Type1 diabetes Mellitus by yunismalik


									Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic disorders sharing common phenotype of elevated blood
glucose level for prolonged period of time.In type1 diabetes mellitus the beta cells of the
pancreas produce little or absolutely no insulin.The low insulin production is due to the loss of
beta cells.The process is autoimmune (immune mediated) ie;the cells of the body's defence
system turn against body's own tissue and destroy the beta cells.Anti beta cell
antibodiesGAD,IA2,IAC can be detected in type 1 diabetes.Type 1 diabetes begins with a
genetic susceptibility to the disease,and some environmental event (coxsackievirus ,rubella virus
etc.)initiates the process in such susceptible individuals followed by an autoimmune attack. In
some cases no known cause can be found( idiopathic).Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed in
children and teenagers between 5-15 years of age.The onset of symptoms is sudden unlike type 2
diabetes where the symptoms may be subtle or absent.

symptoms of diabetes mellitus

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