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									T0043 Sales Planner Certification Course

   For Hardlines Team Leads and Executive Team Leaders

         Prepared by: Jonathan Harvey 10/28/10
Table of Contents

Course Purpose..................................................................................................3

Course Parameters.............................................................................................4

Trainer Notes......................................................................................................5

Course Outline....................................................................................................6

Trainer Resources...............................................................................................7
         Required Training........................................................................................................8

         Handy Dandy Cheat Sheet..........................................................................................10

         Sales Planner Assessment............................................................................................16

         Sales Planner Best Practice*.........................................................................................20

T0043 Sales Planner Certification                                                                                               Page 2
Course Purpose
       Sales Planner Certification Course

The goal and purpose of this course is to enable new team members to be fully
independent when setting sales planners. Team members will gain advanced
understanding of Target best practices, online resources, and demonstrate
successfully the process for setting a sales planner.

This brief four hour course will enable team members to set and complete sales
planners on a regular basis independent from outside assistance. Each team
member will observe a sales planner from start to finish and have the opportunity
to set one of their own during the training. This session will address tips and ideas
for how to manage sales planners during the busy workday and still meet
expected goals for the rest of the department. Included as a resource is a step-by-
step handout to allow immediate implementation of training.

Upon completion of this training course, team members will be able to set and
maintain sales planners, plan for future set dates, and locate all relative fixtures
and signing.

T0043 Sales Planner Certification                                               Page 3
Course Parameters
Course Title                    T0043 Sales Planner Certification
Course Length                   3 hours
Course Objectives               Upon completion of this course team members will:
                                • Describe the process and reason for sales planners
                                 Understand how to find, access, and utilize online
                                resources for sales planners
                                • Give a brief summary of how to read a sales planner
                                • Complete one entire sales planner-
                                     o Locate, and print a copy of a sales planner
                                     o Tie the sales planner
                                     o Drop a POG fill
                                     o Print the sales planner labels
                                     o Locate and collect fixtures and sign supplies
                                     o Set the sales planner
                                     o Fill the sales planner
                                     o Complete the sales planner assessment form
                                     o Backstock appropriately
Target Audience                 Target Team Members: Hardlines
Prerequisites                   Trainee: Understanding of the Target PDA functions RF
                                Apps and item search, basic Workbench login information
                                Instructor: Certified Trainer, Complete knowledge of
                                Online Planogram and Store Applications, Advanced PDA
                                knowledge, sales floor experience.
Room Arrangements               none, as this takes place throughout the store in several
Materials/Equipment             At least one sales planner for each team member plus one
                                for demonstration, cheat-sheet, assessment form, and
                                training guidelines handouts for each team member, one
                                PDA for each team member (or one for two if supplies are
                                limited), access to at least one target workstation.
Evaluation/Assignment           Peer use of the sales planner assessment form, instructor
                                critique of assigned sales planners.
Trainer                         Jonathan Harvey is a Senior Team Leader for T0043
                                Hardlines department. He has worked for Target for 2 years
                                as a Team Leader in 3 separate departments, including the
                                front end and a Pfresh remodel team. Jonathan is trained
                                for presentation team and has incorporated that training
                                into the sales planner routines.

T0043 Sales Planner Certification                                                       Page 4
Notes and Advice to Team Trainers

The following items will be needed to successfully train team members:

   1. A PDA or LPDA
   2. Access to a Target workstation that has access to:
         a. Workbench
         b. Store Applications (with label menu)
   3. The handy dandy Captain's Cheat sheet
   4. Hardlines Training Requirements
   5. Sales Planner Assessment forms
   6. Sales Planners (minimum 1 per team member + trainer)

Please collect both the online Planogram and hard copy versions of each sales
planner before starting so the trainees can see the differences. Each handout kit
for team members should contain the three handouts listed above, as well as a
copy of the Sales Plan Best Practices (2010). Please ensure that all fixtures listed
for the sales planners are present and that all signing has arrived and is accessible
for each sales planner before training begins. Lastly, for your example sales
planners please tie and drop the fills before the training starts so that the pull is
complete by the time you are demonstrating and the trainees are trying to set

