town before November 1st and
       CRRA is looking for a commitment before October 1st. More information will be
       forthcoming at the next Board of Selectmen’s Meeting to discuss the merits of each
       project and facilitate a decision. A Town Meeting will be required to finalize the chosen

There being no further discussion or information to come before the Board of Selectmen;
A motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:52 p.m. was made by Selectman Calsetta and
seconded by Selectman Wawruck. Both were in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan R. Barsanti
Recording Secretary

Schedule A

                           Refund Request for
                             August 2, 2011

             Name          Bill Number    Reason for    Refund
                                           Refund       Amount
Prior Year Refunds

Brenda Boucher
22 School Street
Windsor Locks, CT 06096     09-1-0473    Over Payment   $ 10.86

Steven Wawruck 3rd
18 Burnap Road
Windsor Locks, CT 06096    09-4-87303     GI Exempt     $ 27.25

Current Year Refunds
Elizabeth & James Knecht
16984 West Hampton Rd.
Surprise, AZ 85374         10-3-59799    Vehicle Sold   $ 14.76

Yen Smith
48 Marshall Rd.
Windsor Locks, CT 06096    10-3-68763    Name Change    $ 21.58

Total Prior Years                                       $ 38.11
Current Year                                            $ 36.34

Total Refunds                                           $ 74.45

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