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                                                                                                                                 Vol. 1 Issue 2
                                                                                                                                 2009 2009
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                                      The Official Publication of the Caswell Cove Association, Inc.
Please visit the Caswell Cove                       WORK ORDERS, REQUESTS AND RULES AND                                         BOARD
web site at www.caswellcove.org.                                                                                             MEETINGS ARE
The new forum is now up and                                   REGULATIONS
                                                                                                                           HELD IN THE POOL
running and the website is                 Work orders and maintenance requests are to be directed to the                    HOUSE EVERY
constantly being updated. All
issues of the 2009 newsletter are
                                           property manager:                                                              THIRD WEDNESDAY
now posted under the “Meetings”                                                                                             OF EACH MONTH
tab. More additions and updates                    CONTACT DAVE PHILLIPS DIRECTLY
will be taking place soon. Stay                      Phone: (203) 496-2667
tuned!                                               E-mail: davidp@soundmarinesolutions.com
  Is there something you                             Office hours are 8AM to 5PM Monday - Friday
would like to be featured in                         After hours and emergencies – please leave a message                       NEXT
an issue of the Soundings or                                                  OR                                              MEETING:
 on www.caswellcove.org?                           GO TO WWW.CASWELLCOVE.ORG                                                 June 17th at
                                                     on the bottom of the home page click “Report a condo                      7:00PM
                                                        problem” and fill out the form
                                                                              OR                                            Would you like to
                                                   FILL OUT THE WORK ORDER FORM PROVIDED                                   speak at a Board
If so, please contact us with your                  TO YOU IN THE APPENDIX OF THE GOVERNING                                    Meeting?
idea or finished product!
                                                    DOCUMENTS BINDER                                                      If you are interested in
                                           Except for emergencies only, please do not stop Joe Roberts, the               voicing your opinion,
            REMINDERS                      Maintenance Manager, with your work lists and requests. All work               a concern, or a
                                           requests must be processed through the Property Manager to ensure              suggestion at one of
Please do not park vehicles
                                           that all work gets done in order of priority and severity.                     the Caswell Cove
in front of buildings, at
                                                                                                                          Board Meetings,
curbside, in front of                      All comments, concerns, or complaints regarding Rules and                      please contact one of
mailboxes or in areas                      Regulations, visitor parking, pool rules, etc. must be reported                the Board Members
marked “NO PARKING”                        directly to the Property Manager at the above mentioned phone                  no later than seven (7)
for any length of time other               number and e-mail address. Or you can contact any of the                       days prior to the
than to load or unload.                    Association Board Members to report a complaint or concern                     meeting so the agenda
These areas are fire zones                 pertaining to Rules and Regulations. Each of the board members                 can be prepared
and vehicles are not to be                 can be contacted via e-mail addresses that are provided on the                 accordingly.
left unattended in these                   Caswell Cove website under “Contact Us”. Or you can e-mail
areas. Please park in your                 caswellcove@sbcglobal.net to voice your concerns.                                    Thank you!
own parking spaces and
direct all visitors to park in                       Insurance Certificates                       Visitors Parking Reminder
the visitor lots. Violators                                                            As a reminder – all residents have been adequately
will be ticketed and towed.               Our flood insurance policies have been       informed of the need to obey the rules and regulations
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   renewed for the period of 5/9/09 through     regarding use of visitor parking spaces. All vehicles using
                                          5/9/10. Flood insurance is carried by the    the visitor spaces for more than 4 hours or overnight must
Dog licenses are due during               Association on buildings 1 through 8.        display a visitor’s pass or the vehicle will be ticketed and
the month of June. See City               Many of you receive calls or letters from    towed.
Departments, City Clerk for               your mortgage lender requesting copies of
                                                                                       Resident’s are not to use the visitor parking spaces to park
Dog Application.                          the flood insurance certificates. If you
                                                                                       their own vehicles. Residents’ vehicles must be parked in
                                          need an insurance certificate, call or e-    your own parking space or garage.
          Thank you!                      mail us and we will mail or drop a copy at
                                          your unit.                                   If you have a long-term visitor (son or daughter home from
                                                                                       college, relative for an extended stay, etc.) or other
                                                                                       legitimate need for parking of a third vehicle, you must
 Summer Activities For the Kids (on a Budget!!)                                        contact the Property Manager and make arrangements for
Plan a Picnic              Visit Town Fairs         Inside Fort                        this vehicle. The Executive Board will make rental spaces
Visit the Library          Go For a Walk            Baking                             available (on a limited basis) for residents who
                                                                                       demonstrate the need for the third parking space.
Family Movie Nights        Board Games              Painting
Scavenger Hunt             Scrapbooking             Fishing                            We urge residents who need additional parking to first
Simple Experiments         Arts and Crafts          Puzzles                            contact your neighbors to see if they may have an extra
                                                                                       space he/she may be willing to rent to you.
Put on a Play              Strawberry Picking       Bowling
                                                                                                                                             Vol. 1 Issue 1
                                                                                                                                             June 2009
                                                                                                                                             Page 2

                                    Roof Replacement Project Underway                                                                  Useless Facts
Roofing work on the remainder of the buildings and garages is set to begin. The roof work will be undertaken by                  Reno, Nevada is actually
DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding, who completed the roofs on buildings 1 through 6. The roof on the poolhouse was                        west of Los Angeles,
completed the week after Memorial Day. Work on Building 7, after several weather related delays, is set to begin
Friday, June 5. The roofs will be completed starting with building 7 and then working our way through 8, 11, 12 and
14. Garages will be completed as the work on the buildings is completed.                                                           On average, the life span
                                                                                                                                    of an American dollar bill
We will be notifying the residents of each building as best we can in advance of the start of the roofing work on each              is eighteen months.
building. You do not need to move items off your decks until notified to do so. Removal of the old roofs is a dirty and            Elephants are the only
messy job and dirt, debris and nails will get on your deck. We will do the best we can to minimize the dust and debris              animals that can't jump.
and cleanup after the work is done, but protecting your personal items is YOUR responsibility.
