Insects and Spiders by Adela Sanders


									Honeybees make wax from their stomachs.
  With the wax they make honeycombs in
 the shape of a hexagon. In the hives there
are special rooms for the queen and the eggs
Wasps make their homes with wood and
saliva. In the nest they make holes and
    they put their eggs in the holes
        Termites build their nest with mud
and saliva. If any part of the tower breaks the
termites will rush to fix it. The queen can lay
30,000 a day. Some towers can be 20 feet high.
Spiders build homes for catching
food to. There are 35,000 different.
About half of them spin webs. There
are more than one kind of webs. Like
a funnel, orb, or a sheet.
Cause -Ants can carry ten times their weight.
Effect – They have lots of rooms in their homes.
Cause – Honeybees make wax from their tummies.
Effect – Their homes are made of wax.
Honey Bees communicate some how with their antennas.
Honey bees make hexagons maybe be because there smaller, bigger, or
Now you have gone through the world of insect and spider
builders. I hope you had a great journey.

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