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									                                                                                    Parish Mission Statement
                                                                            “Recognizing that we are the body of Christ, the
                                                                          Catholic Community of Our Lady of the Mountain
                                                                           is called to live the Gospel. We desire to express
                                                                           our commitment to this call through praise-filled
                                                                          celebration, which culminates in our being sent into
                                                                             the community to actively reach out to others.
                                                                               Thus, we seek to grow in Christian love.”

                                          2 East Springtown Road, Long Valley, NJ 07853
                                                  908-876-4395 ~ Fax 908-876-3744
SERVED BY:                                                                SERVED BY:
Rev. Msgr. Joseph J. Goode, Pastor                                        Deacon Thomas P. Gibbons
Rev. Abuchi Nwosu, Parochial Vicar                                        Deacon Robert C. Head
Rev. Edward Davey, Weekend Assistant                                      Deacon E.B. "Pat" Van Orman
Rev. Msgr. Raymond Lopatesky, Weekend Assistant
                                                                          RELIGIOUS EDUCATION PROGRAM:
Rev. Msgr. Brendan P. Madden, Weekend Assistant
                                                                          September ~ April, Grades K-8. Call Maryanne Peluso
Rev. Msgr. Peter McHugh, Weekend Assistant
                                                                          at 876-4003. For emergencies please call 973-580-7650.
Rev. Msgr. Stan Schinski, Weekend Assistant
                                                                          HIGH SCHOOL CONFIRMATION PROGRAM:
Altar Servers, Tara Ligos/KellyAnn Routhier. .. 876-4395
                                                                           9th and 10th Graders meet alternating Monday
Baptism Preparation, Jim Jones....................... 876-4395
                                                                          evenings, September ~April. Call KellyAnn Routhier
Children's Liturgy, Debbie Pinelli ..................... 813-1982
                                                                          at 876-5024.
Church Trustees, Raymond Burke ~ Herb Mitschele
Columbiettes, Jane McKenna ........................... 852-9055           MASS SCHEDULE:
Confirmation Coordinator, KellyAnn Routhier . 876-5024                    Saturday 5:00PM and 7:00PM
Eucharistic Ministers, Suzanne Gerencser ......... 813-2343               Sunday     7:45AM, 9:15AM, 10:45AM, 12:15PM
Evangelization Coordinator, Cindy Jones ......... 876-4395                          5:30PM Teen Mass, 2nd Sunday of the
Food Pantry Director, Traci Geraghty .............. 876-5024                        month, October ~ March.
Gift Shop, Fran Clary ....................................... 852-5779
High School Youth Ministry, Caroline Gartley.. 876-5024                   WEEKDAYS 9:30AM Monday ~ Friday
Hospitality, Martin/Gerry/Brian Grogan .......... 876-3949                HOLY DAYS Vigil   7:30PM
Knights of Columbus, John Clary ..................... 852-5779                      Holy Day 9:30AM and 7:30PM
Lectors, Chris Latran ........................................ 852-9341
Music/Choir Director, Robin O’Reilly ........ 973-600-7434                SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION
Office Administrator, Penny Del Preore............ 876-4395               (PENANCE): Saturday 4:15PM or by appointment.
Parish Secretaries, Kim Smith .......................... 876-4395
                                                                          BAPTISM: Call the Parish Office in advance to
                    KellyAnn Routhier ............. 876-4395
                                                                          schedule a Baptism and/or Baptismal class.
R.C.I.A., Nick Ardito ....................................... 979-9470
Religious Education K-8, Maryanne Peluso ...... 876-4003                  MARRIAGE: One of the parties must be a bona fide
Rosary Altar Society, Marge Gibbons ............... 876-4343              member of the parish for at least one year prior to
Sacristans, Suzanne Gerencser/Linda Richartz .. 876-4395                  making arrangements. Arrangements should be made
Ushers, Father Joe ........................................... 876-4395   at least one year in advance.
Visiting Ministry, Deacon Bob Head................. 684-8399              HOSPITAL VISITATION: Please notify the Parish
Vocation Liaison, Father Joe ........................... 876-4395         Office when a member of the family is in the hospital
Weddings, Kim Smith ...................................... 876-4395       or homebound due to illness.
PARISH OFFICE HOURS:                                                      ROSARY ALTAR SOCIETY: Meetings are held the
Monday ~ Friday, 9:00AM – 3:00PM                                          first Tuesday, September ~ May.
                                                                 CONTACT INFORMATION
                                                             FATHER JOE AND FATHER ABUCHI:

