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									Mary L. Thrasher, ET 8033                                           August 25, 2011

EDLD 5326 / PEDG 5388 School Community Relations

Week 1 Assignment
Schools can and do influence how their supporting community – parents and other family
members, businesses, agencies, and organizations – interacts with students and school
personnel. Because research shows that family and community involvement has a positive
impact on student learning, schools should strive to increase all levels of community

In your Week 1 Assignment, you will describe and analyze two of your school’s community
involvement programs: their goals, their levels of participation and impact on student learning,
and various aspects that prevent and promote their success. In Weeks 2-4, you will design a
new, or strengthen an existing, community partnership that integrates school, family, and/or
community resources to more effectively support student achievement.

Mary L. Thrasher, ET 8033                                                    August 25, 2011

EDLD 5326 / PEDG 5388 School Community Relations

Use the following Rubric to guide your work on the Week 1 Assignment.

         Tasks                Accomplished                      Proficient               Needs Improvement
                                    10                              8                              6
                          The evidence suggests           The evidence suggests       The evidence does not yet
                        that this work is a “Habit of    that performance on this       make the case for the
                          Mind.” The educator is          work matches that of a      educator being proficient at
                         ready to mentor others in           strong educator.                  this task.
                                  this area.

Analysis of School      Student clearly identifies      Student identifies two        Student identifies one, or
Involvement Programs    and describes two current       current parent/community      fails to identify any, current
                        parent/community                involvement programs, the     parent/community
                        involvement programs, the       needs the programs            involvement programs, the
                        needs the programs              address, and the perceived    needs the programs
                        address, and the perceived      levels of participation and   address, and the perceived
                        levels of participation and     impact on student             levels of participation and
                        impact on student               achievement.                  impact on student
                        achievement.                                                  achievement.

SWOT Analysis           Student demonstrates            Student uses a SWOT           Student incompletely uses,
                        effective use of a SWOT         analysis to identify the      or fails to use, a SWOT
                        analysis to identify the        strengths, weaknesses,        analysis to identify the
                        strengths, weaknesses,          opportunities, and threats    strengths, weaknesses,
                        opportunities, and threats      in the two parent/            opportunities, and threats
                        in the two parent /             community involvement         in the two parent/
                        community involvement           programs.                     community involvement
                        programs.                                                     programs.

Assignment Mechanics    Responses are relevant to       Responses are relevant to     Responses do not reflect
                        course content; no errors       course content; few errors    knowledge of course
                        in grammar, spelling, or        in grammar, spelling, or      content, lack clarity and
                        punctuation.                    punctuation.                  depth, and/or include
                                                                                      multiple errors in grammar,
                                                                                      spelling, and punctuation,
                                                                                      including APA errors.

  Mary L. Thrasher, ET 8033                                             August 25, 2011

  EDLD 5326 / PEDG 5388 School Community Relations

  Week 1 Assignment, Part 1: Analysis of School Involvement Programs
  In Part 1 of this assignment, you will analyze two of your school’s current community
  engagement programs (one that primarily involves parents and one that primarily involves the
  larger community), to show the student needs they address and who is most involved in the
  programs. You will then complete a SWOT Analysis on each of the programs you have
  analyzed to identify each program’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

  To complete this assignment:
         In the chart, identify two parent/community involvement programs that your school
          currently has in place. Include one parent program and one community (external
          partner) program.
         List the student need(s) that each program addresses.
         Rate the current level of participation in each program by the three contributors: school
          personnel, families, and the overall community. A rating of 1 indicates minimal
          participation; a 5 rating indicates full participation.
         Rate the current impact of each program’s contributors on student learning. A rating of 1
          indicates lowest impact on student learning, and 5 the highest impact.
         After filling out the chart, answer the questions provided.

Program Name &                                                                   Impact on Student
                              Needs Addressed           Level of Participation
Description                                                                      Achievement

San Marcos CISD Parent
Community Day at San
Marcos High School:
Two days are set aside at
the end of the 1st and 3rd
Nine Weeks grade period.
The school day is
adjusted to 10:00 – 6:00
pm. This allows parents    This day is set aside to
to pick up their student’s    foster parent and
report cards and meet                                   Personnel: 5             Personnel: 4
                              teacher relationships
with the teachers. The                                  Families:4               Families:4
                              which in turn will help
school’s goal is to have      contribute to student     Community:0              Community:0
100 percent parent            success in school.
contact on these days,
either in person or by
phone. The teachers call
parents to secure a thirty
minute appointment time.
The teachers collaborate
together to meet as a
group with the parents if
possible. Parents may

  Mary L. Thrasher, ET 8033                                           August 25, 2011

  EDLD 5326 / PEDG 5388 School Community Relations

request one-on-one
parent conference with
individual teachers or a
team conference with all
of their child’s teachers.
If a parent is unable to
attend, teachers either
meet per phone
conference or at another
schedule time. The goal
is 100 percent
participation and it is
usually close to it each
year. This has been a
part of the SMCISD
calendar for twenty years.

