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									Spring                                                                                       2002
                                         Mary London           Cohort 10-Spring 2002
                                Gilliam, Coble & Moser, LLP
                                      James McCarthy                    Carlos Alvarez
                                      3Com Corporation                  Elon University
                                         Tom McDow                        Brian Baute
                                         Southwestern                   Elon University
                                       Richard Moore                   Theresa Beckett
Welcome MBA                          Burlington Industries              Elon University
                                         Tony Pagliari                   Florence Bell
                                       Molded Solutions              Volvo Insurance Group
Academic Year                           Phillip Roberts
                                   Hearld-Sun Newspaper
                                                                       Christy Bradsher
   2001-02                              David Runions                     Ray Bunton
                                        IFG Companies                  General Dynamics
Cohort 9-Fall 2001                      Jennifer Surles                 Amanda Cook
                                 Integrated Health Systems              VF Corporation
      Ann Alexander                       Tom White                  Christine Crutchfield
Greensboro News & Record                  Keane, Inc.                   Cessna Aircraft
         Ben Allison                Kenneth Whitehouse                Buddy Garrett, Jr.
Balbirer & Coleman, PLLC                IFG Companies                 Burlington Industries
       Jennifer Beane                 Svetlana Yarmak                 Michael Ghigliotty
Gilliam, Coble & Moser LLP           International Student                Qualex, Inc.
      Susan Blackwell                ______________                  Santosh Harakamani
      Molded Solutions                                             Satyam Computer Services
      Richie Braxton                                                      Nim Harris
       Ameritex Yarns                                                  City of Burlington
       Mike Clumper                                                      Zahoor Khan
       City of Durham                                                    Cisco Systems
       Micheala Daly                                                    Roger Lowman
       Elon University                                                  Parker Hannifin
          Bill Drew                                                     Sha McMillan
       Elon University                                                 Proctor & Gamble
       Angela Greene                                                     Bill Payne III
        VF Jeanswear                                              Alamance Regional Med. Ctr.
       Michael Hazel         PROFILE of 2001-02 COHORTS                Raymond Rufer
       Elon University                                        Wishart, Norris, Henninger &Pittman, PA
       Steven Hughes                                                Jennifer Schromofsky
    Burlington Industries    Average Age:             33.5              Edward Valves
       Steven Hunter         Average GMAT:             548              Lorene Smith
             IBM             Female/Male %:          34/66                Pharmacia
         David Jones         International Students: 10%                  Emil Stark
        Cisco Systems        Organizations:            35              Frischkorn, Inc.
        Perry Kallam         Residences:                              Kimberley Stover
Konica Manufacturing, USA             Greenboro: 26%             Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc.
        Jim Kamper                    Alamance:     50%               Jonathan Warren
      Molded Solutions                                                GKN Automotive
                                      RTP:          24%
         Paul Leese                                                      Bob Westin
       Elon University                                                 Build Topia, Inc.
The Elon MBA                                                                              Spring 2002
                                    SPRING EVENTS

       Competition                                                      Course Offerings

    The MBA Case Competition                                                Summer I 2002
is well underway with the most                                      MBA 535 Process Mgt/Information
teams ever. An intramural                                           MBA 550 Advanced Finance
                                                                    MBA 560 Leading Organizations
tournament will determine which
                                     Elon’s speakers over the
two teams represent the Elon
                                   past year, former President             Summer II 2002
MBA program in the statewide
                                     Bush, Poland’s Solidarity      MBA 520 Quantitative Decision
                                     Movement leader Lech           MBA 530 Managerial Accounting
                                     Walesa, & Israel’s former      MBA 545 Strategic Marketing…
   Let’s hope our teams can
                                    Prime Minister Ehud Barak
add to our hard-earned streak of
                                   set a high standard for future               Fall 2002
placing among the winners for
                                          campus events.            MBA 500 Environ Anal & Org…
the past three years. No other                                      MBA 510 Enhancing Leadership…
program in the state can make                                       MBA 515 Managerial Economics
                                        Upcoming events at
that claim. Good Luck, teams.                                       MBA 525 Marketing Management
                                   Elon this spring will include:
                                                                    MBA 530 Managerial Accounting
 Rich Garner                                                       MBA 540 Financial Management
                                        Dr. Jane Goodall            MBA 545 Strategic Market Position
  Sylvia Munoz
                                    Renown Conservationalist        MBA 555 Strategy Implementation
  Teresa Walker
                                   (Spring Convocation - 4/4)
   The Rehance Group
                                                                              Winter 2003
                                         Mr. Tom Murrin             MBA 500 Environ Anal & Org…
 Bob Burns                            former President of          MBA 560 Leading Organizations
  Courtney Mayock
                                         Westinghouse ‘s            MBA 565 International Bus/Class
  Brad Spitz
                                       Energy & Advance             MBA 565 International Bus/Trip
     Forest of the World
                                        Technology Group
                                    (LSB Legend of Business                   Spring 2003
 David Childress                         3/6 thru 3/8)             MBA 510 Enhancing Leadership…
  Tisha Mansfield                                                   MBA 515 Managerial Economics
  Cynthia Phillips                      Dr. Jim Smith               MBA 520 Quantitative Decision
     IFG Int’l Fiberglass              Noted Economist              MBA 525 Marketing Management
                                   (LSB Distinguish Speaker         MBA 535 Process Technology
 Bill Davis                             Series - 3/18)             MBA 540 Financial Management
  Gary Massey                                                       MBA 550 Advanced Finance…
  Ryan Mohre                                                        MBA 555 Strategy Implementation
                                       MBA Theme Week               MBA 570 Adv Analysis - Fin’l
      Apex Laboratories                 on Globalization
                                       The week of April 22           Course & Calendar information
 Christine Cotton                                                  http://zephyr.elon.edu:81/datatel/op
  Paul Esslinger                          ___________                              enweb/
  Brian Grajzar
     Richardson Optical                                                  Registration Dates:
                                                                    Preregistration - Summer/Fall
 William Clark                        If you are planning to                         April 15
  Rachel Marquardt                   graduate this May, make        Registration - Summer I June 3
  Mary Vanderlinden                    sure to meet with the                       Summer II July 8
     Adams Electric                   Registrar’s Office soon       Registration - Fall August 24

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