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					Learn Italian In Italy

There are lots of ways to learn a language, but nothing can beat
actually visiting and studying in the country where the language
is spoken. Daily immersion in the language and culture is the key
to gaining proficiency in a language. So where better to learn the
Italian language than in Italy! Italy is a beautiful and diverse
country with friendly people, fantastic food and an astonishingly
rich cultural heritage.

For anyone who hasn't realised, Italy is a country rich in history,
beauty, romance and style. It's also a country where good taste
in fashion and food abound. Italians take an immense, and
justifiable, pride in their national assets, and often refer to their
country as the 'bel paese' or 'beautiful country'. Italy is among the
oldest and most fascinating European countries, with art and
architecture are second to none. Whether you choose to explore
Italy by foot, by gondola, or by Vespa, the journey is
breathtaking! To appreciate 'la dolce vita' fully, knowledge of the
Italian language is essential, and there is no better place to learn
than right in the midst of Italian life.

Italian language schools are located throughout Italy, from world-
famous Venice and Milan in northern Italy to historic Taormina
and Otranto in the south. Choice of location is one of the most
important factors in deciding which language school to attend.
Without a doubt, time spent outside the language classroom is at
least as important as time spent in class. In larger cities,
language programs typically emphasise amenities and activities
but, depending on the size of the program, can neglect individual
student attention. While there may be no shortage of cultural
activities and museum visits, intimate cultural experiences are
more likely to occur in smaller towns and villages. It is also much
easier to fall back on speaking English in large cities, which of
course defeats your original purpose entirely! <

Throughout Italy, English is less spoken in smaller towns and
villages than in cities. In such locations, it is almost impossible
not to speak the language you're there to study. Generally,
people in the more rural areas of Italy will be quite honored that
you've chosen to learn Italian in their home town and will be
more welcoming, making it easier to establish lasting friendships
and feel right at home.

The type of Italian language program you choose will of course be
determined partly by your specific needs. There are many
different types of program offered by language schools in Italy,
including general Italian, Italian for business, Italian for academic
studies, and Italian for art courses, music, design and culinary

Whichever program you choose, there are several features to
look for which are shared by all good programs: flexible,
communicative instruction methodologies, a friendly
atmosphere, personal attention, enthusiastic and qualified
teachers, small groups. Depending on your requirements, the
program should also provide a language qualification recognised
by national and international colleges and universities.

In summary, to get the most out of an Italian language program
in Italy, look for schools with small groups, qualified native-
speaking teachers and programs providing plenty of individual
attention. Cultural programs including excursions and activities
are important, but they should not substitute for real language
learning which occurs best in smaller groups and more intimate
contexts. Whatever happens during your time in Italy, the most
important thing is that you thoroughly enjoy the language
learning experience! You will learn much better if you are happy
with your program and enjoying yourself!

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