T0043 Sales Planner Certification                                                Page 5
Course Outline

Adjust times as necessary for daily store needs

Time            Objectives                                         Activities/ Methods           Materials
6:00 AM         Welcome and introductions, hand out all                                          Handouts, PDAs
                materials at this time, initial review
15 Mins                                                            Lecture/ Reading
                (Q1)-Trainer introduces the Sales Planner's
                function and purpose and how it drives
                profitable sales™
                Lead a discussion on the importance of end

15 Mins
                First Activity: round robin introductions of all
                team members, announcement of hardlines
                block Captain assignments and positions.
                Ask for end cap analysis from each block

6:30 AM

1 Hour 15       (Q1)-Walk Through the Order of Work in the         Reading/ Lecture, Analyze     PDA for walk through,
                cheat sheet, compare with Best Practices.          each facet of Sales Planner   handouts. Pens for notes.
                For each section of work, cover the detailed       setup.
                section on the cheat sheet.
                NOTE: this section is best done during early
                morning returns or zoning, so payroll is not
15 Min          First 15 of the day, meet back in Fixture          N/A
                room for behavioral model demonstration.

8:00 AM         (Q2)-Activity 3: Setting a demonstration           Behavior Modeling- Example    PDA for computer needs,
                sales planner. Walk the trainee through the        situation                     label printer, sales planner
1 Hour          physical steps while doing it yourself.                                          and assessment, fixtures and
                Complete all the objectives in the checklist,                                    signs.
                including the assessment form.

1 Hour          (Q3 &4)- Activity 4: Each trainee will set         Behavior Modeling- Practice   PDA for each team member,
                their own sales planner from start to finish.      situation                     label printer, sales planners,
                Upon completion, each trainee should                                             fixtures, signage, and
                complete someone else's assessment form                                          assessment forms.
                and "coach" any mistakes to learn
                themselves. When the trainees are
                confident they are done, the trainer will
                NOTE: the trainer can usually set 1-2 sales
                planners of their own during this time.

T0043 Sales Planner Certification                                                                                       Page 6
Team Trainer Resources
Additional Copies of all Resources can be found in TMSC or on workbench,
however beginning on the next page all of the required handouts are listed in this
document as a reference for team trainers. These are not a substitute for the
trainee handouts, they are to be used in addition. Sales Planner specific sections
are in bold.


   1.   Hardlines Training Requirements
   2.   Handy Dandy Cheat Sheet
   3.   Sales Planner Assessment Form
   4.   Target Setting and Maintaining Sales Plans Best Practice™*

T0043 Sales Planner Certification                                            Page 7
                                      Hardlines Required Training:

Skills needed by all TM’s (closers, captains, and team leads):

    1. PTM best practices
           a. Finding and using TWT and MPG report to know the correct PTM dates
                     i. Check weekly (MPG)
                    ii. Check daily (TWT)
           b. Sorting and resetting clearance
                     i. Clearance labels/ ticketing
                    ii. Moving to consolidate or to end caps as needed
                   iii. Headers on end caps
                   iv. 7x11 signs everywhere
           c. Flexing and purging from the backroom
                     i. Fill every space
                    ii. Change pegs and fixtures as needed
                   iii. Print new flex labels for everything changed
                   iv. MPG red label located correctly
                    v. EXF to fill as needed
    2. Cross training needed:
           a. Cashier-
                     i. Complete cashier training
                    ii. Know when to cover
           b. Softlines- Closers only
                     i. Know folding best practices
                    ii. Shoes best practices
                   iii. Zoning order and best practice
                   iv. Operator basic break coverage training
           c. Pharmacy
                     i. HIPAA training to backup cashier
           d. Electronics
                     i. Know basics of locations for merchandise
                    ii. Know key control best practices
                   iii. Know phone line and call button usage
    3. Zoning:
           a. Team Zoning Best practices
                     i. Zoning cart to clean and repair/ resign
                    ii. Label printing
                   iii. 2 to a valley, 1 returns (or as LOD directs)
                   iv. Follow the outlined pathing
                    v. Use the midday to deep zone( clean, labels, zone to POG, remove Backstock,
                        etc) in the specified area.
           b. Mid-day is for a single, thorough deep zone for the next day’s in stocks
    4. Returns/ foreign
           a. At night the returns TM collects all foreign in the current block, works/sorts it out, then
               works all the service desk returns for the block, follows the team’s zone
           b. Mid-day returns blitz is at 2pm…everyone participates until all foreign is worked out.

