March 2011

Dear Swim Team Family,

Welcome back to the Lopatcong Swim Team! Enclosed you will find all the registration forms, and information you
need to understand the team rules and to ensure a successful season. Please review the information in pages 1-
10. You will need to print the following forms, complete and sign them (with your checks):

    1)        Swim Team Application (to include Application Fee, Fundraiser Buy Out and Work Bond) (pp. 11-12).
    2)        Parental and Medical Form (pp. 13-14).
    3)        Statement of Understanding (p. 15).
    4)        Penn/Jersey Code of Conduct (p. 17).
    5)        Lopatcong Pool Application (to include Membership Fee) (attached separately as a PDF file).
    6)        Lopatcong Swim Team, Code of Conduct (attached separately)

After completing and signing all forms and writing the appropriate checks, mail everything to

                                               Lopatcong Swim Team
                                                     P.O. Box 206
                                               Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
All forms are due to the swim team (“postmarked by”) by March 28 , 2011. A late fee of $15.00 applies to all
swimmers after March 25th. Please do not give your forms and checks to a board member or drop off forms and
checks to any team member’s house. Mail everything to the Post Office Box! For the equal treatment of all
swim families, and for the safety of all swimmers, these documents and checks must be submitted before
swimmers enter the water at the first practice. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you have any questions
about registration, please email or call me (908) 760-6661.

There are changes this year:

         1)      Our team size has grown so much that (unfortunately) we must limit our numbers this year and in
                 the future. These limits will be set by the coaches. Priority will be given to veteran swimmers, then
                 new swimmers who are siblings of veteran swimmers (as space allows), then new swimmers (as
                 space allows). Thus, all veteran swimmers must submit their applications by March 28 to
                 insure a spot on the team. We need to know how many slots are available for new swimmers.
         2)      Our fundraiser this year will be chaperoning the Lopatcong Pool Dances in place of the Piazza
                 Fundraiser. (Dates to follow)

The Team Fundraiser this year will be participating in the Chaperoning of the Lopatcong Pool Dances. This will
consist of up to 5 dances, a minimum of 10 parents are needed for each dance. (In place of Piazza Farms
Fundraiser) Also included in our fundraiser will be a Night out at Friendly’s.

Here is to a great season!


Myla Frith


                                           MISSION STATEMENT

The Lopatcong Aquatic Club provides competitive swimming opportunities and high quality swim team
instruction for all levels of swimmers from the novice to the skilled. Our summer swim program
welcomes all eligible swimmers and is committed to developing the skills and self-confidence of
individual swimmers in a cohesive team environment.



        Swimmers ages 5-19 (having not completed high school) are eligible to join.
        Swimmers should be able to swim at least 25 meters freestyle.
        Swimmers must be a member of the Lopatcong Pool. This is a township requirement for
         insurance purposes. There are no exceptions.


        Swim Team fees
            o $55 for the first child, $40 for each additional child, not to exceed $110 per family. (This
                fee includes team suit for Competitive Swimmers)
        Pool fees (please remember that the swim team does not set these fees!)
            o Family rates: $250 for Swim Team Family Members and Individual rates: $125 for
                Individual Swim Team Members.
            o Late fees for the Lopatcong Pool will apply after May 31st. See pool application for details.
            o Pool application and fees are paid separately to Lopatcong Township, but are collected by
                the swim team. (These checks are held and turned in at the beginning of May)

Proper Conduct

        Swim team members and their family members will be respectful of one another during at all
         times (not just during the meets). Disrespectful or inappropriate behavior (to include cursing) will
         not be tolerated, and may, per the Lopatcong Swim Team Bylaws, result in disciplinary action.
        During the meets, swimmers need to remain with the team. Wandering around is highly
         discouraged. Younger swimmers should inform the Marshallers when they need to leave the
         marshalling area.
        No horseplay or fooling around is permitted during practices, meets, the Invitational, or
        Toys and games that cause a disruption will be confiscated by the coaches.
        A proper diet is recommended prior to participating in a meet. Eating right before participating in
         an event is discouraged.
        During the meets, swimmers will remain out of the pool unless they are swimming in an event (no
         recreational swimming during a meet).


