8 Interview Questions traps during

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					8 Interview Questions Traps During
These tips for my friends who keep working want find going into the interview segment, used his
company will know how we pass the interview ... so the interview is an important part of applying for a
job ... well this is a trick question on the company that used to ask us to look our personalities ... check it
out ....

1. Why should we hire you?

This is your opportunity to "sell" yourself. Describe briefly and clearly your strengths, your qualifications
and what can you contribute to the company. Be careful, do not give answers that are too general.
Almost everyone says they are a hard worker and motivated. Give an answer that shows the uniqueness
that you have.

2. Why are interested in working in this company?

This question is one of the tools for the interviewer to find out if you prepare yourself properly. Do not
ever come to a job interview without knowing the background of the company. By having adequate
information about the company background of the above questions then give you the opportunity to
show initiative, and indicate whether the experience and qualifications do you have the required
commensurate with the position.

3. What are your major weaknesses?

Secrets in answering the above question is to be truthful about your weaknesses, but do not forget to
explain how you transform these weaknesses into strengths. For example, if you have a problem with
the previous company, show the steps you take. This shows that you have the ability to identify aspects
that need improvement and initiatives to improve yourself.

4. Why leave the company earlier?

Even though you quit from previous job in a way that is not good, you should be careful in giving
answers. Try to give a diplomatic answer. When you give an answer that contains negative aspects, the
answer was offset by a positive answer. If you complain about the previous job, then this does not give
any points for you.

5. How do you fix the problem?
Not easy to answer when you get questions like the above, especially if you recently graduated and have
no work experience. The interviewer wants to see if you can think critically and develop solutions
without looking at the kinds of problems you face, even though you do not have enough time to
overcome the problems encountered. Describe the steps you take in prioritizing work. This shows that
you are responsible and still be able to think clearly even when faced problems.

6. What a proud accomplishment?

Secrets of the above questions is to select and choose specific achievements that relate to the position
being offered. Although you never won at college basketball, but this is not an expected response. Give
the answer in a more professional and more relevant. Think of the qualifications required by the
company and develop an example that shows how you can meet the needs of the company.

7. How much salary do you expect?

This question is a difficult question, especially for those who do not have work experience cukup.Yang
need to do before the interview is to find out the market salary for the position so that you can provide
answers to these questions. Tell the interviewer that you are open to talk about compensation when the
time comes. If forced to, give an answer in the form of a range of numbers, not specific numbers.

8. Can you tell us about yourself?

Perhaps the above question seems simple but in reality is not as easy as you might think. To be sure you
must realize that the interviewer is not interested in knowing what you do on the weekend or from the
area where you are coming from. The interviewer tried to find you in a professional manner. Prepare
two or three points about yourself, both work experience and your career goals and stay consistent.
Summarize your answer by expressing your desire as part of the company. When you have a solid
answer then this can take you on a conversation that shows your qualifications.

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