The practice of sports therapy for patients with migraine

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					      The practice of sports therapy for patients with migraine

Some patients in the Swedish experience of the exercise of regular exercise
such as relaxation therapy treatment or taking anti-epileptic topiramate to
prevent migraine headaches.

E wrote Dr. Emma and her colleagues from the Institute of Neuroscience and
Physiology at the University of Gothenburg in Cephalalgia

"This method is considered as a prophylactic treatment of migraine or injury
to patients who did not benefit from medication or do not need medicine
every day."

Varkey systems team at random and one of three exercises to do on the bike
fixed (40 minutes three times a week), a form of relaxation therapy or taking
medication Topiramate.
Researchers noted that there are previous studies have shown that relaxation
therapy or taking Topiramate with the same results in the prevention of
migraine headaches.

Experiment was conducted on 91 women at headache clinics in Sweden and
were aged between 18 and 65 years who were diagnosed by neurologists that
they suffer from migraine headaches and is repeated from 3 to 8 times per

Reduced the three treatments (sports and relaxation, and Topiramate)
migraine attacks in women as three-quarters of the number and average
decrease was also acceptable.

She added that "the drug Topiramate is the first choice in treatment, but the
surprising thing is that the change in the number of migraine attacks was
similar in almost all cases."

Varkey said that "the only sign that appeared at the comparison between the
use of medication or relaxation and exercise is to reduce the severity of the
pain." "The choices were not to use a medicine that is positive and negative
aspects of free exercises to increase sport helped patients to absorb a larger
amount of oxygen, which is positive."

He did not mention that none of the women from a range of exercise or
relaxation may have suffered from side effects, but eight women at a rate of
33% who took medicine and had pulled out three of the group suffered from
side effects which are the most common of the drug, such as acupuncture and
depressed mood, dizziness and constipation.
The researchers noted in their report, the exercise does not interfere with the
drug topiramate as a preventive measure is of great value because patients
often seek not to use drugs when the incidence of migraines.

They added: "From a broader perspective to the list of health, it should be
emphasized that patients who suffer from migraine headaches are less
physically active than the general population, and this process has a positive
impact in terms of general well-being and prevention of disease."

Varkey said told Reuters Health: "There is a need for more additional studies,
of course, to verify the results we have achieved to get the evidence and the
exercise and treatment of migraine, but the hope is in our results."

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