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                 INTRODUCTION OF


                 Introduction of Company
Brightpoint is one of the world's largest distributors of mobile

phones.      Brightpoint       supports          the    global      wireless

telecommunications and data industry, providing quickly deployed,

flexible   and   cost   effective   solutions.    Brightpoint's   innovative

services include distribution, channel management, fulfillment,

eBusiness solutions and other outsourced services that integrate

seamlessly with its customers.

            Bright point is an MNC of USA. Mr.Robert J. Laikin

Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and Director.

Brightpoint came in India two years back and it has developed

manifold. Bright Point in India deals with Nokia CDMA handsets.

Brightpoint in other countries deals with other companies and

different kind of products. Brightpoint India (BPI)’s head office in

New Delhi. BPI is the national distributors for Nokia CDMA handsets.

It provides sales and service facility to Nokia handsets.

Brightpoint Values

The values which guides and on which Brightpoint works are:

Brightpoint business culture is based upon six core principles:


We are committed to doing what is right, honest and fair.


We foster a results-oriented environment, enabling and rewarding



We are dedicated to consistently producing results that meet or

exceed the expectations of our customers and suppliers.


We treat all stakeholders with dignity and consideration, and we are

committed to fostering an environment of diversity that respects

and appreciates individual differences.


We continually acquire knowledge to improve performance and

enable growth.

Community Involvement

We are responsible, active citizens of the places we call home.

Brighpoint values allow us to attract, select and retain top

employees     who   embody    these   values.   Brighpoint    values

differentiate us.

Brighpoint values promote and help maintain compliance with

policies and laws. Brighpoint values build employee loyalty and

commitment. Brighpoint values encourage and support effective

decision-making. Brighpoint values increase productivity, creativity

and morale.

The reason behind Brightpoint’s success is:

Success in Sequence

Long-term success in the wireless industry is a series of wins, all

shrewdly aligned and appropriately leveraged. No company is

winning alone. Smart collaborations are driving success, and there

is no other collaborator in wireless with the insight, the experience

and the infrastructure to equal Brightpoint.

Through performance and service, Brightpoint have earned a place

as trusted partners to its customers and suppliers around the world.

More     than 20,000   global customers, including      some    of the

industry's most successful OEMs, network operators, MVNOs,

retailers and dealers rely

on Brightpoint to distribute their devices, expand their sales

channels and transform their logistical challenges into revenue


Brightpoint is the 'last mile' in the wireless distribution and services

value chain, providing quickly deployed, flexible and cost-effective

solutions with a global reach.

We are intensely committed to helping our customers succeed. We

measure our own success, first and foremost, by the success of our


Mission, Vision & Quality Policy


Brightpoint India's vision is to become the number one distributor of

wireless telecom products in India. We will achieve this by becoming

the most preferred outsourcing partner for the network operators

and manufacturers through a world-class sales, distribution and

Customer Support Services network.


Brightpoint India's mission is:

      To provide customized services to network operators and

       device vendors

      To customize, distribute, refurbish and repair wireless devices

      To provide marketing support for our partners

      To provide wireless telecom e-solutions

Quality Policy

With Brightpoint India, Quality is not an option; it is our way of

doing business. We are fully committed to complying with the

relevant laws and regulations of India and meeting the expectations

of our customers, partners and suppliers. To meet these objectives,

we have implemented a Quality Management System (QMS)

complying with the international standard ISO 9001:2000.

Brightpoint India, is committed to continually improving the

effectiveness of its QMS and will monitor performance against the

relevant quality objectives.

This policy is periodically reviewed to ensure that Brightpoint India

operates in a professional and structured environment. It is

communicated to all members of its staff through induction and

general awareness training. In addition, it is displayed in strategic

locations throughout the organization.

The above policy has been signed by our Chief Executive Officer on

behalf of the workforce.

The products of Brightpoint are:

  Selling Success

  Brightpoint offers the most comprehensive selection of brands and

  products in the wireless industry. Handsets. Integrated devices.

  PDAs. A full selection of OEM and aftermarket accessories. Modems

  and software. It’s all here.

  Brighpoint offer same-day shipping so a customer can get products

  just in time. And all handsets Brighpoint distribute are pre-

  provisioned for the appropriate network so they’re ready to sell

  right out of the box. A customer can order online, through phone or

  fax, giving more time for selling. And Brighpoint offer personal

  service from wireless device experts any time you pick up the


  Brighpoint proven processes and experienced staff are aligned to

  help retailers and dealers save time, and generate profit.

  Ready to start selling?

  Carriers, retailers and other resellers can purchase products and

  manage their accounts and shipments through Brightpoint Online.

  New customers can register and begin ordering quickly.


         Phones

         PDAs & Handheld Devices

         Integrated Devices

         Modems

         Accessories

         Software

    Creative Wireless Distribution:

    Getting products into position to be sold is a core Brightpoint

    competency. For more than a decade, Brightpoint have been

    helping network operators, MVNOs, retailers and dealers get more

    from the strongest brands in wireless, including a complete line of

    accessories.Brighpoint’s proven processes and experienced staff are

    aligned to help customers and partners save time and generate

    profit.To its distribution partners, it's evident in the systems they've

    created and deployed to receive, manage and ship inventory.To its

    retail customers, Brightpoint both supplies products and creates

    opportunities. In handsets, for example, each one is pre-provisioned

    for the appropriate network so it arrives ready to sell. In

    Brightpoint's online order environment, retail customers can locate

discounts and rebates, order products, track shipments and manage

their account. All of which adds up to better use of the most

important moments in retail sales: standing face to face with an

interested customer.

Customer Commitment:

The Brightpoint service culture is precisely in sync with our

customers' needs. It's a mindset that values customized solutions

over off-the-shelf thinking. Brightpoint believes in action not in

talking only. It's driven by customer goals.Brightpoint’ customers

are   some   of   the   most   successful   organizations   in   wireless.