T0043 Sales Planner Certification                                                                 Page 8
Skills needed by Captains and Team Leads:

   1. Sales planners
           a. Know how to find the physical copy and when they arrive
           b. Know how to use OLP and when to check for new drops
           c. Know how to tie SLPs
           d. Know how to print correct labels (regulars and price change)
   2. Backroom
           a. know how to Backstock and pull
           b. be certified by ETL-LOG or backroom TL
           c. know trash, sign and label room, and backroom best practices
           d. be bailer, wave, and crown certified (TL only, captain optional)
General Know How Checklist:

    Locate the fixture room/ sign & label room
    locate the POG area for sales planner and supplies
    Locate the bailer
    Locate the compactor
    locate the price change area
    Locate the pharmacy
    be cashier trained
    be HIPAA trained
    Be cross trained in softlines
    Know how to cover electronics breaks
    (optional) Be cart attendant trained
Development extras list: (for aspiring captains and team leads)

       develop a mentor/ mentee relationship
       compile 6 full months of brand/business walk forms COMPLETED
       become a team trainer
       cross train in a new area
       Captain the mid-day and closing zones regularly
       recognize others for great team, guest, and safety behavior often
       pick 1 opportunity and develop an action plan to improve.

T0043 Sales Planner Certification                                                Page 9
                            The Handy Dandy Captain's Cheat Sheet

POG Information( for sales planners and PTM):

   1. Locating your sales planners
         a. on an in-store computer, select the desktop icon, "workbench intranet"
         b. log in with your team member number and password, if you do not have a
             password, there is a generic one, ask HR for instructions
         c. on the workbench quick links (top left corner) select ONLINE PLANOGRAM
         d. use the scroll menu to locate your department number(s), look for the "SP-" to
             denote a sales planner pog
         e. select a department, and then select a pog by checking a box (on the left)
         f. choose the option "print Planogram" from the bottom drop down menu
         g. choose the option "standard" when prompted
         h. click the print button (top right)
         i. repeat as needed for all your sales planners.

   2. Sales planner dates and important things like that
          a. Sales planners are "due" that is, must be tied, by the week listed in the
              description. for example, if a sales planner says 10/17, it must be tied by the end
              of the week 10/17-10/23. The date will always be the Sunday of the week.
          b. Sales planner CAN be set early, just watch for the fill % (i.e. if it is lower than 75
              %, please do not set), and what header it needs.
          c. Use online Planogram to check if all your new sales planners are tied. Any pog
              can be untied AFTER the week it is due. So on 10/24, you can feel free to rotate
              that old 10/17 pog out.
          d. HOWEVER, many pogs are good for several weeks, so use your best judgment
              and try to only swap out the weekly ad rotation end caps (the a400's ones at the
              bottom of the list)
          e. A quick word on sales planner signing:
                   i. LOW PRICE PROMISE- the generic header, use this ONLY if it is not SALE,
                      TPC, PC, SP, or ISM. The LPP headed end cap does NOT need a 7x11 sign.
                      TRY TO AVOID LPP IF POSSIBLE.
                          1. Sale- on sale, red sign, use large for multiple prices, small for
                             single price, needs a 7x11 sign
                          2. TPC- temporary price cut, yellow, use large for multiple prices,
                             small for single price, needs a 7x11 sign
                          3. PC- price cut, yellow, use large for multiple prices, small for single
                             price, needs a 7x11 sign
                          4. SP- Special purchase- use for weekly wow, free gift card, and
                             special purchase signs. Use large for multiple prices, small for
                             single price, needs a 7x11 sign