SATURDAY          March 10, 2012                      OLM Parish Office:           908-876-4395
   5:00PM         Mary Speicher                       St. Mark's Parish Office:    908-850-0652
                  Brian Treacy                        Father Joe Cell/Text:        973-945-4045
    7:00PM        OLM Parishioners
                                                      Email addresses:
SUNDAY            March 11, 2012                                    
   7:45AM         JoAnn Peach                          To receive email updates of OLM news and events,
                  Rosaline Peach                              please go to our website and sign up:
   9:15AM         OLM Parishioners                      
  10:45AM         Bevis Joseph Lopez
                  William Pontier
                                                               LAST WEEKEND’S COLLECTIONS
   12:15PM        Michael Critchley
                  Bernard Esser
    5:30PM        OLM Youth                           March 3-4                 $ 9,278.00
                                                      Monthly Collection        $ 5,805.00
MONDAY            March 12, 2012                      Our Lady’s Cupboard       $ 105.00
   9:30AM         Nicholas Sisto                      TOTAL                     $15,188.00

TUESDAY           March 13, 2012                            THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!!
   9:30AM         Peter Stanzione
                                                      REMINDER: If you attend Mass at either St. Luke's or
WEDNESDAY         March 14, 2012                      St. Mark's, you can drop your Our Lady of the Mountain
   9:30AM         John Delonas                        envelope in the collection basket and it will be credited
                  Wilhemina Sheppard                  as your donation to Our Lady of the Mountain.
THURSDAY          March 15, 2012
   9:30AM         Kevin Patrick Cullen
                  John Delonas

FRIDAY            March 16, 2012
    9:30AM        Brian Mackie
                  Frances & John O’Malley
                                                               NEXT WEEKEND’S CELEBRANTS
SATURDAY          March 17, 2012
   5:00PM         Jack McCarthy                                  OUR LADY OF THE MOUNTAIN
                  Edward Windt
    7:00PM        Lucille Joliffe
                                                      Saturday, March 17
SUNDAY            March 18, 2012                             5:00PM Rev. Msgr. Joseph J. Goode
   7:45AM         Terry Patterson                            7:00PM Rev. Msgr. Joseph J. Goode
   9:15AM         Edna Corrigan                       Sunday, March 18
  10:45AM         William Pontier                            7:45AM Rev. Msgr. Raymond Lopatesky
                  Mary & John Smith                          9:15AM Rev. Msgr. Raymond Lopatesky
   12:15PM        Hilda & Enrique Bianchi                   10:45AM Rev. Msgr. Stanley Schinski
                                                                       Deacon Preaching
            PRAY FOR THE SICK                               12:15PM Rev. Msgr. Stanley Schinski
Please remember to pray for the sick of our parish                     Deacon Preaching
community who have requested our prayers.
                                                                            ST. MARK’S
                 THANK YOU!
  To My OLM Parish Family: Thank you for your         Saturday, March 17
 prayers and concerns. May God bless you! Love,              5:30PM Rev. Abuchi Nwosu
                  Ann Gentile                         Sunday, March 18
                                                             8:00AM Rev. Abuchi Nwosu/Deacon
      OLM MILITARY MEMORIAL GARDEN                           9:30AM Rev. Msgr. Joseph J. Goode
Dedication of the Military Memorial Garden,                 11:00AM Rev. Abuchi Nwosu/Deacon
adjacent to the cemetery will take place on Sunday,
March 18th at 1:30PM. This is the garden that was            ST. LUKE’S WEEKEND SCHEDULE
designed and built by Spencer Hanus and Boy           Saturday: 5:00PM   Sunday: 7:45, 9:30, 11:15AM
Scout Troop 158 for his Eagle Scout Service
Project. All are welcome to attend the dedication.
                              MARCH 11, 2012 ~ THIRD SUNDAY OF LENT