Brightponit is    deeply committed to expanding it’s customers'

growth. At the center of Brightpoint's commitment are Brightpoint

people, some of the sharpest thinkers in wireless. They are

innovators, collaborators and exceptional performers, all made

evident by the facts: more than 27 million serialized devices

handled annually and more than 20,000 customers supported

globally. Brightpoint belives that when it will do more, its customers

will be able to do more. With every device shipped, they are

delivering on a promise to its customers: your success is our


Customized Services:

Brightpoint's customized services are value-building services that

accelerate supply chains, expand sales channels and enhance brand

equity. Brightpoint thrive on tough challenges. Brightpoint is obsess

on flawless execution.


Brightpoint Activate Wireless:

Brightpoint     develop   customized   services   and   solutions   that

accelerate supply chains, expand sales channels and enhance brand

equity. Its services are precise, scalable and tested by a volume

unequaled in the wireless industry.

Logistics & Subscriber Services

Seamless, outsourced supply chain solutions for some of the most

successful companies in the wireless industry. Sales and marketing

programs that maintain a strong brand identity and build customer


Channel Development

A proven model of dealer recruitment and support that creates

value for network operators and MVNOs, as well as profit for


Brightpoint   develop   customized    services   and   solutions   that

accelerate supply chains, expand sales channels and enhance brand

equity. Its services are precise, scalable, and tested by a volume

unequaled in the wireless industry.

Advanced Wireless Services

Brightpoint deliver end-to-end solutions for network operators,

manufacturers, VARs and other wireless channel partners who are

bringing advanced wireless products and services to their clients.

Logistics & Subscriber Services

Brightpoint's customized services are proven effective in direct-to-

consumer, direct-to-store and to national retailers. Brightpoint can

customize devices through software loading, flashing, kitting,

packaging and branding solutions.

Brightpoint offer a suite of inventory management solutions, from

end-to-end serialization and reverse logistics to transportation

management and comprehensive procurement services.

Network operators and MVNOs can tap Brightpoint's services to

strengthen their brand and increase incremental revenue through

web hosting, outbound marketing and e-business solutions.

Brightpoint   create   and   implement   marketing   programs   that

generate consistently high response rates. Brightpoint can develop,

house and maintain the marketing content on transactional Web

sites that give subscribers and corporate accounts a simple and

efficient place to purchase. All customer contact -- including

incoming calls, emails and fax -- as well as purchase processing and

fulfillment is handled in one of Brightpoint's advanced customer

contact centers.

     Fulfillment Services

Through best-of-breed systems and processes, Brightpoint can help

you lower costs, improve cash flow and increase distribution

efficiencies across all channels. Brightpoint can strengthen your

brand equity by helping you meet complex distribution and

fulfillment commitments.

     Inventory Management

With the support of its world-class inventory management systems,

and the flexibility that comes with nearly 1 million square feet of

centrally located warehouse space, you have a powerful inventory

management resource in Brightpoint.

Brightpoint can store, track, repackage, ship and report the results

to you in any format or metric you need to make better decisions.

      Transportation Management

The growing complexities within the transportation cycle present

multiple barriers to maintaining efficiency and containing costs.

Brightpoint can help you realize savings and efficiencies within the

transportation function through a proprietary system of technology

and processes.

This innovative solution enables Brightpoint to identify, create and

execute the best mode, carrier and rate combination for every

shipment. Processes are electronically coordinated and securely

shared along the entire transportation chain. As a result, freight

rates are reduced, delivery periods are shortened, and information

is captured that's used to support additional efficiencies with future


      Reverse Logistics

Returns are a lost sale and a financial burden. Brightpoint offers

systems and processes that minimize the impact and create

opportunities for improved service.

Brightpoint can receive, store, test, sort, refurbish and repackage

returns so they can re-enter the market. Brightpoint administer the

disposition of warranties and exchanges. Brightpoint can even tap

secondary markets that return some costs to your bottom line.

Taking    place    with    every     return     is    the   identification   and

documentation of trends and defects that -- when coupled with

Brightpoint’s insight -- can help you reduce return volumes in the


      Product Customization

Creating customized products for specific markets can reduce the

efficiency   of   your    manufacturing        and    distribution   processes.

Brightpoint offers a solution that allows you to focus resources on

core   competencies,      while    still    serving   smaller   markets      with

customized -- and profitable -- products.

Brightpoint've been awarded a U.S. patent for our proprietary

process used in programming devices. The process is part of an

end-to-end set of tools, from BOM management to delivery that

allows you to respond quickly to market opportunities with products

that have been specially

prepared to perform for specific sets of customers. Your brand

equity is extended without overburdening your internal resources.

Receivables Management

Brightpoint can manage account receivables with billing systems

that accelerate cash flow and reporting that provides timely

information in a wide variety of customized formats.

Credit Services

On behalf of our customers, Brightpoint evaluate and manage credit

lines for their authorized sales channels, invoice for products

shipped and collect receivables.

Customer Contact Center

Brightpoint operate inbound call centers on behalf of its customers

in support of ongoing marketing efforts. Its call centers offer toll-

free   connections,   trained   call    technicians,   sophisticated   call

management systems and high levels of integration with other

Brightpoint and customer operations.

eBusiness Solutions

Brightpoint give subscribers a variety of ways to buy, including fully

enabled transactional web sites. Brightpoint can create and manage

the sites in close alignment with existing electronic materials, and

with internal sales reporting structures.

Comprehensive electronic reports can be developed to help network

operators and MVNOs track sales success.

Outbound Marketing

Brightpoint can create materials and programs that are effective

tools for generating inquiries and sales. Bill stuffers, stand-alone

mailings, even customer care outbound telephone campaigns can

be developed and implemented.

With every program, comprehensive reports are created to help

measure and compare the effectiveness of different programs.

Our goal is to generate incremental revenue that doesn't strain your

internal resources.

Channel Development Services

Sales channels are inherently difficult to establish and manage. Yet,

by developing alternate channels and supporting them effectively,

network operators and MVNOs can increase net revenue and market


Brightpoint has a proven model of dealer recruitment and support

that creates value for operators and profit for dealers. Brightpoint

create programs consistent with our customers' strategic goals and

implement them with precision and accountability.

Local Sales & Support

Brightpoint has developed an experienced field sales organization

calling on existing channel customers and continually establishing

new relationships with retailers and agents. An internal sales and

support organization is in place to leverage the effectiveness of field

sales efforts.

