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									      Gradualism in Tax Treaties with Irreversible Foreign Direct Investment

                                                 Richard Chisik *


                                               Ronald B. Davies**

                                                    June 2000

                                             Revised: February 2001

Abstract: Bilateral international tax treaties govern the host country taxation for the vast majority of the
world’s foreign direct investment (FDI). Of particular interest is the fact that the tax rates used under these
treaties are gradually falling although the treaties themselves do not specify any such reductions. Since there
is no outside governing agency to redress treaty violations, such reductions must be both mutually beneficial
and self-enforcing. Furthermore, the optimal tax rates must be less than those initially set, otherwise no
reductions would be necessary. To explain such behavior, we model a two-country setting with two-way
capital flows. In particular, only part of FDI is immediately reversible. As the extent of irreversibility
increases, the likelihood of Pareto optimal tax rates obtaining as a self-enforcing outcome in the initial
period is reduced. More modest tax reductions, from the non-treaty levels, are still possible. These limited
tax reductions generate an increase in bilateral FDI. As countries increase the stock of capital in one
another, further reductions in taxes become self-enforcing. Depending on the extent of irreversibility and
asymmetry, Pareto optimal tax rates may be obtainable in the long run. Thus, the amount of inbound
investment a country can attract may be related to the commitment to which its outbound investment binds
it. This final insight provides an additional rationale for the observed pattern of capital flows in which those
countries with the greatest outbound capital flows are also those with the highest inbound flows.

JEL Classification: F21, F23, F13, C73.

Key Words: Foreign Direct Investment, Tax Treaties, Multinational Enterprise, Gradualism,
Irreversibilities, Dynamic Games.

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