Why it is Important to Review Your Credit Report

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					                            Why it is Important to Review Your Credit Report

Getting an idea about your financial health has become easier and more accessible through the efficiency
with which you can now review credit reports. This document, particularly for the part of lenders and
creditors, help lessen credit risk, can help you save money and has the potential to fend of unnecessary
financial troubles.

Consider the following rules before checking a credit report

If you intent to run a credit check on a person other than yourself, it is imperative that you get the
permission of the person in question prior to trying to obtain the document. According toFCRA you can
only check other’s credit report when you have the authorization and even then, must be for a legitimate
business transaction or reason. Examples would be when someone is trying to get a loan or when you
are reviewing someone’s credit history before recruiting them as an employee.

Here are fewcircumstances when you can look at the credit report of other people.

       To view your child’s credit file

It is good monitor the report of your child ifhe or she is receiving credit card solicitations.This will help you
tracking his/her identity. Teenagers are easy targets for fraudsters; specifically those applying for
educational loans. You are free to raise dispute for the wrong items on your kid’s report and can attain
copy of credit file from the bureaus.

       Saving oneself from becoming a victim of fraud

Identity-thieves make money by stealing the identity of the deceased person. To avoid such dilemma, you
can request credit bureaus for the deceased person’s report. In these cases, it is advisable to submit the
original death certificate of the person and identity details to the credit reporting agencies. So, credit
freeze can be put on the deceased person’s report.

       Safeguarding parents from fraud activities

Like your children’s credit statement, senior citizens are on thetop of the hit list of identity thieves. It is
wise to review the credit history of your parents and also ensure that they own accounts present on the
statement. You can have a copy of the credit file by acquiring the power of attorney.

       Employing someone in your firm

If you areemployinga professional at a senior position or for the job requiring money management then
it is good to investigate the credit check. It is better to review the credentials of the person who will be
exposed to your confidential information, for instance, personal secretary. Along with credit report, you
should review personal details, criminal records and public records of the person.

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Description: Before you look for any financial help online, it is necessary that you get hold of your credit report. Credit reports contain all of the required financial information that lenders need.