       Practices
           o Swimmers should make every effort to attend practice regularly to ensure they are at their
               best for every meet.
           o Swimmers should arrive 5 minutes early to practices, and be ready to swim (use the
               restroom prior to the start of practice).
           o Conflicts with practice schedules (particularly for those ages 15 and older) due to
               participation with other swim clubs, work schedules, etc. will be discussed with the Head
               Coach. The coaches may make allowances for these individuals to the practice schedule.

       Meets
          o Swimmers should make every effort to attend each meet, this is vital to our team and
              where we place at the end of the season.
          o If a swimmer cannot attend a meet (for other than an illness or emergency), notify the
              Head coach at least 2 days in advance via email so that the coach may adjust the lineup.
          o If a swimmer cannot attend a meet due to an illness or emergency, notify the Head coach,
              Traci Ruane as soon as possible by phone: (908)319-9429.
          o If a swimmer misses practice on the day of a meet, notify the Head coach by phone
              (above) as soon as possible (no later than 1:00 p.m. the day of the meet) to inform the
              coach whether the swimmer will be at the meet.
          o Meets begin at 6:00 p.m. Swimmers should arrive at 5:15 p.m., no later than 5:30 p.m.
              Notify the Head coach if you know you are going to be late to avoid being scratches from
              the lineup.


       All swimmers are eligible and highly encouraged to compete in the Invitational.
       Proper Conduct rules apply.

Championship Qualifications

       Swimmers qualify for Championships by meeting established time standards for a particular
        event. These standards will be provided in the mailboxes.
       Swimmers must compete in at least 5 meets to be eligible for Championships. USS swimmers
        must compete in at least 6 meets.
       Proper Conduct rules apply.

Inclement Weather

       In case of electrical storms, swimmers will not enter the water. If it is only raining, swimmers may
        still swim. Coaches will determine whether swimmers will swim.
       If a practice or a meet is cancelled due to inclement weather, swimmers will be notified (the
        method of notification is to be determined).
       Swimmers should come prepared for weather changes. Bring sweatshirts, sweatpants, extra
        towels, etc.

Membership in Other Swim Clubs

Membership in other swim clubs is permitted under the following conditions. Please consult with the

      The other team must be an official USS team or high-level club—not another Penn-Jersey team
       or a team comparable in level with the Lopatcong Swim Team. Some of the areas USS teams
       are: ATAC, TRAC, EMAC, WET, and Jersey Gators.
      The USS team practice schedule takes priority in case of a conflict. Lopatcong coaches must
       receive notification of such conflicts.
      USS swimmers should attend practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays (meet days). Notify
       coaches of conflicts.
      Lopatcong Swim Team members who regularly attend practices and meets have priority in meet
       lineups and relays.
      Lineups may be worked around the USS swimmer’s schedule, but coaches must receive
       notification at least one week in advance.
      Participation in the Lopatcong Invitational is recommended.

Work Bond/Work Requirements

Running a successful swim team takes the help of all parents and guardians as well as finances. To
insure that all families contribute equally, a Work Bond of $75 is required, due on March 28th.

      Each swim family will be required to assist the swim team at a minimum of 4 meets (see Job
       Description memo for details).
      Those families with children on the swim team who are ten years old or younger will be required
       to assist with marshalling during at least two of the four required meets (see Job Description
       memo for more details).
      Assistance will also be needed for those participating in the Invitational or Championships.
      Either parent or guardian can fulfill these assigned positions.
      Gina Rosa will provide a work schedule for each family.
      Parents/guardians are responsible for finding replacements if needed (this is not the responsibility
       of the swim team secretary or the Executive Board). Each family will be provided with a phone
       list so that replacements can be found. When you have found a replacement, contact the swim
       team secretary with the change.
      Parents/guardians assigned to work during any given meet, Invitational, or Championships must
       show up to work on time. If a parent/guardian is late, they will need to be assigned another time
       to work to fulfill the work requirement.
      Each family will provide a check for $75.00 made payable to the Lopatcong Swim Team. This
       check will be held by the swim team treasurer during the swim team season. It will be returned at
       the end of the season provided that the family has fulfilled the work requirements. It will be
       deposited into the swim team account if the family does not fulfill the work requirements.
      Work Bond fees and Fundraiser fees are two very different things, Work Bond only covers your
       work responsibilities for meets.

