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					Champlin,     F. T.   Rogers,   William R. White and        George   F.   on   the twelfth day to a full glass, but not to exceed three
Keene.                                                                    quarts in  the twenty-four hours. After twenty days, if vom¬
                      Prize Essay Contest.                                iting does not take place and the milk is digested well, the
  President White announced a prize of $500, offered by a                 quantity may be diminished and solid food given progressively
member of the society for an essay by any member of the                   as follows:    Milk soup three times a day; soft boiled eggs,
medical profession on the subject, "Postoperative Phlebitis."             broth, broth with the yellow of an egg, meat juice, custard;
Every competitor for this prize is expected to forward to the             white meat, soft and boiled; mashed vegetables and last of all
president, Dr. William R. White, 7 Greene Street, Providence,             bread. He recommends the following to combat the gastric
R. I., on or before Feb. 1, 1905, a copy of his dissertation,             irritation and thus allay the tendency to vomit:
legibly written, preferably in type and suitably bound, so as                R. Bismuthi subnit.3v 201
to be easily handled. The writer's name and address must be                        Aquae .Büi                                       90|
enclosed in a sealed envelope bearing on the outside a motto                 M. Sig.: Shake the bottle and take the entire amount at
corresponding with one on the accompanying dissertation.                  one dose.

Any clew given by the dissertation or any action on the part                This may be repeated as necessary and warm fomentations
of the author which may reveal his name before the award                  applied to the epigastrium. This line of treatment may be
of the prize will disqualify him. In case no dissertation is              continued for two weeks, when the following combination may
considered sufficiently meritorious, no award will be made.               be substituted:
A high value will be placed on original work. Letters accom¬                 R. Sodii sulph.
panying the unsuccessful dissertations will be destroyed un¬                     Sodii bicarb., ââ.xlv                        3
                                                                                 Sodii xv                        1
opened and the dissertation may be procured by their re¬
spective authors if application be made within three months                      Aquae q. s. ad.Oii                            1000|
                                                                             M. Sig.: Warm the solution and drink a glassful daily in
after the announcement of the award.
                                                                          divided doses.
                            Papers   Read.                                                         Hemorrhoids.
   Dr. Herbert Terry read a paper on "Tumors of the Blauder,"               The following outline of treatment is recommended by
Dr. W. Louis Chapman one on "Postoperative Pneumonia with                 Preissmann in Ther. Gaz., in the treatment of hemorrhoids:
Experiments on Its Pathogenesy," and Dr. William F. Glea-                    R. Pot. xxx                           2
son one on the "Care of the Feeble-Minded."                                      Iodi (pure) .gr. iii                           20
                 Care of Feeble-Minded Children.                                 Glycerini .3i 30
                                                                            M. Sig. : Apply locally once an hour on absorbent cotton.
   The society then passed the following resolution:
   Whereas, It is the sense of this meeting that the care and train¬        Or a stronger solution as follows:
ing of the feeble minded are the concern of the state and should             R. Pot. iodidi .gr. Ixxv                         5
be pursued as an integral part of our system of public education                 Iodi (pure) .gr. xxx                         2
and not as a charity ; and
  Whereas, It is sound public policy as well as to the advantage                 Glycerini .gi 30
of the afflicted that such education for Rhode Island children              M. Sig.: Apply locally on cotton every two hours after
should be provided by an institution in this state ; therefore, be it
  Resolved, That the legislative committee of this society be re¬         taking a tepid sitz bath.
quested to present to the consideration of the honorable general                         Iodin in Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
assembly an adequate plan for putting Into effect the education of
feeble-minded children through the establishment by the state of
a   suitable home and school.                                                Delearde, in Bul. Gen. de Ther., recommends the following
                                                                          combination containing iodin in the treatment of pulmonary
                                                                          tuberculosis :
                      Therapeutics.                                         R. Tinct. iodi .3iiss 10
                                                                                  Pot. iodidi .gr. xv                         1
   [Our readers are invited to send favorite prescriptions or                     Glycerini .3v 20
outlines of treatment, such as have been tried and found useful,                  Syr. aurantii corticis .3vi 25
for publication in these columns. The writer's name must be                       Aquae q. s. ad.gxvi 500
                                                                            M. Sig.: One dessertspoonful twice a day before meals
attached, but it will be published or omitted as he may prefer.