T0043 Sales Planner Certification                                                          Page 10
                          5. ISM- specialty signing, can be backer paper, boxes, displays,
                             headers, etc. These are important to have out and make for great
                             front end caps!

   3. Tying the Planogram
          a. Log in to RF apps using your Team member number
          b. Choose option 6- Planogram (Hit 6 then enter)
          c. choose option 1- Sales Floor Tie (hit 1 then enter)
          d. enter the aisle number, for example B 24 would be entered b24, then enter
          e. enter the POG number, ex A-204-DY1 would be entered a204dy1, then enter
          f. choose M-ake Tie by typing M then enter
          g. tie to the correct section as noted in the circle on your POG, ex B24(1), would be
              1., End caps are ALWAYS (0).
          h. select standard or reverse, remember that from the main aisle, the right hand
              side is always reverse, it will also be noted on the POG. End caps are ALWAYS

   4. Untie the previous POG (if not automatically prompted)
         a. scan a piece of merchandise for the new POG in the NOP function, write down
             the POG number it gives you that is not tied to your new POG, the Return to the
             main menu
         b. Choose option 6- Planogram (Hit 6 then enter)
         c. choose option 1- Sales Floor Tie (hit 1 then enter)
         d. enter the aisle number, for example B 24 would be entered b24, then enter
         e. enter the POG number, ex A-204-DY1 would be entered a204dy1, then enter
         f. choose option B-reak Tie
         g. your tie is now deleted, and you can submit the replenishment

   5. New POG fill
        a. Log into RF Apps using your team member number
        b. choose option 2- replenishment
        c. choose option 1/2 (depends on the PDA) - POG fill
        d. choose option 2- NEW POG FILL
        e. enter the POG number, ex a204dy1
        f. if New POG fill does not work, choose option POG FILL
                i. then choose ALL Items
        g. enter batch name, i.e. B24(1) is batch b241

   6. Printing labels from the main printer
          a. In the sign and label room use the computer at the first desk to the left
          b. Choose the program "Store applications" on the desktop
          c. log in with the username and password TGT01
          d. choose the option "Label Menu"
          e. hit F9, type in your POG number, then hit F9 again.

T0043 Sales Planner Certification                                                        Page 11
          f. hit F7, then F2
          g. verify you have the correct paper in the bottom tray, then hit F2 to start printing
          h. when printing stops, hit F2, and change paper if needed, SHORT and SMALL
              paper can be found under the desk, REGULAR paper is above.
          i. when finished, choose the option "I am done printing labels"
   7. Printing signs!! ( 3"x5" and 7"x11")
          a. in RF apps, login with your team member number, then enter.
          b. choose option 4- signing, then enter
          c. choose 1- request, then enter a batch name
          d. choose the size you need (7x11, 3x5, 3x2, etc)
          e. choose item or multi item as needed (item for single priced end caps, multi for
              many prices, up to 6)
          f. select C-ontinue when prompted for the date
          g. scan the item(s)
          h. select either the correct HQ sign (TPC if TPC, sale for sale, etc) by choosing the
              correct number 1,2,3, etc.
          i. if there is no HQ sign, or you want your own generic one, choose the number for
              the store sign
          j. enter the quantity you need, then C for continue
          k. go to the sign and label computer
          l. Choose the program "Store applications" on the desktop
          m. log in with the username and password TGT01
          n. choose the option "in store signing"
          o. this will open a new menu, when it does, choose "print store created batch"
          p. find your batch name on the list, and click print
          q. put the appropriate paper in the TOP tray of the printer (all paper located above
              and below the computer desk)
          r. print and exit out.
          s. turn around and get a plastic 7x11 holder and the correct 7x11 sign (TPC, sale,
              etc), and put your new sign, the value sign, and the holder all together
          t. Ta DA! now you can put your sign on the end cap shelf!