Hernandez Elementary
School’s Family Math
The school holds a
Family Math Night where
the professors from the
math department at
Texas State University
and their students provide
learning stations with
authentic, life relevant
math problems for the
parents and children to
work together. Students       This program
are encouraged to visit       addresses student        Personnel: 5           Personnel: 5
the math stations at their    achievement, the
                                                       Families: 4            Families: 4
grade level first and then    importance of learning
they can choose to visit      math, and the increase   Community: 3           Community: 3
the grade above or below      of math skills.
their grade level. In doing
this, students are able to
stretch and challenge
their math knowledge by
trying the math stations in
the next grade level. For
many, they are able to
realize what they are
learning will help lay the
foundation for next year.
Parents are able to see
how the math skills build
on each other.

Mary L. Thrasher, ET 8033                                       August 25, 2011

EDLD 5326 / PEDG 5388 School Community Relations

Which program most effectively involves family, school, and/or community?
The Family Math Night definitely involves the family, school, and the community most
effectively because all three facets are involved in the program. From the planning
stage right up to that night, all three groups are involved. The school gets local
organizations to set up tables with refreshments. These organizations provide materials
and handouts to the parents to show how parents can use their services. The Family
Math Night involves the majority of parents of the children. The parents are able to
participate in educational math activities that demonstrate real life applications of math.
For many of our parents, they have shared how this night has made them aware of how
to incorporate math into their family’s daily life. Parents are also able to sign up for
extended math classes offered through our public library. The library is one of the
booths that are available that night I feel Family Math Night has made a significant
impact on student success and achievement, along with empowering our parents with
tools to assist them with math.

Overall, who provides the most support for your school’s programs?

Parents definitely provide the most support for the school’s programs. If it weren’t for
the parents, there would not be all the extras we are able to provide for the students and
community. Our Parent Support Team meets monthly to support both teachers and
students. They are the ones that orchestrate all the events that provide a rich school
environment. Their efforts continue to amaze me each year. They are also in charge of
the VIPS, Volunteers in Public Schools, program. Through creating the brown bag
program, many of our parents that can not physically come to school to volunteer are
able to stuff envelopes, cut out laminated objects, make teacher appreciation gifts, etc…
All through the efforts of this small group of parents that have a clear vision for
improving and supporting education in our community.
How is program information communicated to parents, the community, and throughout the
school? How could the communication be made more effective?
The Parent Support Team uses a variety of avenues for communicating with parents,
the community, and throughout the school. They send out letters in the mail, home
flyers with students, community news section in the newspaper, informational coffees,
phone committees, and the marquee in front of the school.
In this day and time, the Parent Support Team could use a variety of technology to
communicate with the stakeholders. Emailing and texting is something that could easily
be incorporated. The use of Twitter could be another vehicle to get information out to
parents. Creating a Facebook page or a Website and other social media tools would
propel communication into the 21st century. These are the tools that our parents are
using in their worlds so schools need to take advantage of the tools that are available.

Mary L. Thrasher, ET 8033                                         August 25, 2011

EDLD 5326 / PEDG 5388 School Community Relations

Who could become involved in each program to increase the program’s effectiveness?
Although the Parent Support Team does a fantastic job, the entire program’s
effectiveness would improve if it would include a few teachers and community
members. I feel the group should always have more parents than teachers since it is
the “Parent Support Team”. If they were able to include a teacher from each grade
level, they would be able to make some decisions in less time. Teachers would be able
to know if certain ideas would be possible and what needs to be done on the campus
side to propel the idea into existence. The teachers would be able to communicate with
the school’s staff the original intent and goals of the project or program.
After reading this week’s assignments, I would probably recommend adding a
representative from the Chamber of Commerce. This representative would be able to
communicate with the business world in our community to increase community
involvement and allow participation from this stakeholder. Strengthening the Parent
Support Team would be a win-win situation for the Team, the community, and the

How could additional participants be drawn into these programs?

The best way to draw participants into any program is through personal invitations made
by the Parent Support Team members, administrators, teachers, or other parents. You
will get a greater return for your efforts if the Parent Support Team would make every
effort to be more personal in inviting participants. The use of email adds a personal
touch or a hand written note. A phone call would also add the personal touch to draw
stakeholders into these programs. Anything that creates a more personal, positive
invitation would be an added plus to any programs as they move to increasing
participation in the programs.

What needs do students at your school have that are not being addressed? What type of
community engagement program might best addressed those student needs?

Behavior and discipline concerns are not being addressed. Our schools have
incorporated the CHAMPS program as a positive behavior system, but we continue to
have behavior issues every year. Some of those issues continue to reoccur each year.
Yes, we have made improvements in the area of behavior, but if we are ever going to
be an exemplary school, we must teach our students some common courtesies that are
not currently addressed. Many of these misbehaviors are a result of
misunderstandings, improper confrontation skills, and a weakness in communicating
with each other. Community stakeholders could provide different social and informal
opportunities to teach students about their culture and heritage. In learning more about
their heritage, students will be able to respect each other’s cultural differences.