The size and concentration of these sales forces can be scaled to

match territorial and volume goals

Product Marketing

Brightpoint can create marketing programs that generate results

and add impact to outbound selling. Brightpoint can create

comprehensive communication programs, including sales literature,

media advertising, point of purchase materials and on-line support

materials.   Brightpoint   can   develop   incentive   and   commission

programs that attract new customers and reward top performance.

The goal is to penetrate a specific channel and deliver measurable

market share.

Field Training & Support

Brightpoint develops on-site sales and technical training that's

consistent with customer requirements and can coordinate training

sessions with customer training staffs. Brightpoint offer training to

both the sales staff and leadership. Consistent and effective ongoing

support programs can be developed and implemented as needed.


Comprehensive merchandising plans can be developed to increase

retail presence and sales performance. Brightpoint can create point

of purchase materials, collaborate on effective SKU plans with

customers and retailers, and fully manage the implementation.

Credit Determination & A/R Management

Brightpoint can evaluate the creditworthiness of potential channel

participants and set appropriate credit limits. Brightpoint can

manage account receivables with billing systems that accelerate

cash flow.

Co-op Funds Disbursement & Tracking

Managing these funds is an essential component to financial success

in a sales channel. Brightpoint can disburse and track co-op funds

with systems and processes that maximize revenue.

Commissions Management

Brightpoint is a Master Agent for several network operators and

MVNOs. Brightpoint are skilled at managing commissions down the

channel   and   can   help   establish   and   maintain   commissions


VAR Programs

Working together with our carrier partners, Brightpoint offers VARs

and enterprise resellers nationwide and the engineering to support

next generation voice and data solutions.

Brightpoint can help you customize a comprehensive wireless

solution that can lead to better time and cost management,

enhanced customer service and increased productivity.

Brightpoint allow VARs to extend their market reach and deepen

customer relationships while generating revenue from activation

commissions and additional sales.

Advanced Wireless Services

Brightpoint deliver end-to-end solutions for network operators,

manufacturers, VARs and other wireless channel partners who are

bringing advanced wireless products and services to their clients.

Our   offerings   present   several     advantages.   At   the   core   is

Brightpoint's unequaled knowledge and experience in wireless

devices and services. Brightpoint have robust relationships with the

premier OEMs and service providers in wireless, and a practiced

excellence in distribution and logistics.

Brightpoint leverage our strong industry relationships and extensive

logistics capabilities to develop comprehensive solutions. It's a

balanced mix of advanced products and scalable services.

Brightpoint's deep product portfolio allows our customers to offer

their clients the devices that deliver the functionality. Brightpoint

provide the services that bring the products to life. Brightpoint

supply expertise, customer care and technical support needed for

complex implementations as well as ongoing execution.

Corporate Profile:

Brightpoint is one of the world's largest distributors of mobile

phones.      Brightpoint       supports          the    global      wireless

telecommunications and data industry, providing quickly deployed,

flexible   and   cost   effective   solutions.    Brightpoint's   innovative

services include distribution, channel management, fulfillment,

eBusiness solutions and other outsourced services that integrate

seamlessly with its customers.


Handsets from the world's top OEMs, such as Nokia, Motorola,

Samsung, LG, Kyocera, Sony Ericsson, Sanyo and Audiovox

Products Brightpoint India:

Brightpoint India distributes products manufactured by the world's

leading handset manufacturer. We have a unique partnership with

Nokia -- A world leader in mobile communications. Nokia has

established itself as a clear leader preferred for mobile handsets in

India. Backed by its experience, innovation, user-friendliness and

secure solutions, Nokia is the world's leading supplier of mobile


In India Brightpoint is the national distributors for Nokia CDMA

phones. It also deal in Original Nokia Accessories.


The   world is demanding more          from wireless communication

technologies than ever before. More people around the world are

subscribing to wireless services and consumers are using their

handsets more frequently. Add in exciting Third-Generation (3G)

wireless data services and applications - such as wireless email,

web, digital picture taking/sending and assisted-GPS position

location applications - and wireless networks are asked to do much

more than just a few years ago. And these networks will be asked

to do more tomorrow.

This is where the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology

fits in. CDMA consistently provides better capacity for voice and

data communications than other commercial mobile technologies.

Short for Code-Division Multiple Access, a digital cellular technology

that uses spread-spectrum techniques. Unlike competing systems,

such as GSM, that use TDMA, CDMA does not assign a specific

frequency to each user. Instead, every channel uses the full

available spectrum. Individual conversations are encoded with a

pseudo-random digital sequence.

We at Brightpoint India are the sole distributors of Nokia CDMA

phones in India.


Nokia Original Enhancements enable the best possible operation of

the Nokia mobile handset in various conditions. They are designed

and developed to enable proper compatibility with mobile phones

and other Nokia accessories.

Tested according to stringent specifications for quality, reliability,

performance and durability, the original Nokia enhancements fulfill

relevant regulatory requirements. They incorporate the same ease-

of-use and award winning design as Nokia mobile phones. Nokia

Original Enhancements mean quality you can count on.

Diversity at Brightpoint

A single vision with many faces

Brightpoint is committed to building a diverse and inclusive

workforce, and to fostering an environment that respects individual


We believe that this company is enriched by the diversity of our

employees, and among our customers and our suppliers.

We believe in creating an environment for each person to develop

to his or her full potential in pursuit and support of Brightpoint's

business mission.

Diversity among our suppliers

We value the experience and imaginative ideas of our suppliers.

They are important to our continued success and we aim to

leverage their perspectives, ideas and backgrounds.

Our intent to respect and seek ideas and business solutions from

both our existing supplier network and by creating relationships

with new suppliers.

As diversity among our employees and our customers increases, it

is essential that we draw from an increasingly diverse group of


We are committed to building a flexible environment where the

efficiency, resourcefulness, and effectiveness of our suppliers are

recognized and rewarded.

Diversity among our customers

Growing customer relationships are at the core of our success. By

continually seeking and improving these relationships, we advance

our business mission.

Understanding the differences and perspectives among our current

customers creates a foundation upon which we can build new

customer relationships. The more we strive to understand and

respect each of our customer's differences, the more successful we

can be in serving all of our customers.

We are committed to reducing any barriers that prevent our

customers from forming diverse and dynamic business relationships

with us.


