Tornado Policy by BrandynThompson


									                                     The University of Iowa
                               Henry B. Tippie College of Business
                               Tornado Warning Procedure for PBB
                                           March 2007

University Information

It is vital to understand that there is no way to insure that everyone will receive notification of extreme
weather conditions in a timely manner. The best safety plan in any situation includes shared
responsibility. Here are some things to keep in mind:

If you hear a siren or otherwise know a tornado warning is in effect, immediately take shelter. Do not be
tempted to go outside and check conditions for yourself.

• According to the Johnson County Emergency Management Director, outdoor sirens are intended
  primarily for people who are working, walking or driving outside so that they know to seek shelter
  immediately, preferably somewhere inside a building.

• It is recommended to seek shelter in rooms and corridors in the innermost part of a building at the
  lowest level. Stay clear of windows, corridors with windows, or large free- standing expanses.
  (Examples are auditoriums and cafeterias). Remember, there is no guaranteed safe place during a
  tornado. However, it is important to seek shelter in the best location to help minimize your exposure.

• During tornado season, people working indoors or at home should bear in mind that local radio and
  television stations are the best system of tornado warnings. Those stations will interrupt regular
  programming to broadcast much needed weather information along with instructions to seek shelter.

• Be mindful of workmates, family or friends who may be hearing impaired and unable to hear an alarm
  or of those who may not be aware of tornado warnings because they are sleeping, watching cable TV,
  a DVD or listening to music.

• Be proactive. Keep informed on current weather conditions. The National Weather Service provides a
  website where you can simply enter your city and state or zip code and receive a 5 day forecast along
  with other detailed weather related information.                  The website is located at:

• People in areas where they have a problem hearing outside sirens are encouraged to invest in a
  weather radio or just an ordinary inexpensive portable radio and keep it on when severe weather
  conditions exist.

• Review the tornado section of the U of I Critical Incident Management Plan (CIMP) for general

• For additional information on tornadoes, you                   can    visit   the   following   website:

• During the tornado season if you are teaching, hosting or managing any group of people, we
  encourage you to add checking the forecast to your preparation list and to announce emergency
  procedures at the start of your meetings. People are encourage to periodically check the weather
  forecast during the severe weather season.

• If you know of others in the building, please inform them if you are aware of severe weather warnings;
  spread the word.

• NEVER pull a fire alarm during a tornado warning as people will exit the building and expose
  themselves to severe weather.
You can receive an e-mail notification of severe weather directly from KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids. This
service is offered free of charge. Because this service is offered by a commercial entity, please note that
by signing up you will receive e-mails about opportunities to purchase various related products such as
their enhanced "Premium Weather" notification service. You are under no obligation to purchase those
products, but please read the instructions carefully.

If you are interested in the free severe weather alert service, simply click on following link and follow the
instructions: Your Personal Pinpoint Futurecast Login:

KCRG Pinpoint Futurecast is highlighted because it is local, free of charge, and requires very little
personal information. Please be advised there may be other comparable severe weather notification
services, such as "Weather Bug" that are available to you. You are free to choose the service that fits
your needs. Be aware that some services may require a fee and extensive personal information; use
caution in your selections.

PBB Information

The Dean’s Office reception staff will monitor the radio and internet for local weather information and
contact the Facility Managers when there is potential for an upcoming warning.

• Johnson County will sound the outdoor alarms when there is a tornado warning ANYWHERE in the

• PBB occupants will be notified in the following way:

        Facility managers will send a message immediately to all PBB-occupants.

        An announcement will be made over the fire alarm public address system.

        The script for both announcements is as follows:

        Attention - Johnson County has sounded the outdoor sirens indicating a tornado warning.
        Go to the nearest available interior office or interior classroom and remain there
        until the warning is over. Stay away from all exterior windows and do not stay in offices
        with windows. Do not leave the building. We will make another announcement when the
        warning is over.

        The night custodial manager and assigned backup will make the announcement on the public
        address system in the evening.

        There will be no one to make announcements before 7 am and after 1 am or on weekends and

        If the outdoor alarms sound on a weekend, the computer lab and library should be closed, and
        users directed to interior hallways or rooms or the basement, away from any exterior windows.

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