                                                             RELIGIOUS EDUCATION (K-8) NEWS
                                                              ATTENTION 2ND GRADE PARENTS

                                                       Letters were recently mailed home to all parents
                                                       listing the assigned date for your child’s Jesus Day
                                                       workshop. The second Jesus Day workshop will
                                                       take place on Saturday, March 17th from 8:30AM to
                                                       12:30PM. Please bring your child to the Upper
              Third Week of Lent –                     Level of the Parish Center no later than 8:30AM for
         God’s Presence and Our Action                 both workshops.
The presence of God - what does this phrase mean
to you? I like to think that during Lent we feel a       HIGH SCHOOL CONFIRMATION PROGRAM
closeness to God and a connection to God through          Classes meet in the lower level of the Parish
our prayers, sacrifices and good works. I believe                  Center at 7:30-9:00PM
further we are called to be the presence of God to    
others through our care, concern and gentle spirit.
I hope that by doing the above you come to feel the    CPI (9th Grade)
presence of God surrounding you and feel it as part    Monday, March 12th          Jesus of Nazareth
of your spirit. The more we realize that God wishes    CPII (10th Grade)
to hold us in the embrace of His love then each        Monday, March 19th          Reflection 6
moment can remind us that all we do should be
done in the spirit of our God.                         Information and Service Hours:
                                                       KellyAnn Routhier, 908-876-5024
As we embark into this third week of Lent, I pray
that you will experience the presence of God this              HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH GROUP
week in your life and that you will accept your call     Meet in Teen Center (Parish Office Basement)
from God to go forth in peace to let others know of               Wednesdays, 7:30-9:00PM
God's love for them.                                      

