KEWASKUM KIWANIS                      WOODY’S STEAKHOUSE                    01-23-2006
HERE WE GO AGAIN                       *Stacy Gajewski - $500 Rose -        DOUG PLUGS CHILI SUPPER
Meeting called to order January       Approval not received                 Peace United Church of Christ is
23rd at 6 PM at Woody's               *Ashley Sajdowitz - $500 Edwards      sponsoring a Chili Supper Feb.
Restaurant by Vice-President          – Paid                                19th. Music provided by the
Doug Christensen. There were          *Shannon Dwyer - $1000 Pete           Sunrays (60's-70's-80's music)
sixteen members and one guest         Peterson - 2nd $1000 paid             starting at 3 PM with Chili served
present. Ken Kurtz owner of           *The School Nutrition Program         at 5 PM. Proceeds are divided
Cedardale Woodworks in Barton         has been reimbursed for the Key       equally among students of the
was a guest of Kevin Bartelt and      Club Turkey Dinner for Senior         church attending college.
would like to become a member of      Citizens.
our club. Welcome Ken                 *Woody's payments are only            GOOD NIGHT
                                      lacking last week's payment.          Charlie Walls moved to adjourn,
SHE WINS AGAIN                        *The CD for the foundation was        second by Mike Heberer,
Raffle winner - Chris Plaum took      being looked at by St. Francis        Approved at 6:50 PM.
the $12 winnings home. Songs          Bank. They are reviewing to see if
sung were, “There is a Tavern in      they can meet the WBSB rates. Gil     MEMBERS PRESENT
the Town” & “Deck the Halls.”         should know by EOB today.
                                                                            Larry Ammel
THE LAW WANTS HELP                    A POSSIBLE PROGRAM                    Kevin Bartelt
A letter from Kewaskum Police         Clark Pearson reported that he was    Doug Christensen
Chief Knoebel was read                able to contact Heather Kienast       Jim Dorn
concerning ID kits for children in    concerning the Boy Scout              Gary Gavin
the community. The kits would         Learning for Life Program. She        Jerry Gilles
provide parents a quick way to        has started night classes, but will   Mike Heberer
collect information such as           be able to attend our meeting to      Roger Neumann
fingerprints, DNA samples, and        provide a program in the next         Chuck Ogi
photos and store in a safe place in   week or two.                          Clark Pearson
the event of a child missing. The                                           Chris Plaum
cost would be $500 for 500            GOING TO MISS HIM                     Jim Reigle
children. Gary Gavin moved,           Mike Swisher told us a change in      Ray Schaefer
second by Jim Reigle to have          his business has required him to      Mike Swisher
Chief Knoebel present a program       relocate. He will be moving to        Wayland Tessar
for our club in the near future to    Sheboygan and will be unable to       Charlie Walls
explain how it works and what we      continue as a member of our club.
need to do to participate.            He will continue to provide           PERFECT ATTENDANCE
Approved.                             Website support and his telephone     SEVENTEEN WEEKS
                                      number will remain the same. We       Doug Christensen
E-MAIL FROM GIL                       wish Mike well in his new location    Wayland Tessar
Gil Kowalczyk sent an e-mail          and will miss him being with us.      SIXTEEN WEEKS
requesting payments be made and                                             Roger Neumann
sent to the Kewaskum Kiwanis PO       SELL,SELL,SELL!
Box 154, or given to Roger                                                  BIRTHDAYS
                                      Continue to sell Entertainment
Neumann where Gil will pick them                                            1-30 Pat Reigle
                                      Books and Ice Out Raffle tickets.
up later this week when he returns                                          1-30 Larry Ammel
from a business trip. Gil also
                                      KEVIN BRINGS ANOTHER
mentioned in his e-mail message                                             PROGRAMS NEEDED
that the Scholarship payment                                                January 30 – Program needed
                                      Ken Kurtz was introduced as a
                                      new member. He lives 3 miles east
*Jackie Vandrell - $2000 Kiwanis                                            February 6 - Program needed
                                      of Boltonville. He has operated
& $500 Key Club                                                         February 13 – Students/Month
                                      Cedardale Woodworks in Barton
*Jodi Winter - $750 Technical                                               February 20 – Program needed
                                      area for 16 years. He does
Kiwanis - Approval not received                                             February 27 – Program needed
                                      furniture, church pews, and other
*Briana Bastian - (2) $1000 Pete
                                      related woodwork.
Peterson - 1st $1000 paid                                                   If anyone has ideas fro programs,
                                                                            please let your officers know.
