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					             MLM Marketing Success Formula
                                    By: Ram Gupta

If you are struggling to scale you business to new heights, not achieving the
desired results, you need to read this.

Solution to your problem lies in your ability to put together a productive MLM
marketing system. A system that is capable of generating leads on an ongoing
basis. Yes, the dilemma is quite natural; this is what the Guru’s say you should do,
but then how? That’s the big question. Let’s try to untangle the problem in a step
by step manner for you to start seeing your solution, the road to success.

Any one venturing in home business must be willing to learn and perfect the
dynamics of marketing in general and MLM marketing in particular. Unless you
fulfill that basic or primary requirement, your business will just remain a name. It
will refuse to churn out profits. That’s what you want. So as a favor to yourself,
start learning the MLM marketing until you have mastered it.

Once you have a solid base - you knowledge, you will be able to create multiple
businesses or revenue streams from your primary business. Here are some practical
tips to help you succeeds in your venture.

   1. See LEADS & Dream LEADS
      You must have heard the saying that “the money is in your list”, that is so
      true. And how do you build your list? By asking people visiting your site,
      blog or video to trade their name, e-mail address, and often phone number
      also, in exchange for a good, solid value like a free presentation, tips and
      tricks or an e-book containing valuable content. You should lead with a
      “value” proposition.

      For capturing the Leads, or precisely, MLM marketing leads, you must
      subscribe to an auto responder system, which captures the leads and also
      helps you to maintain a communication with the leads in a manner you chose
      to set the system. There are a lot of commercial auto responder services
  available in the market like A Weber and Get Response, while there are host
  of other services available, if you want to look for some.

  Once the leads get captured in your auto responder system, you can present
  them any other opportunity of their interest, from their niche whenever you
  so decide. This will give you another revenue stream from your primary
  business as its derivative. That is why the system is called MLM system or
  Multi Level Marketing System.

2. Don’t Sell, Market It!
  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it, why should I not sell, I need to make money, how
  do I make money if I don’t sell. Yes, it does sound a crazy proposition, but
  unfortunately it is not. And why? Because today, as Mike Dillard says in his
  famous “Magnetic Sponsoring”, nobody wants to be “SOLD”, they want to
  “BUY”. Let’s understand what it means in pure marketing terms. Selling or
  prospecting means you present a product or opportunity that “you have” to a
  customer. Right? What if this is not what the customer is looking for, what if
  it does not address his problems or his issues? He goes to the next shop and
  looks for a product that addresses exactly what he is looking for. Selling has
  an element of pushing the proposition. On the other hand, marketing results
  in your creating a pull towards your product, generating an attraction by
  presenting an opportunity, after carefully evaluating what problems the
  customer wants to address. Marketing involves training, mentoring and
  information sharing with the customer before he asks for your suggestions
  and you coolly present the opportunity as a mere response to his query, and
  you have a willing buyer.

  The advantage of having a buyer is that you have a friend for life. People
  want to buy from people they trust or like. You created this liking and trust
  during mentoring, information sharing and training. Now, you could, at
  appropriate occasions suggest upgrades or up sells. So you decide would you
  rather sell or market your product? Normally marketing route automatically
  builds your funded proposal in the process. Remember your objective is to
  build your business and not just a down line.

3. Don’t Attempt Reinventing, Just Follow The Leaders….
  Now it is the time to talk about the final aspects of your MLM success
  formula. You are reading this piece because; in all probabilities you are
      looking for a success formula to initiate your MLM business or to scale it to
      higher levels. Here I would like to share a big secret that you all probably
      know. Is there any use of reinventing the concept of earth’s gravity, NO, you
      are dead right. Here is the answerer. Why don’t we follow the same system
      that the industry leaders have painstakingly researched, evolved, practiced,
      remodeled and perfected? Our life would be much easier if we did that. Of
      course, if you feel like tweaking here and there, go ahead and hold yourself
      responsible for your results.

For me, I joined the proven MLSP system just about a month back. Simply by
following the training, lessons and webinars, I am now converting 23% visitors
into potential leads. Amazing isn’t it? There is no substitute to learning. And guess
what, for those who are willing to invest their time in mastering the art of MLM
marketing, MLSP offers a ton of training material from their well cataloged
library. What I like best about MLSP is that daily I receive one invaluable tip on
“what to” or “how to” on MLM marketing strategies and weekly webinars
schedule for me to plan my days of the week.

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Description: Knowledge of MLM marketing or Multi Level Marketing is the basic foundation for any one venturing into Internet Marketing or Net Work Marketing business. Once you have mastered the art; see how wealth and prosperity follows you. Here are a few of the many tips on how to go about it.