Brightpoint India provides world class after sales services and

support to the wireless industry. Through proven processes and

precise execution, we've helped OEMs and carriers expand their

markets and optimize their resources.

     Customer Support Services

        o   L3 centers

        o   L2 centers

        o   Quality of services

     L2 Development and management

        o   Outbound support

        o   Field training and support

        o   Incentive program

Customer Support Service (CSS)

At Brightpoint, we firmly believe our relationship with our customer

continues well beyond the purchase of a product. Hence, all our

efforts are ultimately geared to improving our service offers and

thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

L3 Center

The Level 3 center is a workshop for mobile handset repairs where

the highest level of repairs are being carried out, components are

replaced and specific trouble shooting of the handset is undertaken.

All our L3 centers are setup and run on a world class basis.

L2 Center

The L2 centre is a specialized customer care facility for customers.

In this centre, the customer service staff will advise customers on

an individual basis; they will answer their queries on product

features and benefits, show customers how to use the handsets;

and carry out intermediate repairs where necessary. The more

challenging repairs will be sent to the designated L3 centers. There

is also a wide range of Enhancements to choose from.

Authorized      Service      Center     (ASC)      Development       &


We identify, qualify, appoint and train authorized L2 centers and L1

collection points to be successful participants in the customer

support activities. We manage the ongoing relationships and

support   them     through     sales    and     marketing    programs,

merchandising programs and incentive programs.


Brightpoint   creates   programs   consistent   with   our   customers'

strategic goals and implements marketing programs. We have a

field support organization that calls on existing Brightpoint L2

partners and continually establishes new relationships with L2 and

L1 collection points. Our support organization is Pan India and

complies to world class quality and turn around time parameters.

Field Training & Support

Brightpoint representatives can conduct on-site or in- house

technical training that's consistent with partner requirements.

Consistent and effective field support programs can be developed

and implemented as needed.

Incentive Programs

We have incentive programs that drive results. We can coordinate

rollout and create motivational communications that maintain high

levels of interest.


Brightpoint is present in:

      America,

      Asia-Pacific, and

      Europe.

In America Brightpoint operates in North America and Columbia.

In Asia-Pacific Region Brightpoint operates in India, Hong Kong,

Singapore, Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand.

In Europe Brightpoint operates in France, Finland, Germany,

Slovakia, Norway, and Sweden.

In India Brightpoint is known as Brightpoint India (BPI). The head

office of BPI is in New Delhi. And BPI is present in all states of

India. Where it is distributor of Nokia CDMA handsets and also

provide service to Nokia handsets.


Located at Alexandra Technopark in Singapore, Nokia's regional

corporate headquarters is a base from which over 650 staff provide

leading-edge technology, product and solutions to the 20 diverse

markets and Nokia offices in the Asia-Pacific region.

Nokia Mobile Phones currently manufactures products out of three

major facilities in Masan, Korea; and Beijing and Dongguan in

China. Nokia has R&D centers in Japan and China, and an industrial

park in Xingwang, Beijing with R&D and manufacturing facilities.

Nokia Networks has technology and training centers in Australia,

Japan and Thailand, as well as six joint ventures in China.

Nokia Research Center, the corporate research unit, has offices in

Japan and China.

Nokia Ventures Organizations' operation in the region includes

Nokia Internet Communications and Nokia Home Communications.

Nokia is a world leader in mobile communications, driving the

growth and sustainability of the broader mobility industry. Nokia

connects people to each other and the information that matters to

them with easy-to-use and innovative products like mobile phones,

devices and solutions for imaging, games, media and businesses.

Nokia provides equipment, solutions and services for network

operators and corporations. Nokia is a broadly held company with

listings on four major exchanges.

Nokia comprises four business groups and two horizontal groups

Effective January 1, 2004, Nokia reorganized its structure in a move

to further align the company's overall structure with its strategy.

The company includes four business groups: mobile phones,

multimedia, enterprise solutions, and Networks.

Nokia also includes two horizontal groups that support the mobile

device business groups: customer and market operations and

technology platforms.

Mobile Phones makes user-friendly mobile devices with many

features for different segments of the global market. Nokia seek to

put consumers first in its product creation process and primarily

target high-volume category sales. Mobile Phones currently offers

mobile phones and devices based on the following global cellular

technologies: WCDMA, GSM/EDGE, CDMA and TDMA.

In voice-centric and mainstream mobile phones, Nokia believe that

design, ease of use and price are our customers' most important

considerations. Increasingly, its product portfolio includes new

features and functionality designed to appeal to the mass market,

such as cameras, Java, MMS and XHTML browsers.

The roots of Nokia go back to the year 1865 with the establishment

of a forest industry enterprise in South-Western Finland by mining

engineer Fredrik Idestam. Elsewhere, the year 1898 witnessed the

foundation of Finnish Rubber Works Ltd, and in 1912 Finnish Cable

Works began operations. Gradually, the ownership of these two

companies and Nokia began to shift into hands of just a few owners.

Finally in 1967 the three companies were merged to form Nokia


At the beginning of the 1980s, Nokia strengthened its position in

the telecommunications and consumer electronics markets through

the acquisitions of Mobira, Salora, Televa and Luxor of Sweden. In

1987, Nokia acquired the consumer electronics operations and part

of the component business of the German Standard Elektrik Lorenz,

as well as the French consumer electronics company Oceanic. In

1987, Nokia also purchased the Swiss cable machinery company


In   the     late    1980s,   Nokia   became   the    largest    Scandinavian

information         technology   company    through    the      acquisition   of

Ericsson's data systems division. In 1989, Nokia conducted a

significant expansion of its cable industry into Continental Europe by

acquiring the Dutch cable company NKF.

Since the beginning of the 1990's, Nokia has concentrated on its

core business, telecommunications, by divesting its information

technology and basic industry operations.

        Welcome to the World of CDMA

          Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)

Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology, pioneered by

QUALCOMM, provides excellent voice capacity and data capability

for mobile and fixed wireless networks. Because of its advantages,

CDMA serves as the foundation for 3G services worldwide.

CDMA works by converting speech into digital information, which is

then transmitted as a radio signal over a wireless network. Using a

unique code to distinguish each different call, CDMA enables many

more people to share the airwaves at the same time — without

static, cross-talk or interference.

