HOMEROOM PARENTS

There are three main forms of contact that you will have with the parents of your
classroom this year. They are phone calls, e-mail and written notes that you send home
with the student. Sending home a permission slip would be the best way to gain this
information. A copy of an approved permission slip is included.

As a homeroom parent, you might be provided a class roster for your child’s classroom,
including names and phone numbers. If you do receive a negative reaction to a phone
call, please do not contact that parent again.

This information is provided to us as a courtesy to make our job easier. Please do not
distribute this list of names and numbers to other people or contact them in reference to
anything other than school activities. We can only distribute this information with the
express permission of each individual parent due to privacy laws.

Please contact only those parents who have requested that group e-mails be sent to them.
You may verbally ask parents if you can contact them by e-mail or if they send you an
e-mail first, you may then contact them via this e-mail.

There will be times when you will need to contact your parents by letter. After being
notified that you are the homeroom parent for your child’s class, we ask that you send out
a letter introducing yourself at the beginning of the school year. This will be the first
contact you will have with your fellow parents. There is an approved example attached.

Throughout the year, there will be other occasions that will require communication to be
sent home. Please make sure that any and all written correspondences that you send
home are approved (including e-mail). On the following pages, you will find some
generic form letters and copies of personalized letters from last year that you may use if
you wish. They have already been approved and may go out straight from you to the
parents of the classroom. You may make a copy of them and fill in the blanks, or you
may re-type them using the same wording for e-mail purposes. If you do not choose to
use these letters, you may make up your own. However, this is a longer process. The
President of the PTA and the Principal, Mrs. Talley, must approve all correspondence
that goes home. Send the correspondence to pchiarenza@hotmail.com for approval. Or
ask one of the front office personnel to forward it to Pearl Chiarenza the PTA President
and if she approves it she will then forward it to Mrs. Talley for approval. Mrs. Talley
will give it back to the office staff for you to then pick it up and proceed with making the
changes or go straight to making your copies. This is a procedure that could take several
days. So we are encouraging you to use the pre-approved letters. THERE ARE NO

PTA Homeroom Parent Handbook             2008/2009
The PTA is using goldenrod copy paper for all correspondence. You may use this if you
wish. It will be located in the copy room in the media center. If you have not served on
copy team or been trained on our copiers, please contact Cheri Pignataro at
506-1526 for training prior to using the machines. There is no exception to this

If you are requesting monetary donations from your parents, you must state in your letter
that you will collect the money that is sent in on a daily basis. This is to alleviate the
problem of having money kept in the classroom. You may put a specific dollar amount if
you need to but the letter must state that it is a voluntary donation. Example: “I would
like to collect $2.00 per student for the pizza for this event. If you would like to make a
donation that would be great!” This is a change in wording from the past. Mrs. Talley
approves this new wording.

The PTA VP of Administrative Support has collected “Teachers Wish Lists” which are
housed in a notebook in the front office. Please use these when looking for ideas for
teacher’s gifts or to offer a special treat for your teachers during Teacher Appreciation,
etc. Just ask the office staff to guide you to its whereabouts. As well as coordinating
volunteers for your classroom, you may also be contacted by various Chairs to help
arrange volunteers for PTA sponsored events or projects. Examples of these activities
include: Fundraising, Yearbook, Book Fairs, Health Screenings, Field Day and
specifically Teacher Appreciation.

I know that this all sounds overwhelming about now. Please don’t let it be. Here at
Cimino, we are truly blessed to have absolutely amazing parental support and
involvement, not to mention a supportive school staff, teachers, and principal. Use your
resources, include everyone and spread the joy! A wonderful experience awaits you….

PTA Homeroom Parent Handbook             2008/2009

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