It is the aim of this department to aid the general practi¬               well diluted in water.
tioner by giving practical prescriptions and, in brief, methods             This line of treatment seems to improve the digestion, acts
of treatment for the diseases seen especially in every-day prac¬          as a tonic, and decreases the
                                                                                                         tendency to vomit.
tice. Proper inquiries concerning general formulae and out¬
lines of treatment are answered in these columns without                                              Diabetes.
allusion to inquirer.]                                                       In the treatment of diabetes W. H. Thomson, in Amer. Med.,
                 Laxative in Pregnant Women.                              states that he rarely employs opium, codein or other opium
   The following combination is recommended by Lutaud in                  derivatives, as they only relieve the symptoms for a time and
Jour, de Med. Interne, as a laxative to relieve the constipa¬             do not change the nutrition of the tissues. The author rec¬
tion of pregnant women:                                                   ommends, as being of more permanent benefit, the use of cod-
   R. Olei ricini .5i 30                                                  liver oil, and the younger the patient the freer the use of
         Syr. rhei.3vi                                      24            this remedy. So long as the stomach does not become de¬
       Alcoholis .Jss                                  15                 ranged too much cod-liver oil can not be taken. It both
       01. menth. pip.3ss                               2                 diminishes the sugar and the excess of urea. Obesity and sed¬
  M. Sig. : At one dose.                                                  entary habits are contraindications to its use. Next to cod-
                        Gastric Ulcer.                                    liver oil the author mentions iron as a remedial agent in
  In the treatment of gastric ulcer, Hayden, in Ther. Gaz.,               diabetes; acting as an oxygen carrier, it should be given in as
recommends that the patient be put to bed and given only a                large doses as possible along with plenty of fresh air. The
small amount of food, consisting of a quarter of a glass of               following well-known combination is recommended in order to
milk every two hours, this to constitute the diet for four days.          avoid    constipation:
  Enemas are recommended three times a day, consisting of the               R.     Ferri sulph.3ss
                                                                                   Pulv. senna
following :                                                                        Pulv. jalapae
    B>. Dry peptones .gi                                    30                     Potass, tartratis
         Yolk of two eggs                                                          Pulv. zingiberis, aä.gr. ii                     75
         Aquae (warm) .Jvii                             200                        Ext. gentianse q. s.
    M.   Sig.: To be introduced into the bowel after    a   cleansing       M.     Ft. pil. No. xxx. Sig.: One to three pills three times
  The quantity of milk may be increased to half a glass every               Arsenic is also recommended,           in the form of
two hours; on the eighth day to three-quarters of a glass, and                                             given                    arsenous
                                                                          acid or Fowler's solution.
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  For a speedy reduction in the amount of sugar the follow¬                     use   of lecithin in neurasthenia in connection with or alter¬
ingcombination is recommended :                                                 nating    with the glyeerophosphates. He prescribes it in the
  R. Antipyrini                                                                 form of the granular lecithin, giving 5 grains (.30) three times
     Sodii benzoatis, ää.gr.
                                             dose and
                                                                   four times
                                                                                a day, or the glycerol of lecithin one dram (4.00) at a dose
  M.      Sig.:      To be taken at    one              repeated                after meals. In rachitic cases it may be combined as follows :
daily.                                                                             R. Lecithin (dissolved in chloroform) .gr. xxx       21
  After       a   time the   following containing aspirin is substituted:                Olei morrhuse .giv 120|
  R. Aspirin .gr.                              xv    II                            M. Sig.:      One dessertspoonful to a tablespoonful after
       Bismuthi salicylatis .gr.
   M. Sig. : At one dose three or four times a day.
                                                                      ¡65       each meal.
                                                                                   It has also been recommended in the form of an emulsion as
  In subacute cases the following outline of treatment is rec¬                  follows :
ommended :                                                                         R. Lecithin .gr. vi-xii                                |25-.50
   R. Benzosol .gr. xlviii                           3 20                               Pulv. aeaciae .gss                             151
       Sodii benzoatis.·.3iv                        15                                   Olei amygdalae .gtt. xv                        11
       Acidi arsenosi .gr. i                            06                              Aquae laurocerasi q. s. ad.giv 1201
       Sodii salicylatis .3iii                      12                             M. Sig.: One tablespoonful three times a day after each
   M. Ft. cap. No. xlviii. Sig. : Two capsules one hour after                   meal.
meals and at bedtime; or:
   R. Sodii sulphocarbol.3ii
       Salicini .3i                                                                                 Medicolegal.
       Phenacetini .3ii
       Ammon. benzoatis .3iv                        15
                                                                                    Valid Release in Personal Injury Case.—The Supreme Court
  M. Ft. capsula? No. xlviii. Sig.: Two capsules one-half                       of Nebraska holds, in the case of Osborne vs. Missouri Pacific
hour after meals.
  If there be much insomnia the following combination is                        Railway Company, that a party who, having the capacity and
recommended, taken at bedtime:                                                  opportunity to read a release of claims for damages for personal
   R. Strontii bromidi .gr. xx                       1130                       injuries signed by himself, and not being prevented by fraud
          Antipyrini .gr.