Commercially introduced in 1995, CDMA quickly became one of the

world's fastest-growing wireless technologies. In 1999, the

International Telecommunications Union selected CDMA as the basis

for 3G wireless systems. Many leading wireless operators have

commercially launched or are now upgrading to 3G CDMA networks

in order to provide more capacity for voice traffic, along with high-

speed data capabilities.

Today, more than 180 million users worldwide rely on CDMA2000,

WCDMA (UMTS) and cdmaOne for clear, reliable voice

communications and leading-edge data services.

Key Attributes of CDMA:

        Direct sequence spread spectrum

        Universal frequency reuse

        Seamless soft handoff

        Multipath propagation for diversity

        Variable-rate transmission

        Unique forward and reverse links

CDMA does not assign a specific frequency to each user. Instead,

every    channel    uses   the   full        available   spectrum.   Individual

conversations are encoded with a pseudo-random digital sequence.

CDMA consistently provides better capacity for voice and data

communications      than   other     commercial          mobile   technologies,

allowing more subscribers to connect at any given time, and it is the

common platform on which 3G technologies are built.

CDMA is a military technology first used during World War II by

English allies to foil German attempts at jamming transmissions.

The allies decided to transmit over several frequencies, instead of

one, making it difficult for the Germans to pick up the complete

signal. Because Qualcomm created communications chips for CDMA

technology, it was privy to the classified information. Once the

information became public, Qualcomm claimed patents on the

technology and became the first to commercialize it

The CDMA Revolution

The great attraction of CDMA technology from the beginning has

been   the   promise   of   extraordinary     capacity   increase   over

narrowband multiple access wireless technologies. Simple models

suggest that the capacity improvement may be more than 20 times

that of the existing narrowband cellular standards, such as AMPS in

North America, NMT in Scandinavia, TACS in the United Kingdom.

Historically, the capacity was calculated using simple arguments.

Reality, of course, is much more complicated than the idealized

models. Real cell coverage areas are highly irregular, not the neat

hexagons found in textbook models. Offered load is not spatially

uniform, changes dramatically with time-of-day, and is often

subject to other uncontrollable influences.


An idealized multiple access mobile radio system consists of a

family of base stations, or "cells," geographically distributed over

the service area, and mobile stations. We use the term "mobile"

generically to mean any subscriber station, whether it moves or not.

The majority of new cellular sales are now in fact hand held

portable units, and the market outlook is for that trend to continue

for the foreseeable future. Non-traditional uses, such as wireless

data modems in laptops, are also expected to grow dramatically in

the near future.

Spectrum for mobile wireless is normally allocated in frequency

division duplex (FDD) paired bands. Cellular systems are separated

by 45 MHz, PCS bands by 80 MHz. Although there have been some

proposals for the use of time division duplex (TDD), such operation

inherently limits the coverage area, and have not achieved

widespread acceptance.

Communication between base stations and mobile stations is

established by a negotiation upon call origination. Once

communication is established between base and mobile, movement

of the mobile is detected and the service is handed over from one

base station to another. One cell at a time services each mobile in

the narrowband services. The concept of handoff is extended to a

multi-way simultaneous "soft" handoff in the CDMA standards.

When   cellular   radio   was   first   proposed   by   Bell   Telephone

Laboratories, cell subdivision was cited as the method by which the

system would grow in traffic capacity. However the marketplace

success of cellular has outstripped predictions by such a large

margin that subdivision of cells to increase capacity, as a practical

matter , is losing effectiveness. AMPS mobiles have a very limited

ability to reduce transmitter power. High density, small cells also

increase the handover rate, thereby increasing the probability that

any particular call will be dropped. The overhead costs associated

with large numbers of cells, such as real estate, backhauls, and

maintenance, become an ever larger fraction of capital and

operating costs. Zoning boards increasingly resist applications for

new antenna towers that make their jurisdictions resemble oil

drilling fields. An alternative method of capacity enhancement was


The "Magic" of CDMA

CDMA offers an answer to the capacity problem. The key to its high

capacity is the use of noise-like carrier waves, as was first

suggested decades ago by Claude Shannon. Instead of partitioning

either spectrum or time into disjoint "slots" each user is assigned a

different instance of the noise carrier. While those waveforms are

not rigorously orthogonal, they are nearly so. Practical application of

this principle has always used digitally generated pseudo-noise,

rather than true thermal noise. The basic benefits are preserved,

and the transmitters and receivers are simplified because large

portions can be implemented using high density digital devices.

CDMA history:

November 1988

       CDMA cellular concept

November 1989

       CDMA open demonstration conducted in San Diego

February 1990

       NYNEX and QUALCOMM successfully demonstrate CDMA in

       New York City


       QUALCOMM successfully performs large-scale capacity tests in

       San Diego


       US West orders the first CDMA network equipment

       CDMA soft handoff patent granted


       IS-95A standard complete

       U.S. Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) adopts

       CDMA as North American digital standard

       First commercial CDMA market trial

       South Korea adopts CDMA


       Sprint PCS adopts CDMA

       QUALCOMM forms QUALCOMM Personal Electronics (QPE), a

       joint   venture   with   Sony   Electronics   to   develop   and

       manufacture CDMA phones


       CDMA standardized for U.S. PCS

       First commercial launch of cdmaOne (Hutchison Telecom,

       Hong Kong)