Fundraising Requirements/Fundraising Buyout

Each family is also required to assist with fundraising, or to pay a “Buy Out” fee. Fundraising monies
keep our application fees to a minimum.

      A minimum of 2 dances per family must be chaperoned. These dances fall on Friday evenings in
       July and August.

      If you choose not to participate in the chaperoning of dances, you must provide a check with for
       the “Buy Out” option of $40.00 made payable to the Lopatcong Swim Team by March 28th, 2011.

                                  DIRECTIONS TO POOLS

BELVIDERE          Take Belvidere Road North (the road the Lopatcong Pool is on) into the
                   Center of town. At traffic light, go straight through and up slight hill. At
                   Dead End sign, turn right. Go a short distance and the pool is on your left.

HACKETTSTOWN Take 57 W for @ 20.5 miles. Turn left on CR 517 (Mountain Ave.). Turn
             left on Warren St. This is the Hackettstown Community Pool.

HUNTERDON          Take I 78 E for @ 14 miles and merge onto NJ 31 S via Exit 17 toward
                   Flemington/Trenton. After @ 6.4 miles turn left on W. Woodschurch. After
                   1.2 miles turn left on Woodschurch. Part of the road is unpaved (according
                   to Mapquest). This is an indoor pool.

LOPATCONG          Take Route 22 West. Turn right on Roseberry St. Turn right on Belvidere
                   Rd. (Roseberry St. ends at Belvidere Rd.). Pass Mobile Station on right.
                   Entrance to the pool is on your left.

PALMER             Take Route 22 West to 25th Street Exit. Turn right going toward Palmer
                   Park Mall. At 2nd traffic light turn left. Follow road in “S” shape. Will pass a
                   diner and come to 1818 Tavern. At the Tavern, turn left onto Seip Ave. At
                   the fork in the road, bear left onto Fischer Road. Two stone pillars on the
                   right for entrance to Palmer Pool.

MIDDLE SCHOOL Take Route 22 to Roseberry St. jug handle. Cross over Route 22. Turn
              right on Heckman (this is your 2nd right). Turn left on Warren St. (Finnegan
              Funeral home is on the corner).

WASHINGTON         Take Route 57 to Route 31. Turn right onto Route 31. Just before the
                   railroad trestle, turn right into ball field. Go down toward other end of field
                   and Park. Pool down slight hill.

WILSON             Take Route 22 West to 25th Street Exit. At light turn left. Stay in left hand
                   lane and turn left at first traffic light onto Northhampton Street. Continue to
                   2nd traffic light (bank on left side). After bank look for small sign for pool.
                   Turn left, go for a short distance, and turn left again. Road winds up slight
                   hill on right, which goes into parking lot.

                                        JOB DESCRIPTIONS

All those parents scheduled to work during a given meet must arrive 30 minutes prior to the
beginning of the meet (this usually means 5:30 p.m.). Remember, if you fail to show up for your
scheduled times (unless you have found a replacement), or if you are late and another parent is
asked to fill in for you, you will be reassigned another time to work (in addition to the already
assigned schedule). You must complete the requirements of the worker’s schedule to get your
Work Bond check back.

Groups of families will also be assigned alphabetically to assist in general setup and cleanup of
each home meet. The setup and clean up responsibilities are in addition to the four specifically
assigned jobs required during the season.


       Times swimmers in an assigned lane for every event during a meet, using a stopwatch or other
        timing device provided.
       Records times on clipboard or verbally provides Runner with times.
       With assistance from the Marshaller (see below), ensures the swimmer is in the proper lane,
        swimming in the right event.
       Requires 12 Timers for each home meet (2 in each lane, not to include 1 timer from opposing
        team in each lane), and at least 1 backup Timer. Requires at least 6 timers for each away meet
        (1 in each lane, not to include 1 timer from each opposing team in each lane), and at least 1
        backup Timer.