  M. Ft. chart. No. i. Sig. : To be taken at bedtime.
                                                                    11          practiced on him from so reading it, failed to do so, and relied
                                                                                on what the other party said about it, is
                                                                                                                           prevented by his own
  A dose of blue mass is administered once a week to patients                   negligence from asserting that the release is not legal and
after middle life. The following powder is of service in some                   binding on him according to its terms.
cases to relieve the constipation:                                                  Not Traveling Physician Under Statute.—The Court of
  R. Sodii bicarb.3iss                                6                         Criminal Appeals of Texas reverses in Adams vs. Sta'te a
        Sodii sulph.                                                            conviction of the former of pursuing the occupation of a medi¬
        Mag. sulph., ää.gr. xxx                       2                         cal specialist traveling from place to place, without having
        Sodii                           65                      paid the occupation tax prescribed by article 5049 of Sayles'
  M. Ft. chart. No. i. Sig.: To be taken at bedtime.                            Revised Civil Statutes of 1897. It says that the undisputed
  Arsenic remains as one of the important remedies in dia¬                      facts showed that he came to G. about May 1, 1903, and estab¬
betes, diminishing, as it does, the formation of glycogen. It                   lished and equipped an office; that he maintained an office at
has been recommended by Martindale combined as follows to                       E., and at J. and B. ; that he divided his time between these
form the bromid:                                                                offices, and kept an assistant at each place, and treated pa¬
   R. Potass, carb.                                                             tients at the places at stated intervals; that prior to coming
        Acidi arsenosi, ää.gr. xv                     1                         to G. he had his headquarters and lived at M., and had
        Aquae destil.Jiiss 75                                                   ticed there and at J., and had lived at M. 18 months; that on
  M. Boil until dissolved. When cold add:                                       leaving M. he moved with his wife and children to G., where
         Bromi .3ss                                   2|                        they lived at a hotel up to within three weeks of the time of
         Aquae destil. q. s. ad.giii 90|                                        filing the information, when his wife and' children went on a
   Sig. : From one to three or five drops once or twice daily.                  visit to relatives at Q. He received his mail at G., which was
                                                                                his headquarters, and practiced nowhere except at his offices
   In the symptomatic treatment of diabetes, Stewart, in the
                                                                                before mentioned. In the court's opinion these facts did not
"Text-Book of Applied Ther.," recommends a weak alkaline
                                                                                constitute him a traveling physician as contemplated by said
water such as Vichy or Apollinaris to relieve the thirst, which
is usually present proportionate to the amount of sugar pres¬                   article 5049.
ent. To allay the craving for food there is no better agent                         Expert Witnesses and Special Compensation.—The Supreme
than opium or a little alcoholic stimulant. For constipation                    Court of Illinois says, in Chicago City Railway Co. vs. Handy, a
he recommends the following pill :                                              personal injury case brought by the latter party, that it is
  R. Ext. cascaree                                                              competent to show that a witness has charged or expects to
       Ext. aloes, ää.gr. ii                          12
  M. Ft. pil. No. i. Sig.: To be taken at night and followed
                                                                     j          receive greater compensation than the fees allowed by the
                                                                                statute, and that he is in the employ of one of the litigants
the next morning by a saline laxative.                                          regularly or frequently as an expert witness, or to prove facts
                                                                                and circumstances which would naturally create a bias in the
                            Lecithin.                                           mind of the witness for or against the cause of either of the
  In      abstract in Med. Rev. of Reviews Henri Labbé dis¬
         an                                                                     litigants. Expert witnesses are often found to be necessary,
cusses the physiologic and therapeutic properties of lecithin                   and while there is no good reason that any one who has the
which is extracted from the brain and from eggs. It pro¬                        requisite special knowledge should not give testimony as an
duces favorable changes in metabolism, weight, appetite, urin¬                  expert witness and receive greater compensation therefor than
ary changes, osteogenesis, nerve elements and the blood. Thera-                 the fee allowed a witness by the statute, if the party calling
peutically it has been found of great value in the treatment                    him voluntarily consents to pay such greater compensation,
of rachitis when substituted for the phosphates; in neuras¬                     still the fact that he receives such additional compensation
thenia and anemia it increases the appetite, restores strength                  may be very properly shown to the jury for their considera¬
and improves the general condition. In phosphaturia it can                      tion when determining the weight and value of his testimony,
be substituted for the phosphates. It has also been found                       and any fact which tends to show that he has the feelings of a
beneficial in the treatment of diabetes; in cachexias and in                    partisan for the cause of one of the litigants or a bias against
convalescence it restores strength, increases the flow of urine                 that of the other may be shown for the like reason.
and in some cases it acts on the heart when digitalis fails. It                     Imputing to Another Infection with Venereal Disease.—The
has also been recommended in lymphatism of children and in                      Supreme Court of Iowa holds, in the case of McDonald vs.
tuberculosis. D. R. Brower has derived good results from the                    Nugent, that to charge another with being afflicted with
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