                                                                                                                                   Americans on average
When directed to do so, please move all furniture, plants, satellite dishes, etc. off of the upper decks. On the front decks,       eat 18 acres of pizza
please remove all flower pots, tables, etc. and place away from the edge of the roof and falling debris. Turn off AC units          every day.
when we are working on the front roofs. On the middle and lower decks, please move furniture, etc. to the area as close            No word in the English
to the building as possible or store indoors. We will not move these items for you - We will not be responsible for any             dictionary rhymes with
damage to personal belongings, satellite dishes, awnings, tables, etc. from falling shingles, ladders, workers, etc.
                        Please keep your windows closed at all times during construction                                           TYPEWRITER is the
                                                                                                                                    longest word that can be
For those of you that have items stored in attic areas or in garage attics, you may experience some falling dust and small
debris from removal of the shingles. If you have items stored in these areas, you are responsible for covering and                  made using the
protecting these items. The Association is not responsible for any damage or cleanup related to falling dust or debris in           letters only on one row of
attics areas.                                                                                                                       the keyboard.
                                                                                                                                   The ''King Ranch'' in
Construction schedules may vary, If you have any questions in regard to this matter, please contact Dave Phillips at                Texas is bigger than the
203-496-2667 or davidp@soundmarinesolutions.com.                                                                                    state of Rhode Island.
                                                                                                                                   The Atlantic Ocean is
We will try to complete the work on your building as quickly as possible. Use of waterside decks will be limited during             saltier than the Pacific
the construction period due to debris, dirt and dust.
                                                                                                                                   The search engine
        Capital Project Special Assessment Progress Report                                                                          Google got its name from
Work on the capital projects (roofs, glass blocks, patio repairs, paving) are now                                                   the word ëgoogolí, which
beginning.                                                                                                                          is the number one with a
                                                                                                                                    hundred zeros after it.
To date, a total of 31 unit owners (15%) have paid the roof special assessments in
                                                                                                                                   Mosquitoes have 47
full for a total of $104,396.93. A total of 10 garage owners have paid their roof
assessments in full or a major portion thereof for a total of $15,995.69. The rest of                                               teeth.
the unit owners who have not paid in full are paying the special assessments in                                                    Ants never sleep.
monthly installments. As of the date of this report, we have collected 3 months of
roof assessment payments. Delinquencies in common charge and special
assessment payments are currently limited to only a few unit owners. It took a while                      Bulk Trash Pick Up Reminder
to get all the unit owners on-track with their payments, but it appears that we are
                                                                                                 The only bulk trash pickup that will occur this year will
now progressing with collections on schedule with where we should be. In the
coming months, we will provide a summary of the totals collected and deposited in
                                                                                                 take place on June 24. Residents may place bulk
the capital projects account. Special Assessment payments made for the purposes                  trash in the vacant area at the end of Windward Road
of the capital projects are being deposited in a separate bank account with The                  (past Building 14) in the area outlined by orange
Milford Bank. This account will be used to pay contractors for the roof and other                cones.
capital projects work. To date, no payments have been made to Contractors as the                 ALL BULK ITEMS MUST BE SET OUT NO LATER
work has not yet begun and no draw downs on the Milford bank Loan have been                      THAN THE END OF THE DAY ON JUNE 23.
                                                                                                 Metal items must be separated from burnable items. Also,
To date we have been very successful in our bidding out of the work.                             some items are prohibited from the bulk waste pick up
Contractor                       Work Item              Original estimate        Low Bid         program and should not be placed at the vacant area.
DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding      Roof Replacements      $559,435                 $531,900
                                                                                                 PROHIBITED MATERIAL:
New England Masonry              Glass Blocks 1-4       $190,000                 $156,555
                                                                                                 1.  NO BATTERIES
Perfect Landscaping              Redo 7 brick patios    $ 24,000                 $ 19,043
                                                                                                 2.  NO COMMERCIAL ITEMS
(The above pricing excludes architectural inspection services and construction                   3.  NO LOGS AND STUMPS
administration fees)                                                                             4.  NO CONCRETE OR CEMENT
                                                                                                 5.  NO ITEM REQUIRING MORE THAN 2 MEN TO
All 3 of the above contractors have performed work for us in previous years and we                   LIFT
feel comfortable with their abilities to perform the work properly in a timely manner.           6. NO HAZARDOUS WASTE
We have also solicited bids on pavement repairs, the results of which will be                    7. NO LIQUID WASTE OR MOTOR OIL
decided at the next Board meeting. We have also started with reconstruction of 2                 8. NO PAINTS
wingwalls on buildings 6 and 7 and will be taking bids on sidewalk repairs in the                9. NO PROPANE TANKS
coming month.                                                                                    10. NO GRASS CLIPPINGS
                                                                                                 11. NO SHEETROCK AND DEMOLITION MATERIAL**
It will be a very busy construction season here at Caswell Cove, so please bear with
us while we continue to strive to keep our buildings and grounds safe, secure and                **Sheetrock and demolition must be brought to Waste
beautiful.                                                                                       Conversion, 221 Old Gate Lane, Milford, CT. It will no
                                                                                                 longer be accepted at the transfer station.

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