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HIPAA compliant medical coding services for cardiologists


HIPAA compliant medical coding services implement various security measures to prevent theft of sensitive patient information stored on systems. Physicians can enjoy a wide range of benefits with HIPAA compliant medical coding services.

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HIPAA Compliant Medical Coding Services for
HIPAA compliant medical coding services for cardiologists protect the
security and confidentiality of health information stored in electronic format.
Cardiology medical coding involves CPT coding, hospital/in-patient
coding, hospital/out-patient coding, DRG/ICD-9-CM coding validations and
                                              review,      emergency         room        e-code
                                              evaluation,      payer      specific      coding
                                              requirements, medical coding audits and
                                              more. Error-free coding is done from
                                              documents available in the form of chart
                                              notes, fee slips, encounter forms, chart
                                              sheets, and transcripts.

Features of HIPAA compliant medical coding services

A reliable medical coding outsourcing firm is up-to-date on HIPAA
regulations and ensures that the service it provides exceeds these data
security requirements. Medical coding companies that are HIPAA-compliant
have different types of security arrangements in place to prevent theft or
vandalism of the sensitive data that they are entrusted with. Their
capabilities, software, functions and even electronic claims are streamlined
according to HIPAA security norms. A medical coding company protects
patient information and ensures the secure storage and transmission of
medical data with the following measures:

                                     Medical Coding Services
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    •    Strong authentication procedures are implemented which include both
         user identification as well as secure passwords
    •    A security administrator defines and manages user and role-based
         access as directed by HIPAA
    •    Use of 128-bit encryption technology that conforms to the proposed
         HIPAA rules for information transmitted over the Internet
    •    Security features are implemented that allow only designated users to
         view reports
    •    Tracking system that records user activity, including all the
         information any user has accessed, as required under the proposed
    •    Special privacy regulations for staff managing vital patient
    • Periodic backup of data and critical facilities accessibility
    • Secure workstations, storage facility and authorized access
    • Password protected computers made secure with lockers for critical
         patient data
    • Frequent updates of firewalls and antivirus software on all systems
    •    Technical evaluations performed on a routine basis
    • Employees are made to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure

Cardiologists can avoid claim rejection and law suits and increase
reimbursement with the help of these HIPAA compliant medical coding
services. Other important benefits that follow from outsourcing coding tasks

                                     Medical Coding Services
  Outsource strategies International                             Call: (800) 670 2809

      •    Reduces administrative responsibilities
      •    Eliminates billing headaches
      • Prevents coding errors
      •    Improves office efficiency
      •    Reduces your audit risks
      •    Reduces claim submission delays
      •    Reduces fixed office expenses
      •    Eliminates coder training costs

  Hiring a HIPAA compliant medical coding service provider

  If you plan to outsource the medical coding requirements of your healthcare
  facility, try to locate a reliable medical coding company. Make sure the
  service provider is experienced in providing HIPAA compliant medical
  coding services for cardiologists.

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