       Collects or records times from each Timer (see above) for every event during a meet, for our
        swimmers only (specific lanes designated for our team swimmers).
       Collects disqualification notices (DQ’s) from the Stroke and Turn judges (see below).
       Collects placement sheets from the Finish Judges (see below).
       Provides the Scorers (see below) with the times and DQ notices.
       Requires 2 Runners for each meet (not to include the Runners from the opposing team).

Finish /Place Judge

       Determines placement (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) of the swimmers in each event.
       Provides the Runner (see above) with the placement sheet after each event.
       Requires one Finish Judge for each meet (not to include one Finish Judge from the opposing
       NOTE: this job requires specific training. Contact the Executive Board for details.


        Collects times, DQ notices, and placement sheets from Runners (see above).
        Records times, DQ notices, and placement for each event.
        Tabulates placement (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) of the swimmers in each event based on times.
        Tabulates final scores of each meet to determine the winning team.
        Provides scoring sheets to League Statistician, and both team Statisticians (see below).
        NOTE: scorers will eventually be trained and be required to score via the computerized HYTEK
         system, once the League converts to using this system. This is a significant change to our
         current scoring system.


        Takes attendance of all swimmers prior to the start of each meet.
        Keeps younger swimmers (ages 10 and under) together in designated marshalling area.
        Lines younger swimmers up for each event
        Guides younger swimmers to assigned lanes for each event.
        Ensures each younger swimmer is in the proper lane.
        Ensures that younger swimmers know which stroke they are swimming.
        Requires 2 Marshallers for each meet (parents/guardians with children 10 years old or younger
         must marshal at least one of the 4 required times).

Stroke and Turn Official

        Evaluates the strokes of each swimmer in each event.
        Records any DQs for each event.
        Provides DQ information to the Runner (see above) after each event.
        Requires one Stroke and Turn Official for each meet.
        NOTE: this job requires certification. See the Executive Board for details.


        Announces the beginning of the meet.
        Announces the beginning of each event, and the names of the swimmers in each lane.
        Starts the event (using starting system).
        Announces final scoring at the end of the meet.
        Makes any other general announcements needed.
        Acts as overall referee of the meet.
        Requires one Starter for each home meet.
        NOTE: this job requires experience as a Stroke and Turn Official, and training by another
         experienced Starter. See the Executive Board for details.

Hospitality Workers

        Assists Hospitality Coordinators (see Committee Descriptions) with hospitality table, collecting
         and selling food/beverage items during each home meet.
        Assists with setup and cleanup of hospitality table.
        Helps with general setup and breakdown of tables, chairs, tents, etc. before and after each home
         meet. Trash must be brought out to dumpsters when meet ends.
        Assists the coaches with setup of the pool (connecting lane lines, setting up backstroke flags,
         etc.) as needed.
        Requires 5-6 Hospitality Workers for each home meet.
                                  COMMITTEE DESCRIPTIONS

Parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in the various committees, which help to
ensure a successful swim team season. These duties are separate from the mandatory duties
required for the work bond. We greatly appreciate your support on these committees!

Award and Team Gift Committee

      Researches and chooses team gift (with suggestions from the Executive Board and the swim
       team families)
      Orders awards and gifts, picks them up when ready.
      Provides the awards and gifts at the End of Year Picnic.
      Helps the coaches to distribute the awards and gifts.

Bylaw Revision

      Discusses any needed revisions to the bylaws.
      Informs the families of proposed changes.
      Organizes voting of proposed changes for one of the parent meetings.
      Tabulates vote and provides the President with the results.
      Informs the families of any changes to the bylaws.

End of Year Picnic

      Organizes the End of Year Picnic (time and place have already been reserved).
      Advertises picnic to all families
      Orders and picks up hamburgers, hotdogs, cake.
      Organizes sign up for parents to contribute side dishes and drinks.
      Forms setup and cleanup crews and ensures these duties are completed.


