Lack of sunlight may increase the risk of stroke by nody201195


									            Lack of sunlight may increase the risk of stroke

A recent study suggests that the amount of sunlight we are exposed to may
have a role in determining the risk of stroke.

The researchers explained that he is usually mentioned Kasabh sun damage to
skin cancer, but some studies have shown the existence of positive results of
exposure to the sun.

The researchers analyzed data from a previous study of more than 30,000
men and women over the age of 45 years to find a link between exposure to
sunlight and stroke.

The researchers focused on 16,500 participants randomly did not have any
date prior to the injury of stroke or any heart disease at the time of the study
since 2003 to 2007, he underwent all the participants to test physical and all
of them completed a questionnaire about their history of health and the places
they lived in the past .

Was 351 participants from 16.500 stroke during the study period, and the
researchers collected the preparation of stroke compared to information from
the satellites and the ground around the geographic patterns of sunlight on a
monthly basis for the previous fifteen years.

The results showed that people who were exposed to amounts of less than
half of the sun was likely to suffer a stroke more than 1.6 times compared to
those who have been exposed to sunlight in the upper half.

The researchers also found evidence that people who live in cold regions have
a greater likelihood of stroke injury.

They showed that they did not understand how they affect sunlight stroke

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