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					             Company Profile Template
How to Write a Company Profile for a Bid or Proposal?

Before using the company profile template, it’s highly recommended that you read
the recommendations below.

To write a good company profile, keep in mind that it’s important to be concise, and
to use short sentences and the active voice. This will have more impact on the buyer
decision. Here are 7 steps to create a well-written company profile:

   1. Carefully read all the documents of the bid.

   2. Make sure you’ve understood all the buyer’s requirements.

   3. List all criteria you must highlight (in terms of timing, budget, qualification,
      abilities, certifications…) and the items that you’ve got to specifically develop
      in your offer.

   4. List all the assets (available resources and skills, for instance) that make the
      difference between you and the other bidders. Do not hesitate to use the
      resource-based view (RBV) to determine them.

   5. Organize your company profile. Start with general items and end with
      specific ones, as the company profile template does. Don’t forget to create
      subsections (ex: administrative part, financial part, technical part, etc).

   6. Prove everything with concrete examples, success stories, references,

   7. Make sure that your company profile is clear, professional, honest, and

   8. Re-read your company profile and check to make sure you haven’t forgotten
      required elements and that you haven’t needlessly repeated elements.
Company Profile

General Company Information
       company name
       head office address
       phone number
       Web site
       company status
       contact information of the person in charge (name, phone, e-mail address,

Company Details
      date of creation
      main areas of activity
      main products
      main customers
      principal customer industries and geographies

Company Capacity

   Human Resources
      company organization
      number of employees

       financial circumstances (optional)

       company capacity for the project in terms of qualifications and

       references or success stories in a similar project

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