       QUALCOMM launches first commercial cdmaOne handset


       cdmaOne is commercially launched in South Korea

       PrimeCo launches cdmaOne in 14 U.S. cities (now Verizon


       CDMA Development Group (CDG) announces more than one

       million cdmaOne subscribers


IS-95B standard completed (including 64 kbps data transmission


       Commercial service available in 100 U.S. cities

       CDMA chosen in Japan

       QUALCOMM unveils the Q Phone

       QPE ships one million CDMA phones


       TIA endorses CDMA2000 to be 3G solution for International

       Telecommunication Union

       LG Telecom launches first CDMA data services

       CDMA2000 submitted to ITU as part of the IMT-2000 process

       for global 3G standards

       More than 12.5 million cdmaOne subscribers in 30 countries

       First 1xEV-DO demonstration


       QUALCOMM and Ericsson reach agreement to support single

       3G CDMA standard; QUALCOMM sells wireless infrastructure

       division to Ericsson

       China Unicom joins CDG and announces plans for commercial


       83 CDMA operators in 35 countries

       CDG announces CDMA is fastest growing mobile technology

       with nearly 42 million subscribers

       QUALCOMM introduces the Thin Phone and the pdQ phone

       QUALCOMM exceeds 14 million CDMA phones shipped since

       production began


       Japan's IDO and DDI start nationwide 64 kbps CDMA packet

       data service

       DDI announces they will use CDMA2000 for 3G wireless


       IUSACELL becomes first Latin American operator to offer

       wireless Internet services

       QUALCOMM,      Samsung        and   Sprint   PCS    make      first   3G

       CDMA2000 voice call

       Lucent and QUALCOMM complete the first 153 kbps 3G

       CDMA2000 data call

       QUALCOMM       and   Sprint    commence      U.S.    trials    for    3G

       CDMA2000 solution

       SK Telecom launches world's first 3G CDMA2000 commercial


       QUALCOMM sells CDMA handset business to Kyocera Wireless



       More than 100 million CDMA subscribers globally

       More than 22 million cdmaOne Internet and data users

       CDMA2000 surpasses three million subscribers

       QUALCOMM ships cumulative total of more than 500 million


       QCT and Nortel Networks conduct industry's first mobile IP

       call QCT, SchlumbergerSema and Samsung demonstrate

       CDMA/GSM roaming using R-UIM-enabled CDMA handsets

       QUALCOMM introduces BREW system

       KDDI announces successful completion of CDMA2000 1xEV-

       DO trial with QUALCOMM, Hitachi, Sony and Kyocera

       Telesp Cellular in Brazil is first Latin American operator to

       deploy 3G CDMA2000

       Romania launches commercial CDMA2000 services

       First commercial gpsOne deployment by SECOM in Japan


       3G CDMA subscribers surpass 27 million

       QUALCOMM's CMX multimedia software debuts in U.S. as

       Sprint launches CMX with 'Sprint PCS Ringers & More' service

       China Unicom launches nationwide cdmaOne network in China

       SK Telecom launches CDMA2000 1xEV-DO in South Korea

       QUALCOMM ships cumulative total of more than 725 million

       chips More than five million gpsOne subscribers

       14   countries    launch      commercial        CDMA2000         services

       (Australia, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, India, Israel,

       Japan, Moldova, New Zealand, Panama, Russia, United States

       and Venezuela) Monet Mobile launches first CDMA2000 1xEV-

       DO commercial network in the United States

       BREW subscribers top 2.5 million


       3G CDMA subscribers surpass 73 million

       18   countries    launch      commercial        CDMA2000         services

       (Argentina,    Belarus,     Bermuda,      Brazil,    Canada,        China,

       Dominican     Republic,    Guatemala,         Indonesia,     Kazakhstan,

       Mexico,   Nicaragua,      Nigeria,    Peru,    Puerto    Rico,   Taiwan,

       Thailand, Vietnam) BREW subscribers top 16 million

       19   more     operators    deploy     commercial        BREW     services

       worldwide     MSM7xxx       chipset    solution     series    for    high-

       performance multimedia wireless devices is released

       MSM6250 chipset solution for WCDMA (UMTS), GSM and

       GPRS is released QUALCOMM's WCDMA solutions selected by

13   infrastructure   vendors   and   13   leading      device

manufacturers More than 25 million gpsOne subscribers

Verizon Wireless launches CDMA2000 1xEV-DO in the United

States KDDI launches CDMA2000 1xEV-DO in Japan

Types of CDMA handsets:

CDMA handsets are needed to be programmed, and there are three

service providers for Nokia handsets, which are: Reliance, Tata, and

MTNL. In these three Reliance and Tata are the prominent player.

The handsets are divided on the basis of the programming done to

it. Handsets are given to the service providers and they program it.

And put a hologram to it.

So, the types of Nokia CDMA handsets are:

   1. Reliance Enabled and,

   2. Tata Enabled.

Reliance being the early player in this field holds good ground and is

available on all models of Nokia CDMA handsets. Tata on the other

hand has only four models of Nokia CDMA handsets, which are:

2112, 3105, 6225, and 6585.


Introduction Of Topic


Today in the age of information, mobiles have become essential for

an individual. Mobiles are becoming necessary thing. And there is a

huge competition between mobile companies to step ahead.

Nokia, is an leading company in this field. Although in India, mobile

came only a decade back. But it has developed manifold. Today

India is a huge market for mobiles, and several companies are in

the market.

In India the main competitors of Nokia are LG, Samsung, Sony

Ericsson and Motorola.

Companies are looking for new technologies and strategies to gain

market share. Starting from device to customer satisfaction.

In doing so, in India, Nokia has two different distributors for its GSM

and CDMA sections.

BPI, National Distributor for Nokia CDMA sets is present in each

state of India. In UTTAR PRADESH, one of the large states of India,

The main office for SAHARANPUR is at Nehru market. The Sales

Channel is run by Mr.ADITYA JINDAL. BPI saharanpur office is one

of the best performer for BPI. The sales volume for Saharanpur

office is impressive. BPI saharanpur main retail distributor is SAI

Appliances. And with the impressive sales force of SAI Appliances,

BPI SAHARANPUR has been great performer in the terms of sales


In India, CDMA is in its early stage, GSM being older has captured

around 70% market share. And CDMA is playing with rest. CDMA is

gaining market slowly and the forecast can be done that it will give

a good fight to GSM. In Nokia, GSM has around 30 models, and in

CDMA section it has only 8 models. By increasing the models and

enhancing their features, it sure that in coming future CDMA will

give good fight to GSM.

                CDMA vs. GSM



                   GSM    CDMA

My objective during training period was to see the availability of

Nokia CDMA handsets in retail outlets, and promote the sales, that

is Retail Penetration.

BPI, National Distributor for Nokia CDMA sets is divided into two

zone Nehru market and rest of the saharanpur. In uttar pradesh,

one of the large states of India, The sales volume for saharanpur

office is impressive. , BPI saharanpur has been great performer in

the terms of sales volume.


