Form 29 Parent Notification regarding Request for testing by W0A1uzu


									                                                                             Steve E. Thrash
                                                                             Superintendent of Education
                                                                             5204 Hwy 11 North
                                                                             Ellisville, MS 39437
                                                                             Telephone (601) 649-5201
                                                                             Fax (601) 649-1613

Dear Parent:                                                                        Date:

On                               you requested that Jones County School District take the following action
        (date of request)

request for comprehensive assessment regarding your child,                                         .

This notice is to inform you that we feel that a comprehensive assessment is not appropriate at this
time based on the following reasons:

    Vision and Hearing incomplete
    Three-Tier Process incomplete (MS State Board Policy 4300 attached)
    Interventions in Three-Tier Process are successful
    Adequate Class performance (grades, work samples, observations)
    Universal Assessment(s) indicate student scored within or above class average
    Behavioral Intervention(s) incomplete
    Behavioral Intervention(s) are successful
    Excessive Absenteeism/Tardiness
    Environmental Factors

Your child’s progress will be closely monitored and evaluated by your school’s Teacher Support Team.
Should your child proceed through the Response to Intervention (RTI) process with no educational
progress or gains noted, a comprehensive educational assessment will be considered at that time.
Attached you will find your procedural safeguards that provide you and your child protections under
federal and state regulations. You may contact your school administrator or the following resource
personnel to help you understand the procedures and policies adhered to by the Jones County School

Juanna Warren, RTI Coordinator: 601-477-9162
Dr. Terri White, Special Services Director: 601-428-1564
James Walters, Assistant Superintendent: 601-649-5201

Your child’s education is important to us as well as your continued input regarding your child’s
educational services. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions regarding this information.

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