Mary L. Thrasher, ET 8033                                            August 25, 2011

EDLD 5326 / PEDG 5388 School Community Relations

Week 1 Assignment, Part 2: SWOT Analysis
A SWOT analysis is a strategic planning tool used to identify the strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities, and threats for a program or organization.

To complete this assignment:

      Analyze the programs you selected in Part 1 by completing a SWOT (Strengths,
       Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis.

  Aspect                         Parent Program                    Community Program

                                 Positive features would
                                                                   By incorporating members
                                 include the
                                                                   from the university, we are
                                                                   able to provide role models
                                 interactions, the creation of a
                                                                   for students. As the
                                 positive school environment,
                                                                   university math students
                                 the contribution to planning
  Strengths: Positive                                              conduct the Family Math
                                 and facilitating all family
  features of the partnership.                                     Night, students are able to
                                 events, the increase in parent
  What are its resources and                                       see young people in a
                                 participation, and the
  capabilities on which to                                         positive mentor role. These
                                 communication with all
  potentially build?                                               role models leave lasting
                                 parents. The stakeholder’s
                                                                   impressions on our students.
                                 experience, knowledge,
                                                                   They encourage students and
                                 business expertise, and
                                                                   parents to be involved in the
                                 personal interests are all
                                                                   math learning process and
                                 resources that have great
                                                                   not fear math.
                                 potential to build upon.

                                                                   Working with college students
                                 One weakness is the lack of
                                                                   can sometimes weaken the
                                 technology tools in getting out
                                                                   process in a planned
  Weaknesses: Sometimes          information to the community.
                                                                   program. At times, there will
  a weakness is the absence      Another weakness would be
                                                                   be students who did not
  of a strength, such as high    the lack of teacher
                                                                   prepare as much as others
  cost. Other times, a           representation on the team. I
                                                                   did. Their communication in
  weakness could be the flip     realize it is a Parent Support
                                                                   teaching the activity will
  side of a strength. Huge       Team but having a couple of
                                                                   include youthful jargon that is
  involvement can be a           teachers would facilitate
                                                                   not necessarily appealing to
  strength, but it might be a    many of decisions that are
                                                                   adults. Another weakness
  weakness if you are trying     made and would allow
                                                                   occurs during a weak
  to gain consensus around       campus knowledge of rules
                                                                   economy. This will result in
  a change.                      and procedures to be
                                                                   low level participation from
                                 addressed early in the
                                                                   the community’s small
                                 planning stage of projects.

  Opportunities: Potential       Potential opportunities for
                                                                   We have several
  opportunities for growth or    strengthening and growing
                                                                   manufacturing companies in
  becoming stronger.             would be found in

Mary L. Thrasher, ET 8033                                            August 25, 2011

EDLD 5326 / PEDG 5388 School Community Relations

  Examples include the          incorporating every effort to      our area and we need to
  involvement of new people,    extend a personal invitation to    reach out to them to
  unexpected funding, and       parents to get involved.           strengthen our Math Family
  new possibilities within an   Letting parents know at the        Night. By doing this, students
  existing partnership.         beginning of the school year       will be exposed to
                                about the Parent Community         opportunities to see how
                                Days, sending them an email        math is used in the
                                or text reminder as well, and      manufacturing community.
                                communicating with business        Many of our students have
                                stakeholders about this day        parents that are employed by
                                would send a message to the        these companies. This would
                                entire community we are all in     also dignify their parent’s
                                this together.                     work and expertise in those
                                During a student’s senior          fields. Students will learn the
                                year, it would be great idea to    importance of learning math
                                empower the student with           today for the future
                                skills to have the conferences
                                with their teachers. This
                                would provide training for
                                their future needs in meeting
                                with college professors or
                                employers about issues and
                                concerns. This type of
                                training is left out and is so
                                beneficial for all students.

                                                                   The biggest threats to the
                                                                   Family Math Night would be
                                                                   Texas State University Math
                                                                   Department’s decision to not
                                A huge threat to Parent            facilitate the evening and
                                Community Day would be the         professors not including the
                                board deciding not to include      evening’s presentations as
  Threats: People or factors    it as part of the school           part of their class’s
  that threaten the program.    district’s calendar each           assignments. Without the
  Examples include              semester. Another threat to        university’s support in leading
  anticipated downsizing in a   PCD would be an                    the Family Math Night, the
  partner and the               administrator who did not          Parent Support Team would
  “graduation” of a strong,     value the benefits of              have to redesign the evening
  informal community leader.    contacting every parent in         and reach deeper into the
                                their building to issue positive   community and with the
                                comments and information to        school district to provide the
                                parents.                           much needed expertise to
                                                                   continue the program. A
                                                                   budget cut would also be a
                                                                   threat to the program.


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