The topic assigned to me by Mr. Suresh vaze (ASE), was Retail

Penetration of Nokia handsets in saharanpur city. Retail Penetration

involves checking the availability, and promoting the sales.

Nokia provides two kinds of handsets, which are, GSM and CDMA.

BPI in sales deals only with Nokia CDMA. The handsets of Nokia are

very popular in Indian market and in customers. The reason behind

this is that, that they are reliable, have attraction features and are

user friendly and businessman are using CDMA mobile because of

R-WORLD. R-WORLD facility is available only on CDMA mobile.

      My suggested areas were:







NEHRU MARKET is in saharanpur. This is a middle class people area.

Maximum retailer are selling GSM handsets because     the price of

CDMA NOKIA handset is high than GSM NOKIA .The ratio of GSM &

CDMA is 80:20. The movement of CDMA is slow due to price. The

retailor want more and more schemes at the rate of low price.


This is also a middle class people area. Maximum retailer are

selling GSM handsets because the price of CDMA NOKIA handset is

high than GSM NOKIA .The ratio of GSM & CDMA is 70:30. The

movement of CDMA is slow due to price. The retailer wants more

and more schemes at the rate of low price.

Leading model in this area is 6225.


This is a HIGH class people area. Maximum retailer are selling GSM

handsets because the price of CDMA NOKIA handset is high than

GSM NOKIA .The ratio of GSM & CDMA is 60:40. The movement of

CDMA is growing due to special features for businessman. The

retailer want more and more schemes at the rate of low price. The

retailer want more and more facilities and schemes for users.


Court road is a corporate area. Maximum retailer is selling GSM

handsets because the price of CDMA NOKIA handset is high than

GSM NOKIA .The ratio of GSM & CDMA is 60:40. The movement of

CDMA is growing due to facilities for businessman. The retailer

wants more and more schemes at the rate of low price. Leading

model in this area is 6225,6255(new).


PEETH BAZAR’S Maximum retailer is selling GSM handsets because

the price of CDMA NOKIA handset is high than GSM NOKIA .The

ratio of GSM & CDMA is 70:30. The movement of CDMA is growing

due to facilities for businessman. The retailer wants more and more

schemes at the rate of low price. Leading model in this area is

6225,6255(new), 2112.

       Research Methodology

Research Methodology:

   Research Design

   The design in this study is rigid and not flexible. A researcher

   must pay attention towards collection of data and its relevance.

   While conducting descriptive research following points should be

   kept in mind:

      1. Statement of Objectives.

      2. Method of Data Collection.

      3. Method of Analysis of Data.

      4. Reporting of Finding.

Descriptive Research

             Descriptive studies, as the name implies, are designed to

described something, for example, the characteristics of users of a

given product, the degree to which product is related with income,

use, age, sex or other characteristics or the number who saw a

specific television commercial. A majority of marketing studies are

this type.

Statistical Method

  The statistical method is the most widely used method in

  marketing research and is method usually implied when a

  “survey” is referred to. The name comes from the statistical

  techniques that are used in analyzing the data collected

  techniques that are very from simple means and percentage to

  very   sophisticated   techniques   that   require   computers   to

  manipulate the data. Survey method, telephonic interview and

  observations are used in widely.

  Data Collection Method:

  A questionnaire were prepared for visited customer, and on the

  basis of telephonic interview data was collected.

  Research Place

  Place of research was saharanpur City, and its surrounding

  areas. Since saharanpur city itself has very wide area and huge

  market, so it was it was a good experience to do the research.

Analysis of Questionnaire

   1. Do you have Nokia CDMA handsets at your outlet?

Graphical Analysis of Data:

                   Market Share



Yes was the response of almost 80% retail outlets.        Almost   all

retail outlets had have Nokia CDMA handsets. Few MBOs didn’t have

had Nokia handsets. Such as in Herra Panna dept., Nehru market.

MBOs like this were also interested in keeping Nokia in coming


The share of Nokia in retail outlets are like:


Others(Samsung, LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Gem): 20%

2. Are you aware about all models of Nokia CDMA handsets?

Graphical Analysis of Data:

              Awareness of Retailers

                   Aware    Unaware


The response from retailers of this question was very much

welcoming, almost all retailers were aware of the Nokia CDMA


They were knowing the basic models like 2112, 3105, 3125,

6225, 6585.

When 6255 was the market was eagerly waiting for it. The

Retailers were aware about this newly launched models and the

demand was already there.

3.      Do you know the features of the Nokia handsets?

  Graphical Analysis of Data:

                       Feature Awareness



          In response to this question, I found that the retailers

were up-to-date with the features of Nokia CDMA handsets. They

were very advance in terms of technology. They have all kind of

information related to the handset.

I found that around 90% retailers only know all the features of


  4.        Do you know the prices of handsets?


            In response to this question I found that WW, WWE were


But, I found that there was pricing problem. Due to the retailers

rivalry the prices were differing in saharanpur itself. So, the

retailers were had complain regarding this.

The retailer were asking for the current price list, and also support

from BPI.

The price of the Nokia CDMA handsets are volatile in nature, so few

retailers found that they sometimes sell on low margins.

   5.         Which Nokia handset is in highly in demand?

  Graphical Analysis of Data:

                  Market Share

       OTHERS         2112             2112
         20%          20%              6225
       3105                            6585
       10%            6225             3105
        6585          40%              OTHERS


          Nokia’s few models are high in demand, they are

performing marvelously. Models like, 2112, 6585, 6225, 6255,

3105. These are the prominent models which are leading the

market. The highest sale was of 6225. Model 6225 has good market

share there in saharanpur. It was the leading model.

These models are providing good business. They are user friendly

and have modern technologies.

Model like 6255, is the only mobile in CDMA range, which have

Bluetooth, infrared, camera, speaker and many more features in


The demand of any particular model depends on the area where the

retail outlet is located. Like in saharanpur the demand for high

range models like 6225, 6585 are good.

  6.        Do you know the schemes offered by Nokia?

  Graphical Analysis of Data:

                         Scheme Awareness



                    Most of the retailers were aware of the

  schemes offered. The schemes offered were like Recharge

  coupons with handsets. With Reliance enabled handsets one RCV

  and with Tata enabled handsets two RCV was offered. Sometime

  special price reduction schemes were also offered.