      Researches and decides which fundraiser(s) in which to participate for the next season.
      Create flyers and other advertising for each family.
      Distributes information for the current fundraiser to each family.
      Collects all monies and paperwork for the current fundraiser.
      Gives accounting information to the Treasurer.


      Provides food and beverage items (for sale) for all home meets and the Invitational.
      Assigns families to bring various food and beverage items.
      Coordinates with those scheduled to work at the hospitality table during each home meet.
      Counts money collected and provides the Treasurer with the money.

      Assists the Vice President and the League Representative with their duties in running the
      Organizes a Hospitality Committee to provide food and beverages during the Invitational. This
       committee is separate from the team Hospitality Committee, although volunteers may serve on
      Assists in advertise for the Invitational, to include the following duties:
       o Collects advertising from local business, to include those businesses who previously
           advertised in the Invitational program, and those businesses who have not previously
           advertised in the program.
       o Collects fees and the specific ads from the businesses, and provides them to the Vice
       o Provides thank you letters to each advertiser after the Invitational.


      Contacts the newspapers about our meets.
      Contacts various agencies (school districts, recreational departments, townships, etc.) about our
       meets and other events.
      Assists the Executive Board with advertising for registration prior to the beginning of the season.

Team Statistician

      Creates a roster of the team members and sends a copy to the League Statistician before the first
       meet of the season.
      Keeps track of swimmer’s best times, using the Team manager program.
      Makes labels for Improvement Ribbons and Placement Ribbons and distributes them to each
       swimmer via the team mailboxes.

                                        SCHEDULE 2011 SEASON

       Indoor (TBD)
       Outdoor (Lopatcong Pool) Begins Mon. June 20 , M-F
           o 9-10:30 a.m. 11 and overs
           o 10:30-11:30 a.m. 10 and unders
       Developmental Swim, Begins Mon. June 20 , M-Th

       NOTE: practice times and dates are tentative


A Stroke and Turn Clinic (a swim clinic that gives experienced swimmers a chance to hone their skills) is scheduled
for April 11th – 15 , at the Phillipsburg Middle School. This clinic is open to experienced swimmers who were on
last years competitive swim team, (unless approved by Coach Traci. Participants must be a member of the
Lopatcong Swim Team, 8+yrs and must have submitted all paperwork and fees. The cost of the clinic is $35 per
swimmer. Please send separate check and put in memo (Stroke and Turn Clinic) by April 1 .


All meets begin at 6:00 p.m. Swimmers must be at the meet at 5:15 p.m., no later than 5:30. Workers must be at
the meet by 5:30 p.m. Additional Parents Meetings may be scheduled as necessary.

        Date            Day                     Meet/Event                       Location

        June 23         Thursday                Wilson vs. Lopat                 Wilson

        June 28         Tuesday                 Palmer vs. Lopat                 Lopatcong

        June 30         Thursday                Lopat vs. Hackettstown           Hackettstown

        July 5          Tuesday                 Easton vs. Lopat                 Lopatcong

        July 7          Thursday                Lopatcong vs. Bethlehem          Bethlehem

        July 9          Saturday                Invitational                     Lopatcong

        July 12         Tuesday                 Lopatcong vs. HCY                Lopatcong

        July 14         Thursday                Lopatcong vs. Belvidere          Lopatcong

        July 19         Tuesday                 Lopatcong (Bye)

        July 21         Thursday                Washington vs. Lopatcong         Washington

        July 23         Saturday                 Last Chance Meet                Belvidere

        July 26         Tuesday                 End of year Picnic               6:30-9:30pm

        July 30         Saturday                Champs                           Lopatcong

                       Rain Dates are as follows; June 29, July 6, July 13 and July 20.
                                   Picture Date: Wed. June 22nd 630pm

                                      SWIM TEAM APPLICATION
                                        (One form per family)

The children listed below have my permission to swim for the Lopatcong Swim Team Aquatic
Club during the summer of 2011.

