22 April 2012 - Kaitāia Ward Relief Society newsletter by siasnan


									                                      Kaitāia Ward Relief Society Newsletter
                                                   22 April 2012
                                                            Tēnā hoki koutou e ngā Tuahine ataahua (greetings once again
                                                            beautiful Sisters).

                                                            Our lesson this Sunday 22nd April 2012 is taken from the November
                                                            2011 General Conference Ensign: “Doing the Right Thing at the Right
                                                            Time, without Delay” by Elder José L. Alonso of The Seventy. You can
                                                            read it online at:

                                                           Next Sunday 29th April is a fifth Sunday. So, unless we are otherwise
Members of the Kaitāia Ward Relief Society at Time         advised, we can expect to be part of a combined Priesthood and
  Out for Women, Aotea Centre Auckland, 2011               Relief Society lesson.

 Watch Over, and Strengthen. Please remember to focus on serving the individual sister and their family as
    they progress towards temple worthiness/ attendance.
 Sister Sheryl Sanders is available every Sunday to receive your reports on each sister and their family.
 Report any confidential, sensitive or urgent matters directly to Sister Anahera Graves (Ward Relief Society
    President) on 4081308 (home), 4083013 (work) 0276960930 (cell) or nkceo@xtra.co.nz

Following our Ward Conference next Sunday, we will enjoy a shared lunch with our Stake Visitors and our Ward
Family. We invite each whānau (family) to bring a plate of finger food.

 Monday 23 April: Seminary and school start for Term 2.
 Wednesday 25 April: ANZAC Day (no school or seminary).
 Saturday 28 April: Kaikohe Stake Relief Society activity at Kaikohe Stake Centre, 10am - 2pm. Theme: "My
   Daughter, an Elect Lady." The activity will take the form of workshops followed by lunch. Please let us know if
   you are going so we can organise car pools where possible.
 Saturday 28 April: Stake YSA Activity – trip to Cape Reinga (contact Jon Brian Smith 09 4011267).
 Sunday 29 April: Kaitāia Ward Conference, 10am – 11am.
 Sunday 29 April: Stake YSA Cottage Evening, 6pm – 7pm (contact Jon Brian Smith).
 Friday 04 May: Stake YSA Activity – Laughing with Samoans at Kerikeri, 7pm – 9pm (contact Jon Brian Smith).
 Sunday 13 May: Mothers’ Day.
 Saturday 19 May: Kaikohe Stake Conference: Priesthood session 4pm – 6pm; evening session 6.30pm –
 Sunday 20 May: Kaikohe Stake Conference: 10am – 12pm.

Sisters, in your busy lives, don’t forget to make time each day for yourself and the Lord to counsel together; it’s
called personal scripture study, pondering and praying . It’s magic! Tino arohanui ki a tātou katoa – much love to
us all.

Kaikohe, New Zealand, Stake Relief Society 2012 Theme: My Daughter, An Elect Lady
                                                      Kaitāia Ward Relief Society 2012 Theme: Ye Are The Temple Of God

CHURCH POLICY ON OVERNIGHT ACTIVITIES – HANDBOOK 2: 13.6.13: Parental Permission: Parents or guardians should be informed and give consent
when youth participate in a Church activity. Written consent is necessary if an activity involves travel outside the local area (as determined by local
leaders) or staying overnight. Leaders may also request written consent for other activities when they feel it is appropriate. Parents and guardians
give this consent by signing the Parental or Guardian Permission and Medical Release form. The person who leads the activity should have a signed
form for each participant for each activity that requires written consent.

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