I also hope that you take advantage of some of the              Good Friday – April 6th, 7:30PM
programs that are offered in our Diocese, especially              Live Stations of the Cross
at St. Paul Inside the Walls. This center for
evangelization has become a focus point for many       Volunteers are needed for the following: Narrators
of the issues of our day. I recently attended a talk   (2), Greeters, Singers, Cross Carriers, Candle
on the religious freedom issue that the Church is      Carriers and Skit Participants.
facing in this country. Cardinal Dolan recently
called upon all Catholic laity to understand the          Practices will be held in the Church on the
issues and to take an active part in the community                         following days:
by out reaching to elected representatives to          Wednesday, March 28th, 6:00-9:00PM;
remind them that our Catholic faith is something       Wednesday, April 4th at 6:00-9:00PM; and
that we hold very dear. You will find these            Friday, April 6th at 5:00PM with the Stations
programs in our bulletin and in the Beacon each        immediately following at 7:30PM.
week. Those who have gone to any of these
programs have come back renewed in their efforts           Attendance at all practices is mandatory!
to be committed Catholics and work in their
parishes and beyond to promote Gospel values.          Great opportunity for Confirmation service hours!
Why not see what is offered and give it a try
too…Father Joe                                         If you are interested in participating, please call
                                                       Mrs. Gartley at 908-876-5024.
              OUR LENTEN JOURNEY                                         50+ LUNCHEON
Weekly Adoration: All Fridays in Lent immediately      March 21st at 12:00Noon at The Corner Pub, Route
following the 9:30AM daily Mass.                       206 in Flanders (206 Plaza Mall). Join us for a
Why Catholic: We invite you to enjoy ongoing           slightly belated celebration of St. Patrick’s Day!
adult Religious Education in a relaxed atmosphere.     Please call Joan at 908-852-6263 by March 19th.
We will be conducting Why Catholic on the
Thursday evenings of Lent at 7:00PM in the Parish           KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS OPEN HOUSE
Center.                                                The Long Valley Knights of Columbus will be
Stations of the Cross: Join us for Stations of the     hosting an Open House in OLM’s Parish Center on
Cross at 7:30PM in the church all Fridays during       Tuesday, March 27th at 8:00PM. All men 18 years
Lent.                                                  of age and over are welcome to attend to learn
Sacrament of Reconciliation: Welcome Home to           more about becoming a member. Refreshments
Healing - We will be providing Reconciliation on all   will be served. For more information, contact Lou
Mondays of Lent, 7:00-8:30PM. Please go to             Monteforte at 908-876-5229. for more
information. Our Parish Penance Service will be                      LUCK OF THE IRISH 50/50
held on Monday, March 26th at 7:30PM. All are          The Long Valley Columbiettes are hosting a 50/50
welcome.                                               Raffle to benefit all of its programs, such as its
Ecumenical Cross Walk for Peace: We invite you         scholarship to a graduating high school senior and
to participate in our annual Good Friday Cross         OLM’s food pantry, just to name a few. The winner
Walk, April 6th at 11:45AM, starting at the Long       will receive 50% of the amount of the proceeds
Valley Presbyterian Church on Bartley Road in          from ticket sales. There will be only one winner.
Long Valley.                                           Tickets will be available next weekend, March 17th-
Good Friday “Live” Stations: We invite you to          18th after all Masses in the Gathering Room. Ticket
attend a presentation of the Passion of our Lord       prices are $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00. The drawing
hosted by the young people in our Youth Ministry       will be held on March 21st at 8:00PM in the OLM
program on Good Friday, April 6th at 7:30PM in the     Parish Center. Winner need not be present.
Operation Rice Bowl: In today's scriptures, we                LONG VALLEY SOCIAL SINGLES
hear the commandments given to Moses after God         The next gathering of the social singles will be on
brings the Israelites out of slavery. These            Thursday, March 15th at 7:00PM at OLM in
commandments represent fundamental rights and          Classrooms 5&6. For more information, please call
responsibilities for all of God's people. This week    Rose Barsanti at 908-875-9443.
through Operation Rice Bowl, we learn about
communities in El Salvador that lack clean and safe           PEACE PRAYER ROSARY GROUP
water, which is a basic human right. We pray for       The group meets on Thursdays immediately after
those whose health is compromised by                   the 9:30AM Mass. All are welcome.
contaminated water, and we fast from wasting and
polluting this precious resource. We give so that        POLAND & EASTERN POLAND PILGRIMAGE
CRS can improve access to clean water in               Rev. Msgr. Paul Knauer, Pastor of St. Lawrence in
communities throughout the world. Rice bowls           Chester, is sponsoring a 12 day pilgrimage to
and/or checks are due back to the church no later      Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna and Prague,
than April 15th. Checks should be made payable to      from October 1 – 12, 2012. For a brochure and
