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									LOYAL Rescue Inc. Adoption Contract
171A Rink Street, Suite 199                  Peterborough, ON K9J 2J6                     705-772-4916

Dog’s Name:                                                  Sex:
Colour/Markings:                                             Spay/Neuter:
Estimated Breed or Mix:
Adoption Date:
Name of adopter:

                                  Adoption Agreement
The following terms and conditions constitute a contract for the adoption of the dog described
above (hereafter referred to as “dog” regardless of age or sex) between LOYAL Rescue Inc.
(hereafter referred to as LOYAL) and                                              . These terms and
conditions are entered into and agreed upon by LOYAL and the adopter and they acknowledge the
moral and legal worth of this contract. I (we), the undersigned agree to all of the following terms of
this contract and understand that non-compliance with the terms of this agreement gives LOYAL
the right to reclaim the dog without refund of adoption fee.

The adoption fee of $     0.00 is not a sale price, but a non-refundable donation, or a request to
reimburse the rescuer for any/all veterinarian expenses, and/or any other expenses incurred by the
dog, or the rescuer to further prepare the dog for adoption. LOYAL acknowledges receipt of a
donation in the amount of $    0.00 to aid with reimbursement of expenses.

Please initial if in agreement:

________ 1. If for any reason you are unable to keep this dog, you will notify LOYAL, and return
the dog to them at your own expense. LOYAL may also work with you in finding an appropriate
home for this dog. Appropriate homes to be determined by LOYAL Rescue Inc. at their sole
discretion. If returned within the first two weeks (as determined by the date of this contract), full
refund of the adoption donation is given, less $50.

________ 2. I understand LOYAL cannot make any guarantees to the health of this dog and agree
to be financially responsible for any veterinary care that this dog will need. I will take this dog to the
vet within 7 days of receipt of the dog for a check up, and testing for parasites at my expense.

________ 3. To NEVER take this dog to a shelter/pound/humane society, sell/trade it, give it away
or allow this dog to be used in animal research. If you can’t keep the dog, you MUST notify LOYAL.

________ 4 To treat this dog as a family pet, with affection, kindness and not subject this dog to
abuse or cruelty at any time. To provide regular veterinary care, including vaccinations, parasite
checks and dental care and any other services as determined by the veterinarian.

________ 5. To provide proper food, shelter, fresh water, adequate companionship at all times and
to keep this dog on leash when dog is not on adopter’s property. Proper shelter means this dog is
to be an indoor dog, not to be left outside for long periods. Under no circumstances is this dog to
be a ’yard dog’.

________ 6. To immediately license and place identification on the dog. Identification can be
either tags with collar, or microchip by a veterinarian. I further agree to notify LOYAL if I move and
give the new address and phone number.

________ 7. To not kennel this dog, except to provide for safety (i.e. when you are absent from the
home and he/she is left alone), transporting, housetraining or to sleep at night.

________ 8. The above dog will not be euthanized in a non-emergency situation without notifying
LOYAL by registered letter and giving 14 days to respond.

_________9. I agree that if paying by cheque and it is returned by the bank as NSF or a stop
payment has been put on a cheque in error, to immediately send a money order within 7 days of
notification by LOYAL Rescue Inc., for the entire adoption donation AND $25 to cover any charges
incurred by LOYAL Rescue Inc. as a result of the NSF/stop payment.

                              ENFORCEMENT OF CONTRACT

Any breach of this contract in part or whole requires that the adopter return the dog to LOYAL at the
adopter’s expense without entitlement of any refund or damages of any kind. ANY and ALL suits
for the breach of or enforcement of this contract will be brought in Peterborough, in the province of

If the adopter fails to meet ANY of the articles listed under ‘Adopter Agreement’, LOYAL reserves
the right to repossess the dog and any papers that pertain to the dog. No compensation will be due
adopter at the time of the repossession. Violation of ANY provision of this contract will constitute
damages to the reputation of LOYAL and the adopter agrees to relinquish ownership of the dog
plus absorb the cost of any related court costs and shipping.

LOYAL Rescue Inc.
171A Rink Street, Suite 199
Peterborough, ON K9J 2J6

                                                                                       Picture of

LOYAL Rescue Inc.:
                                                                                       Dog Here

Dog’s Name (as known by LOYAL Rescue Inc.): __________________________

This dog has had the following vetting done:

Heartworm tested at:
On this date:
Preventative last given:
To be done next on this date:

De-worming last done on:
With the following product:
To be done next on this date:

Vaccinations were last done on:
By this vet:

Spay/neuter was done on:
By this vet:

Other medical issues, vet caring for foster, follow up required etc:

                               Pet Insurance

All dogs adopted from LOYAL Rescue Inc. receive 6 weeks of pet
insurance. The adopters can then choose to continue with their policy
and pay the regular fee or not continue any longer.

It is the adopter’s responsibility to register for this insurance within 10
days of adopting the dog in order to receive this free coverage.

Go to this website: http://www.adoptsecure.ca

Go to the orange "Activate my trial" tab on the left. You will need
to fill in some very basic information. The only thing you MUST
remember to do is to select "Canadian Dog Group Ltd"
from the pull down list if shelters.

This insurance is effective 48 hours after the dog is adopted. It is good
for 6 full weeks for 80% of all accident and medical (not pre-existing)
up to $500. There is a $50 deductible per incident.

This information is subject to change without notice.

                                                               Modified Feb 16, 2010


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