Student Organizations Checklist for Professional Trips

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					                             Tippie College of Business
                               Student Organizations

                          Checklist for Professional Trips
   1) Contact Melissa Baker ( with a detailed description of
      the trip three-to-four weeks in advance. She will create letters to excuse students
      from class for those who are participating in the trip. Make sure instructors
      receive the letter in advance of the class that will be missed.
      Please note: It is the instructor’s right not to allow students to miss class,
      regardless of the letter.

   2) To get funding for your trip, fill out a Travel Prior Approval form, located at: and
      return it to 159 IMU two weeks before travel.

   3) If renting university vehicles, follow the procedures outlined below, which can
      also be found at:

Renting University Vehicles
Last Modified: 10/05/2007
Student Orgs may use University vehicles for transportation to and from a
national/regional conference or official sport club competitions only.
1) Complete a Prior Approval Form and submit to Student Organization Business Office
(Room 159 IMU) two weeks before travel (located at

2) Contact Fleet Services at 384-0564 to arrange required vehicle training. Make your
training arrangements at least one month prior to your trip departure. Plan on having all
training completed one week prior to your trip departure.

   To drive all vehicles (except 15-passenger vans):
 • Call or visit Fleet Services to reserve a Defensive Driving training tape. Tapes can be
   reserved for up to 24 hours; there is no cost.
 • View tape and take the "open-book" quiz that comes with it. Return to Fleet Services.
   To drive 15-passenger vans:
 • Training costs $5 per person. Pay Fleet Services with a Blue Req; no cash is accepted.
 There is a minimum $10 charge so try to train at least two people in your group.
 • You must watch both the Defensive Driving and the 15-passenger van tape.
 Additionally, you must complete the 15-passenger van driving experience.

3) Complete a Fleet Services Reservation Request Form and submit to Fleet Services.
(This is a form on HRIS, unless your students are employees, they will not have access to
this form). You can also request to rent a cellular phone at the same time you reserve
your vehicle.

Students with an out-of-state driver’s license must complete the Out-of-State Driving
Record Release. Here is a link to that form There is a charge for
this record review and it is different for every state.

4) Once approved, pick up the vehicle(s) at Fleet Services between 7:00 a.m. to 6:00
p.m., Monday through Friday and 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on Saturday when classes are
in session.

5) Return the vehicle(s) as scheduled. In the event of an emergency in which the vehicle
cannot be returned as scheduled, the driver must contact the Fleet Services office

University Attendance Policy
University policy requires that students be permitted to make up examinations missed
because of illness, mandatory religious obligations, or other unavoidable circumstances
including certain University activities. Examples of authorized activities include
participation in University-scheduled events for athletic teams, the marching band and
pep band, debate teams, and other recognized University groups, as well as participation
in University field trips, service with the military or National Guard, and jury duty.
In addition, each College may further define what constitutes an excused absence for
exams and other grading purposes (e.g., attendance or participation grades). This
document is intended to give guidance to faculty and students in the Tippie College of
Business about what factors might influence the decision to excuse an absence that is not
already covered by University policy. This document is not intended to restrict faculty
behavior beyond what is required by University policy.
In the Tippie College of Business, the general policy is twofold. First, excused absences
should be narrowly defined to ensure that academics are the first priority. Second, faculty
have discretion to determine, beyond the University mandated excused absences, what
constitutes an excused absence and what coursework, beyond examinations, is available
for make up credit. Faculty are encouraged but not required to take the following factors
into account when deciding whether or not to treat an absence as excused:
   1. Did the student proactively attempt to cure the need for the absence, (e.g., by
      rescheduling an event)?
   2. What are the consequences for the student if he or she misses the out of class
      experience, (e.g., losing an opportunity to participate in a national conference)?
Absence for job interviews may or may not be excused at the discretion of the faculty
member. Again, faculty and students are encouraged to consider the degree to which the
student was proactive in avoiding the conflict and the elective nature of the particular
date and time of the interview (e.g., did the student have a choice of times or dates for the
Students should not expect instructors to make adjustments to the class attendance policy,
nor to provide make-up exams, so that students can leave campus before the beginning of
scheduled vacation times or the end of a semester, or to accommodate family or
employment activities.
Faculty are encouraged to put their absence policies in their syllabi, making clear the
effect of absence from class and, to the extent possible, the circumstances under which
absences may be excused. Reference may also be made to this document which will be
available on the Undergraduate Program Office website.
Student Responsibilities Regarding Attendance
Whenever possible (e.g., religious obligation, authorized University activity), students are
responsible for notifying their instructor of a conflict requiring an excused absence well
in advance of a scheduled examination or other in-class activity. For permission to be
absent from class in order to participate in authorized University activities, students are
expected to present to each instructor before each absence a written statement signed by a
responsible official specifying exactly the dates and times necessary for them to miss
class. For permission to be absent under the Tippie College policy, the same general
procedure applies. Whenever possible, the student should contact each instructor before
the absence to request that the absence be excused.
When advance notification is not possible (e.g., illness, family or other personal
emergency), students are expected to present evidence to verify the reason. Indeed,
faculty in the Tippie College are urged to request this verification. Evidence is to be
attached to a completed “Explanatory Statement of Absence from Class” form (available
at Instructors may require additional
verification including that the student give his or her medical provider a waiver so that
the professor can talk directly and in more depth about the student’s health and the
medical recommendation relating to missing class. In cases of family emergency, faculty
may ask for a funeral notice or the phone number of the student’s parents to call for
verification about the emergency. Students who are or will be absent for more than five
days may ask the Registration Center to send notification of the absence to each
 Registration Center 30 Calvin Hall
 Hours: 8-4:30 Mon-Fri
 Phone: (319) 335-0244
 Fax: (319) 353-2550
Students should be flexible in terms of scheduling make-up examinations. Students are
expected to be willing to schedule make-up examinations at any time that does not
conflict with other regularly scheduled class or examination times.

Liability Waivers/Permission Forms
Hazardous optional activities may require liability waivers. Minors will need parental
permission to participate. Contact Risk Management (319-335-0010) for information on
the development and use of such forms.

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