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									Flat Roof Repair Tips
If you are searching for flat roof repair information, you've come right place. The process varies with
the kind of roofing system, but listed here are the steps which are more common type my home.
It's known as "modified bitumen" (pronounced buy-TOO-males) and includes a tough pad baked into
a unique asphalt formula which includes elastic chemicals. That enables the fabric to grow and
contract with temperature changes. The top is included with ceramic granules to supply photo voltaic
Modified bitumen or "modified" because it is usually known as, is particularly popular on small
residential jobs. Like it does not need a hot asphalt kettle together with the natural safety hazards and
obnoxious fumes.
Modified could be installed a number of different ways, but probably the most common techniques is
by using a gas torch. That's even the technique accountable for the majority of the leak issues with
this technique once the seams aren't heated correctly. Should you overheat the fabric, an excessive
amount of asphalt flows from the seam. Insufficient warmth leads to cold seams that aren't completely
glued. Either situation produces seams which are susceptible to water invasion. When the roof ponds
water and also the roofing company did not use a protective mid-ply, leaks are nearly inevitable.
Fortunately, this can be a quite simple flat roof repair. You'll need these materials:
Flashing cement. Make sure to obtain the Megabytes (modified bitumen) variety, because the
standard type isn't 100% compatible.
Membrane. Either 4" or 6" is okay, but make sure to get abs plastic instead of cotton, because it lasts
considerably longer.
Granules. For any small repair, you will probably find enough loose ones on the top or perhaps in the
gutter to reuse.
Begin by CAREFULLY probing the seams having a small pen knife, searching for voids. Ideally, the
seams must have about &frac12" of asphalt bleed-out. Any areas that do not are suspect.
The seams have to be both dry and clean to obtain a good flat roof repair. Spread a skinny layer of
flashing cement directly within the problem area, slightly wider than your membrane. Test the text
you're making by "tapping" the cement together with your trowel. Whether it pops up, departing bare
patches of modified, the top continues to be too wet or too dirty.
Next, keeping the membrane taunt, place it within the thin mattress of flashing cement. Arrange it
along with your trowel before the membrane is embedded tightly.
Then spread another layer of flashing cement within the membrane. Again, you do not need a great
deal. Sufficient to pay for the scrim is enough.
To accomplish your flat roof repair, broadcast granules in to the fresh cement. Which will liven up the
repair and safeguard it in the sun.


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