7.       Are you satisfied with the distributor?

Graphical Analysis Of Data:



                          YES      NO


           Most of the retailers were with the distributor.

During my early days of training period, I worked with few sales

persons of my distributor. And I found that they have good

knowledge of market and they effectively utilize push strategy of


There is total three distributors. I was used to go with the sales

person. And they helped me in getting total knowledge of

saharanpur market.

8.         Does the distributor provide you enough information?

     Graphical Analysis of Data:

              Information By Distributors



         Yes, was the response from the maximum retailers.

     According to the retailers the distributor person were very

     cooperative. Most of them were satisfied with the distributor.

9. In how many days, yours complaints are resolved, if any?

  Graphical Analysis of Data:

             Complaint Resolving Period

                    0%                     Same Day
     Within A                Same
      Week                    Day          Within A Week
      50%                    50%           Never


          The response from retailers was bad, most of their

complaints were get resolved getting resolved in the week


They had to wait much to get things resolved.

They were unhappy with the response from BPI. Most of the

complain were taking a week.

There was demand for demo models, but it was resolved quickly.

The retailers had not have big complaint related to Mobiles, its

distribution, or schemes.

10.     Do you have any suggestions to increase your sale?


        The retailers were very co-operative, and they provided

   enough feedback, to increase the sales of Nokia CDMA

   handsets. The suggestions provided by them related to

   increase their sales are:

   They were asking to advertise aggressively about the models.

   They   asked      to   attach   with   some   brand   ambassadors.

   Sometime they asked to come with more models, like in GSM.

   And with lower price range models.

During my visit to MBOs, WWs, WWEs and NPDs I explained them

about Nokia product and its price. In what price they will get. I

explained them all the features of Nokia handsets in which they

were interested.

Field Report:

During my early days of the training I found that Nokia CDMA

handsets are present on most of the retail outlets. We divide the

shops on the basis of its nature of mobile selling. There are:

      Exclusive Retailers,

      MBO (Multi Brand Outlets), and

      Nokia Priority Dealers (NPD).

Exclusive Retailers are those who are licensees of the service

provider companies. For example, Reliance’s Web World and Tata’s

True Value Shops.

MBO are those shops which keeps all kind of handsets and of all

companies in mobile field.

And NPD are the exclusive showrooms for Nokia. They keep all kind

of Nokia phones.

       While moving in Mumbai market I found that all (almost

98%) Exclusive Retailers, MBOs and NPDs had have Nokia CDMA


Later I had to see what kind of Nokia CDMA handsets whether

Reliance compatible or Tata compatible were present. And I found

that Reliance enabled handsets were dominating the market. In fact

Reliance has full control over the market.



During my visit to MBO, NPD, WW and WWE, I found that the

owners were happy with the performance of Nokia in the market.

They were asking for more range of mobile handsets, like in GSM.

The number of models in CDMA are limited so, the choice is also

limited. If NOKIA has have to increase its base then it is needed to

come with more handsets with advance technology.

We are needed to target Tata market also, it is generating very low


Reason behind good sale of Nokia handsets are:

       High quality,

       User friendly,

       Good reputation.

There are mainly two players in CDMA market, which are Reliance

and Tata.

Reliance being an early player has captured good quantity of


              Market Holding


Market holding by the service providers for Nokia CDMA handsets.



The main things needed to do to increase the sell of Nokia


  1. Provide training to the sales person about Nokia, its features

     and the benefits.

We are needed to do promotional activities, to increase the

awareness. Like placing advertisements in leading newspapers,

placing hoardings.

  2. The price sensitivity is very high. Prices are needed to be

     brought equivalent to GSM handsets. So we are needed to

     give some thought about it.

  3. We are needed to inform motivate potential users through

     advertisements. We are needed to increase quality customers.

     Means building high class customers, because one satisfied

     customer will bring five new customers.



Nokia although being a leading player in the field of mobiles, is

performing marvelously in terms of sales in saharanpur.

I during this period of market visits and surveys found that the

Nokia sets are available at every retail outlets. And there selling is


In saharanpur city, the retailers are doing good in selling Nokia

phones, especially the WW. The selling from different WW visited

are good. They are holding quality customers. So the customers

who want a quality product is ready to pay for that.

CDMA is gaining ground slowly, and we are needed to capitalize it.

Later, while moving in different areas of saharanpur market, I found

that customers are asking for 6225 more than 2112. Which is high

in terms of sales in other regions of India.

To increase the sales of Nokia CDMA set we are needed to put

money in advertisement and promotional activities.

The quality of customer of CDMA is improving day by day, as CDMA

came very late in comparison to GSM, it is increasing its base.

The questions asked by me while moving in market are attached in

annexure 1.




A. Books:

     Research Methodology

                 -C. S. Kothari.

     Marketing Management

                 - Philip Kotler.

      B. Magazines:

     Business Today

C. Websites:





D. Earlier Research Papers.

Annexure 2



Retail Outlet Name: ___________________________________

Customer Name: _____________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________


1.           Do you have Nokia CDMA handsets at your outlet?

        a)       YES                            b)        NO

2.           Are you aware about all models of Nokia CDMA


        a)       YES                            b)        NO

                            c) CAN’T SAY

3.      Do you know the features of the Nokia handsets?

        a)       YES                            b)        NO

                            c) CAN’T SAY

4.      Do you know the prices of handsets?

        a)       YES                            b)        NO

                            c)    CAN’T SAY

5.      Which Nokia handset is in highly in demand?

      a) 2112

      b) 3105

      c) 3125

      d) 3205

      e) 6012

      f) 6225

      g) 6585

      h) 6255

6.      Do you know the schemes offered by Nokia?

         a)         YES                           b)       NO

                             c)    CAN’T SAY

7.      Are you satisfied with the distributor?

         a)         YES                           b)       NO

                             c)    CAN’T SAY

8.      Does the distributor provides you enough information?

         a)         YES                           b)       NO

                             c)    CAN’T SAY

9.                  In how many days, yours complaints are

resolved, if any?

       a)          Within a day      b) Within a week

       c) Never.

10.   Do you have any suggestions to increase your sale?


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