KEWASKUM KIWANIS                   WOODY’S STEAKHOUSE                     01-23-2006
CLUB MEMBERS                       Gil Kowalczyk                          children and their communities
Larry Ammel - 10-8-99              Tom Neal                               benefit from the efforts of a
Kevin Bartelt -5-19-03             Clark Pearson -06                      proficient group of caring and
Orv Behnke - 6-1-54                Chuck Ogi - 06                         involved volunteers. In a typical
Gene Bohn - 3-2-59                 Gary Gavin - 07                        year, Kiwanis clubs invest more
Jeff Butler - 12-2-96              Charlie Walls - 07                     than 6.2 million hours and US
Doug Christensen - 4-1-03          Jerry Gilles - 08                      $100 million in communities
Eric Christie - 4-1-03             Tom Kolb – 08                          around the world. Through these
Jim Dorn - 9-04                                                           efforts, the Kiwanis organization
Roy Esser - 7-17-60                OBJECTS OF KIWANIS                     truly leaves a lasting impression on
Gil Flocker - 1-1-8-               The Fifth Object of Kiwanis            future generations.
Gary Gavin - 10-30-95              International is “To provide,          DID YOU KNOW?
Jerry Gilles - 1-29-96             through Kiwanis clubs, a practical     1948 – began co-sponsoring the
Mike Heberer - 1-22-02             means to form enduring                 Badger Boys State program.
Woody Kleinhans - 8-22-05          friendships, to render altruistic      1950 – co-sponsored Badgers Girls
Tom Kolb - 5-12-04                 service, and to build better           State program.
Gil Kowalczyk - 8-4-97             communities.”                          1951 – worked with County
Tom Neal - 5-12-02                                                        Agriculture Agent on milk
Roger Neumann - 5-20-91            KIWANIS INTERNATIONAL                  sanitation program.
Dr. Charles Ogi - 6-9-93           FACTS                                  1952 – sponsored a camper to
Dr. Greg Ogi - 1-27-97             Builders Club is a Kiwanis-            Camp Waubeek.
Clark Pearson - 9-30-96            sponsored service club for students    1953 – sponsored a representative
Christine Plaum - 9-19-05          in junior high and middles schools.    to Tree For Tomorrow Camp.
Jim Reigle - 9-1-53                Each Builder Club is a local           1954- gave a one-year, $100.00
Ray Schaefer - 6-47                project of its sponsoring Kiwanis      scholarship to a KHS graduate
Kevin Scheunemann - 9-23-96        club, and there is no district or      entering college to prepare for
Paul Steinmetz – 12-5-05           International Builders Club            teaching.
Roy Swanson - 5-72                 structure. With support from           1955 – investigated keeping
Mike Swisher - 8-29-05             Kiwanis clubs, Key Clubs, and          highway 45 traveling through
Wayland Tessar - 10-2-67           Circle K Clubs, the Builders Club      Kewaskum.
Charlie Walls - 4-6-03             network has grown to include           1956- purchase of Safety Patrol
Bob Zarling – 10-15-63             more than 1,500 clubs and 44,000       raincoats and caps.
                                   members in 13 nations.                 1957 – sent Safety Patrol to Braves
Bob Zarling – 10-15-63                                                    baseball game.
                                   Kiwanis plays a special role in        1958 – sponsor baseball program
CLUB OFFICERS                      developing future generations of       and purchased 56 uniforms.
Kevin Scheunemann - President      leaders. K-Kids clubs at the           1959 – purchased $500.00 of
Doug Christensen -Vice President   elementary school level, Builders      playground equipment for village
Roger Neumann - Secretary          Clubs in middle school and junior      park.
Gil Kowalczyk - Treasurer          highs, Key Clubs in high schools,      1960 - $200.00 purchase of
Tom Neal - Imm. Past President     and Circle K clubs at the collegiate   Kewaskum Christmas decorations.
                                   level are all Kiwanis organizations
FOUNDATION BOARD                   that teach community service and       My grandfather once told me that
Kevin Scheunemann                  leadership skills to young people.     there are two kinds of people:
Doug Christensen - Secretary       In addition, Aktion Clubs are made     those who do the work and those
Gil Kowalczyk - Treasurer          up of adults with mental and           who take the credit. He told me to
Tom Neal                           physical disabilities who              try to be in the first group; there
Mike Heberer -06 - President       enthusiastically perform service to    was less competition there – Indira
Wayland Tessar -07                 help others.                           Gandhi
Gene Bohn - 08
                                   A typical Kiwanis club is a            KIWANIS IS A GLOBAL
CLUB BOARD                         snapshot of its community, with        ORGANIZATION OF VOLUNTEERS
Kevin Scheunemann                  members from all walks of life and     DEDICATED TO CHANGING THE
Doug Christensen                   at every step of the career ladder.    WORLD, ONE CHILD AND ONE
Roger Neumann                      They are united in their belief that   COMMUNITY AT A TIME

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