      1. Tie the pog
      2. untie the old pog
      3. put in the new pog fill
      4. check the bill of materials and the existing location for any fixtures, shelves, and
          headers/ paper needed, get more if needed.
      5. strip down old pog
      6. clean old end cap!!!!!
      7. set backer paper and headers
      8. set shelving and fixtures
      9. put in label strips and peg labels
      10. move merchandise into new locations using NOP

T0043 Sales Planner Certification                                                        Page 12
       11. fill out pog assessment form, turn in to your TL's box in the team lead office.

PTM basics:
   1. Identifying PTM Aisles
          a. On the Online Planogram workbench menu, choose reports-->MPG
          b. choose the current week to see what has just become PTM, please add to your
              existing list and budget time accordingly.
          c. PTM basics for success: NO HOLES, flexed labels, 7x11 clearance signs (if
              needed), all clearance organized at the BACK of the aisle or on end caps, all
              merchandise purged from the backroom.
          d. on the sales floor, a PTM aisle is marked with a RED label at the front section's
              base deck label strip.

   2. How to EXF merchandise:
        a. ALL EXF BATCHES MUST BE IN BEFORE 10AM, or you WILL pull them yourself (if
        b. toggle back to home on the PDA by touching the TOGGLE button at the bottom
            left of the screen on the PDA
        c. Choose the option "All Applications"
        d. scroll down one time
        e. choose "EXF" option
        f. enter batch name, i.e. B24 would be named B24
        g. scan the label that is empty or low on product:
                  i. if it says no backroom locations, there is no more product, scan another
                     label to try again
                 ii. if it asks how many you want:
                           1. on the left it shows the OH (on hand count), on the right, the
                              capacity (how many can be on the sales floor). choose to EXF
                              capacity if you are flexing several spaces, choose the capacity
                              number if only filling existing locations.
                iii. once you have scanned all items, hit "create batch"
                           1. note that if the last item you scanned had no backroom locations,
                              you must first hit VOID SCAN, then CREATE BATCH.

   3. Printing labels from the portable printer
          a. Put YELLOW LABEL PAPER in the printer. Fresh rolls are located in the cabinet
              just outside the sign and label room.
          b. toggle out of RF apps by touching the TOGGLE button at the bottom left of the
              screen on the PDA
          c. Choose the option "All Applications"
          d. choose the option "Label Printing"
          e. push the "Generic Printing" button at the bottom left
          f. select the "Regular" and "Item Price" circles, then hit the continue button
          g. scan the first product you want a label for

T0043 Sales Planner Certification                                                            Page 13
           h.   select Portable printer
           i.   scan the barcode on the printer
           j.   hit yes if prompted
           k.   your labels now print to the portable printer.
           l.   scan all items and put out labels.

   4. Locating supplies and POG fixtures
         a. Shelving- all shelves are on the wall of the sign and label room, 3 foot shelves
             are in the first 3 sections of the wall.
         b. Label strip holders- in boxes along the right wall corner of the S & L room
         c. Peg hooks- thousands (no, really) in the S & L room, first aisle on the right hand
         d. signage- end cap of the S & L aisles, also the signing tub.
         e. backer paper and new headers in the back POG area, special headers (known as
             ISM headers) in the sales planner area, generic backer paper on the south wall
             (right side from the sales floor)
         f. cleaning supplies located on the zoning cart

         a. When Closing:
                i. during the nightly zone, on PTM aisles, flex and fill all holes
               ii. REPRINT labels.
              iii. hang new signs/ fixtures as needed for brand presentation
         b. When day time shift:
                i. Identify the PTM aisle (RED LABEL)
               ii. EXF all empty labels (checking for backroom stock)
              iii. Pull and fill empty spots
              iv. flex merchandise to fill remaining holes
               v. print new FLEX LABELS to ensure accurate pricing
              vi. condense all clearance :
                        1. to a single section or onto back end caps,
                        2. fill any holes created with flexed merchandise.
                        3. PRINT LABELS, PUT UP SIGNS
             vii. fill out the PTM assessment sheet, place in your Team Lead's box in the
                   team lead office.

