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                                            HARBINGER SYSTEMS

   Overview                                                                Services
   Harbinger Systems is a leading provider of software                        Software Product Development
   engineering services to some of the world's best product                   Web 2.0
   companies. Our services span solution consulting,
                                                                              Mobile
   software design, development, testing and test
   automation.                                                                eLearning
   By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Harbinger                         Performance Engineering
   Systems works with its customers as a partner in                           Systems Software
   technology innovation.                                                     Digital Marketing

                                     A Harbinger Systems Case Study

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                                     ORANGE HRM IMPLEMENTATION & CUSTOMIZATION

          Situation                                                             Challenge
            A medium-sized and growing services company with                        Processes and workflows with manual interventions lead
            employee base growing at a feverish pace                                to wasted time
            Company using manual processes and paperwork for all                    Increasing paperwork hard to manage and accuracy of
            employee related processes                                              information getting compromised
                                                                                    Is there a low-cost HR management solution?

          Harbinger Solution                                                    Technologies & Tools
            Multiple proprietary and open source HR management                      OrangeHRM 2.5
            solutions explored and OrangeHRM recommended                            Apache HTTP Server, Php 5.1, MySQL 5.0
            Analysis of all internal HR processes and information                   LDAPv3
            formats for migration into new system
            Various HR functions like leaves, performance review and
            recruitment customized for specific needs of the company
            Integration with current systems like LDAP and Learning
            Management System (LMS)
            Many custom reports developed with search and rich UI

          Benefits                                                                                               BOTTOM LINE
            Significantly reduced manual efforts and paperwork                                        Company adding people and growing with
            Increased efficiency with employee self-service and automated reports                       streamlined HR processes and a robust
            Scalable solution helping the company spread and grow across the globe easily                and scalable HR management system
            Significant reduction of overheads and inefficiencies resulting in improved
            productivity at lower cost


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