Swimmer’s Name                 M/F    Age     Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)             Suit Size

Address: __________________________________________________________________
Father: ___________________________ Home Phone: _______________ Cell: ____________
Mother:___________________________ Home Phone: _______________ Cell: ____________
Email address: _____________________________

Parent or Guardian Signature:________________________________________________

        Swim Team Application Fee is $55 for the first child, $40 for each additional child, not to
         exceed $110.00 per family. This fee is nonrefundable after 1st Indoor Practice. Make this
         check out to ‘Lopatcong Swim Team’.
        Make Work Bond checks of $75 per family out to ‘Lopatcong Swim Team (If your family
         meets their work responsibilities, (4 meets), this check will be returned at the end of the
        Make pool checks out to ‘Township of Lopatcong’.
        A $15.00 late fee applies for all swimmers after March 28th (no exceptions).
        Fundraiser Buy Out If you chose not to Chaperon Dances, $40.00

       --------------------------- Lopatcong Swim Team Use Below -------------------------------------

Lopatcong Membership Check: #__________$__________
Work Bond Check:# __________ $_________
Lopatcong Pool Membership Check:#__________$________
Fundraiser Buy Out (If not participating in Chaperoning Dances) Check:#_______$______
FAMILY: _________________________

If you are certified as a Starter, Place Judge, or Stroke & Turn please check below, if you are
not certified and would like to become certified check below where you are willing to learn:

(Certification/training required for jobs below)               *Willing to Learn*

Starter                       ______________                  ________________
Place Judge                   ______________                  ________________
Stroke & Turn Official        ______________                  ________________

         Note: Penn-Jersey Swim League will be offering a Stroke and Turn Clinic before the first meet

Please circle any of the following committees (as described in the ‘Committee Description’
section) in which you would be willing to assist:

End of Year Picnic                    By-Law Revision               Fundraising

Hospitality                           Invitational                  Publicity

Team Statistician

Please indicate any questions or concerns for the Executive Board or coaches:

                               PARENTAL PERMISSION FORM

Team Member’s Name: ___________________________________

Gender: __________            Age: __________ Grade: __________

Address:          __________________________________



Insurance Coverage:

       Name of Insurance Company: _________________________

       Policy Number: _____________________________________

Emergency Contact Information:

       Name: ___________________________________________

       Phone Number: ____________________________________

       Relationship to Team Member: ________________________

The undersigned releases from any liability, the Lopatcong Swim Team Executive Board, Coaches,
Swim Instructors, or any other persons associated with the Lopatcong Swim Team, for any expenses,
charges, or other costs or claims for damages or injury arising from participation on the Lopatcong Swim

The undersigned is aware of the potential for physical injury during actual participation on the Lopatcong
Swim Team, and during the transportation to and from the meets. The undersigned guarantees that the
participant is appropriately covered by the medical insurance policy specified above.

______________________________                      __________
Signature of Parent/Guardian                        Date

Printed Name of Parent/Guardian


Name of Team Member: ____________________________________________

Date of Birth: __________          Gender:__________

Allergies and Special Medical Conditions:



Tetanus Shot:    Yes/No (circle one)      Date: __________

Hospitalization Coverage:

      Insurance Company Name: ____________________________________

      Policy Number: ______________________________________________

Family Physician: _______________________ Phone Number: ____________

I/We, the Parents/Legal Guardian of the above named team member, do hereby appoint Lopatcong
Swim Officials and Coaches to act in my/our behalf in authorizing unexpected medical and or hospital
care, excluding major elective surgery, for the above named team ember during the period of my

Name: ____________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________



Home Phone Number: __________________ Cell Phone: ______________


______________________________                           __________
Signature Parent/Legal Guardian                          Date

Printed Name Parent/Legal Guardian

                                    STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING

Lopatcong Swim Team must receive all forms and fees by March 28, 2011 or their children will not be allowed to
enter to pool at the first practice (and until the completed forms are provided). To insure the equal treatment of all
families and the safety of all swimmers, there is not exception to this rule!

Please print the Statement of Understanding below, sign and date it, and return it with all other forms and fees.

Thank you for your support!