Our Lady of the Mountain Church.                       information, contact Joanne Carr at 908-879-5543
                                                       or email You may
                   MY FAIR LADY                        also contact Msgr. Knauer directly at 908-879-
West Morris Central High School is presenting My       5371.
Fair Lady on March 15th, 16th and 17th at 7:00PM at
the school. There is also a Saturday matinee on
March 17th, at 2:00PM. Tickets are $10 and are
available at the door or email
       ST, MICHAEL SCHOOL NEWS...                               BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT SERIES
                                                         St. Luke’s Parish in Long Valley is offering a six
Discover a 21st Century Catholic School!                 week series for those grieving the loss of a loved
St. Michael’s offers IPAD Educational Systems,           one. The series will be held on Thursday evenings,
Robotics, Advanced Math, Spanish PK-Grade 7,             March 22nd, 29th, April 12th, 19th, and 26th from
Grade 8 transition program in to Catholic High           7:30PM to 9:00PM in the Religious Education
School, sports, full-day Kindergarten, expanded PK       Center. For more information or registration, please
for 3 and 4 year olds, before and after care, anti-      contact Mary Ann at 908-763-3649 or Dee at 908-
bullying environment and scholarships. Visit             343-1930. Please register by March 19th. for more information.
                                                                     THIRD SUNDAY OF LENT
Academic Summer Camp: Beginning June 25th
and running through August 10th for children aged        First Reading: Exodus 20:1-17
5-14. Topics to be covered include Math, Science,        Through Moses, God passed on the
Robotics, English, History, Art and Health/Fitness.      commandments he wished all people to follow. He
The cost is $250 per week which includes                 tells us not to worship idols or take the name of the
instruction, breakfast and lunch. For more               Lord in vain. All the laws God gave to us, if
information, please visit                followed, would ensure that we could live in peace
                                                         and harmony with one another as He had planned.
           ST. PAUL INSIDE THE WALLS                     Second Reading: I Corinthians 1:22-25
 Register online for any of the following programs at    Paul tells the Corinthians that Christ is the power
                        and the wisdom of God. Although they claimed to
How to Talk About God: Mondays, March 12th,              possess wisdom, “God’s folly is wiser than men,
19th and 26th 7:30-9:00PM.                               and his weakness is more powerful than men.”
The Shroud of Turin: Myth or Miracle? Friday,
March 16th, 2012, 7:00-9:00PM. The cost is $10.00        Gospel: John 2:13-25
per person. Register early!                              Jesus went to the temple of Jerusalem to find
Adolescent Fertility Appreciation Father/Son             merchants there selling sheep and doves. He
Program: Saturday, March 24th from 1:00 to               knocked over their tables and drove the animals
4:00PM. Registration must be received by                 away. The merchants asked Him for a sign that he
Tuesday, March 20th. The cost is $20.00 per son,         was authorized to do this. He told them to “destroy
fathers attend free.                                     this temple (referring to His body) and in three days
Catholic Questions and Answers: Tuesday,                 I will raise it up.” The merchants misunderstood,
March 13th, at 7:30PM. Come and ask any                  and did not believe He could rebuild in three days
Theological or Scriptural questions about the            what had taken nearly 50 years to build. Still many
Church, the Bible, or any Catholic practices.            believed in Him, after seeing the miracles He had
Articles of Faith: Something We Can Believe In:          performed.
Wednesdays, March 14th, 21st, and 28th beginning
at 7:30PM.
                                                               Readings for the Third Week of Lent
Catechist 101: Basic Catechist Training:
Fr. Derek Anderson, SOLT, Director of the Office of      Monday: 2 Kings 5:1-15b; Luke 4:24-30
Catechesis as Evangelization at St. Paul Inside the
Walls, will present a three-session series focusing      Tuesday: Daniel 3:25, 34-43; Matthew 18:21-35
on the fundamentals, meaning, and tasks of
catechesis, along with an exploration into the           Wednesday: Jonah 3:1-10; Luke 11:29-32
structure and content of our faith as found in the
Catechism of the Catholic Church. The sessions           Thursday: Jeremiah 7:23-28; Luke 11:14-23
will be held on March 19th, 26th, and April 3rd at Our
Lady of the Lake Parish, 294 Sparta Avenue,              Friday: Hosea 14:2-10; Mark 12:28-34
Sparta from 7:30-9:00PM.
                                                         Saturday: Hosea 6:1-6; Luke 18:9-14
     Believe In Your Beauty

 My name is Michelle Richar. For my Girl Scout Gold Award, I am
creating “Believe in Your Beauty” bags for young teenage girls with
 cancer. My goal is to make these girls feel beautiful and confident.
To reach this goal, I need your help! Please consider donating some
   unused beauty items to my project. Some suggested items are:

     - make up items such as blushes, eye shadows, lip glosses
                   -shampoos and conditioners
                          -body washes

      Thank you! Feel free to contact me with any questions:

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