THE SPEEDWELL FOUNDATION
                         STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM:

All Lancaster/Lebanon area students are invited to attend a meeting to discuss studying abroad.
The meeting will be:
                             Thursday, February 17
                             6:00 p.m.
                             Warwick High School Auditorium
                             301 W. Orange Street
                             Lititz, PA 17543

The Speedwell Foundation (Michael G. and Jenny K. Messner, Trustees) would like to offer
students in the Lancaster/Lebanon area; including private schools, cyber and homeschooled
students the opportunity to study abroad. The Foundation will be working with AFS
( and CIEE (, two organizations that have many years of
experience in sending American students abroad for study. Two types of scholarships will be
offered for students in the Lancaster/Lebanon area. Both types of scholarships will cover all of
the standard costs of studying abroad. The scholarship opportunities are as follows:

   1. Students who would like to study abroad during their junior year of high school.
   2. High School graduates who would like to spend a gap-year or semester abroad before
      starting college.

Approximately 10 scholarships for each option will be available annually for Lancaster/Lebanon
High School students.

Caeley Cote, International Studies Director, and CIEE: Council on International Educational
Exchange will be presenting information on the study abroad program for students and parents.
The meeting will be held at Warwick High School on Thursday, February 17 at 6:00 p.m. in the
High School Auditorium. Students and parents from all Lancaster/Lebanon schools are invited
to attend this meeting. For more information please call the Warwick Counseling Office at

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