We, the ____________________________________ family understand that:

    1.      We must abide by the rules and policies of the Lopatcong Swim Team, and the Penn/Jersey League,
            the Lopatcong Community Pool, and any other pools we attend as part of the swim team during the
            swim season.

    2.      We must print/complete and sign the Team Application, Parental Permission/Medical Form, Statement
            of Understanding, Penn/Jersey Code of Conduct, Pool Application, and work bond, (complete with all
            necessary fees and bonds) and mail everything to the following P.O. Box to be received by March 28 ,

                                                 Lopatcong Swim Team
                                                       P.O. Box 206
                                                 Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
    3.      A late fee of $15 will apply after March 28 .

    4.      No child will be allowed to begin practice until all of these applications, bonds, and fees are provided.

    5.      The Work Bond will be returned at the end of the season provided that all requirements have been
            properly fulfilled, or deposited at that time if the requirements are not properly fulfilled.

    6.      If we choose not to participate in the fundraiser, you must provide a Buy Out fee of $40, made payable
            to the Lopatcong Swim Team, by March 28 with the other forms and fees that are due on that date.


______________________________                    ______________________________
Signature of Parent/Guardian                      Signature of Parent/Guardian

______________________________                    ______________________________
Printed Name of Above                             Printed Name of Above

_______________                                   _______________
Date                                              Date

                        PENN-JERSEY SWIM LEAGUE
                          "Sportsmanship Code of Conduct"
In order to promote good sportsmanship at swim meets, the Penn-Jersey Swim League has
constructed a Code of Conduct that all parties connected with the League must follow. We believe that
coaches, officials, swimmers and spectators will be well served by the standards set forth in the
Sportsmanship Code of Conduct.

While the Penn-Jersey Swim League promotes spirited individual and team competition among
swimmers and teams, the primary goal of the League has been, since its inception some thirty years
ago, to encourage sportsmanship, mutual respect, and individual growth for the swimmers. Parents,
coaches, and officials play an important role in shaping these qualities in our swimmers. To that end,
the Sportsmanship Code of Conduct includes guidelines to help adults be positive role models for our

By working together, we can help make the Penn-Jersey Swim League become a model of good
sportsmanship. Swimmers, parents, coaches and officials, please read the Sportsmanship Code of
Conduct and acknowledge your support of the Penn-Jersey Swim League by signing in the appropriate
places below. Thank you for your support.


1.   I will place the emotional and physical well being of my swimmers ahead of my personal desire to

2.   I will treat each swimmer as an individual, keeping the large range of emotional and physical
     development for the same age group in mind.

3.   I will lead by example in demonstrating fair play, sportsmanship and respect and I will not recruit
     swimmers from other league team.

4.   I will be knowledgeable of the rules of the PJSL, and I will teach these rules to my swimmers.

5.   I will remember that I am a youth sports coach and that swim meets are for swimmers.

6.   I will refrain from the use of alcohol and tobacco products when working as a coach for a team that
     belongs to the PJSL.



1.   I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all swimmers, coaches,
     fellow officials and league representatives at all times.

2.   I will ensure that I am knowledgeable in the rules of the meets I officiate, and I will apply those rules
     fairly to all participants, teams and coaches.

3.   I will not allow personal friendships and associations to influence my decisions during a swim meet.

4.   I will refrain from the use of tobacco and alcohol products when working as an official for a team
     that belongs to the PJSL.

5.   I shall remain mindful that my conduct influences the respect that swimmers, coaches and
     spectators hold for officials.



1.   I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all swimmers,
     coaches and officials at every swim meet and practice.

2.   I will place the emotional and physical well being of my child ahead of my personal desire to

3.   I will demand a sports environment for my child that is free from drugs, tobacco, and alcohol
     and will refrain from such use at all swim meets and practices.

4.   I will remember that swim meets are for swimmers - not parents.



1.   I will remember that good sportsmanship is more important than the outcome of the swim

2.   I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support and respect for fellow
     swimmers, coaches and officials.

3.   I will refrain from the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco when participating on a team that
     belongs to the PJSL.


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