T0043 Sales Planner Certification                                                      Page 14
Things to know to make Target life easy:
        Item search is your friend!
              o log into the PDA using your team member number
              o choose the option "mywork"
              o choose the option "item search" (it's the green button)
              o scan any barcode and it will tell you where it goes on the floor and in the
                 back room! COOL!
        How to read that pesky location:
              o the location A01 (1) 1-2-3 would be interpreted this way:
                      A01- this is the aisle A1
                      (1)- this tells you it is the first Planogram tied to the aisle, beginning at
                        the first section of the aisle. if this said (5), then it would be at the
                        fifth section to begin, and so on.
                      1- this means that for this Planogram, the item is on the first section.
                      2- this means that for this Planogram, the item is on the second shelf
                      3- this means that for this Planogram, the item is the third spot on the
              o if you see P1 or F1- it just means the items are hanging on a peg hook or bar.

T0043 Sales Planner Certification                                                          Page 15
                              Sales Planner Assessment Form
                            to be completed by the captain when set.

    Is the POG tied to the correct sales floor location before starting?                      Y               N      N/A

    Are the previous POGs untied from the new and existing aisles?                            Y           N         N/A

    Is the New Pog Fill in under the correct batch name?                                  Y               N       N/A

                  Should be done as soon as the old POGs are untied
                  if the new fill doesn't work, use POG fill- all items
                  If a generic pull will not work, EXF all outs to capacity

    Is your name, date set, and a list of all missing pieces WITH part #                  Y               N       N/A
     listed on the front of the POG?

    If signage and paper is missing, have you checked:                                Y               N           N/A
          o the POG area?
          o with Sheri and Marilyn?
          o In store signing for sales planners?
          o Fixture room

    All trash is in the compactor, cardboard in the baler,                            Y               N        N/A
     and all fixtures not needed are put away in the correct place
     in the fixture room (ESPECIALLY pegs)

    All old label strips removed and base decks                                   Y               N           N/A
     cleaned on previous location?

    All Backstock taken back on a flat or tub and marked

    All paper, headers, talkers and ad signs have been scanned                    Y               N           N/A
     and checked for reuse? If in use have they been put up?

    Every shelf and basedeck has a label holder and is clean?                     Y               N           N/A

    New labels printed, located, and put out correctly?                       Y           N           N/A

T0043 Sales Planner Certification                                                                                  Page 16
              Standard/ Reverse
              Peg labels (regular and short)
              All shelves
              Price Accuracy

    New aisle headers out and complete?                            Y       N       N/A
       o Street signs
       o Correct header
       o price point digits

    Are the end caps zoned properly?                                   Y       N     N/A

    All clearance put onto a clearance end cap in the proper section? Y        N     N/A

    New merchandise put out correctly and Backstock sent back?         Y       N     N/A

    empty carts, tubs, and flats returned?                             Y       N     N/A

Completed By:_________________________________________

Date Completed:__________________________

Approved by:__________________________________________

Corrections Needed:

T0043 Sales Planner Certification                                                         Page 17
Setting and Maintaining Sales Planner Best Practices
* Please note that due to Target Confidentiality Practices, I cannon actually put
the best practices handout in this packet. I do not have access to the information
outside of work. However, you can print this from Workbench| Shared Tools |
Best Practices.

T0043 Sales Planner Certification                                           Page 18

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