Held on Monday 16th June at 8pm at Pitstone Memorial Hall

Present: Cllr S Mattey (PPC), Cllr Annie Stack, Bernard Warden, Jacqueline Warden,
Doug Warden, Moira Davies, Jane Pearce, Ian Brindle, Nikki Mattey

Apologies: Shelley Warden and Fran Stafford

Cllr Mattey began the meeting by explaining what was required to set up as an
Allotment Association. Some queries were raised about the Associations
responsibilities, particularly the legal responsibility, but it was felt that it was too
early to discuss these concerns in any great detail.

Cllr Mattey went on to explain that money had been put aside for the Allotment
Association to help with starting the site by Pitstone Parish Council and that the
National Trust were happy for work to begin on the site. The land has been re-
measured and it is felt that twenty-one 10 pole plots, plus hard standing for parking
would fit in well. Cllr Mattey also said that there may be the opportunity to use part
of the neighbouring farmer’s grain storage, although this has not been confirmed.

Cllr Mattey then went on to describe the requirements of the elected Chairperson,
Secretary and Treasurer.

The potential allotment holders decided on the name Pitstone Allotment Association
(PAA) and voted in the following people:-

Chairperson: Bernard Warden
Vice-Chairperson: Cllr Annie Stack
Secretary: Nikki Mattey
Treasurer: Jacqueline Warden
Fund Raising & Marketing: Fran Stafford

The committee members are: Jane Pearce, Ian Brindle, Moira Davies, Doug Warden
and Shelley Warden.

Cllr Mattey then left the meeting.

The PAA then went on to discuss the clearing of the land. It was felt that spraying
with a Bio product, prior to having the ground ploughed and farrowed, would be a
priority so that new plot holders would not get discouraged. It was agreed that deer
fencing would be essential between the adjacent field and the allotment site, but no
decision was made about the other boundaries at this stage.

The PAA also discussed making a standard plot size, 5 poles instead of 10 (1 pole =
16.5 ft) to encourage more people to join. It was decided that potential plot holders
would be sent a letter to see if the majority required 5 or 10 poles and a decision
would be made after that. It was also suggested that the school was approached with
a view to letting them have part of the plot. This was viewed to be a good idea as it
was hoped this would reduce any potential vandalism if local children were involved.

Some issues regarding the Tenancy agreement were discussed.:-

      The keeping of livestock was something that the PAA felt should be reviewed
       once the site was up and running.
      Guide Dogs only to be allowed on site.
      Shed or polycarbonate/acrylic green house on each plot if desired, to a
       maximum size of 6x6. The idea of the PAA is to have a communal
       storage/meeting place and Doug Warden has agreed to look into the cost of a
       suitable building.
      Organic or chemical use has been left up to each individual plot holder and it
       was felt that each plot holder should use their own compost.

There was a short discussion about water to the site. Suggestions were a bore hole or
individual metered pipes on each plot. Both of these options were considered too
expensive and Vice-Chair Cllr Annie Stack suggested the use of a large trough. This
is currently in use on the Tring Allotment site at Duckmore Lane and seems to work
well. The PAA agreed that this seemed to be the best option.

Fundraising issues were not discussed at this meeting as Fran Stafford had been
looking into this and was unable to attend. A meeting is to be arranged as soon as
possible to discuss this issue.

The meeting concluded with Secretary Nikki Mattey agreeing to type a draft Tenancy
Agreement and to organise the relevant forms to get the PAA registered.

The meeting ended at 9.20.

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