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        Angry Birds Space HD - Angry Birds for The new iPad

Since successful release of the "Angry Birds" for iOS platform, the company Rivo then
became a hit and a well-known application developer. They also live
up to expectations to introduce many other different versions for this
great app to let the players keep fresh to the game in simple but
identical gameplay. But no matter how beautiful the scenery is, play
the same also makes players bored. So it becomes an urgent task fr
Rivo to develop a certain new version which retains the original game
popular element but has a new play. Angry Birds Space is just coming out under such

After a massive pre-publicity, the Space version finally come out in Mach 22nd to meet
the players all over the world. The HD version is also coming out at the same time to
meet the players needs for the play on the new iPad. In order to express the affection
to the Angry Birds series and also make the article more affinity, the new iPad first
demo on the Angry Birds Space HD in the following will be introduced in the form of a
story. Just read on to learn more about this great new version of Angry Birds now!

Details of Angry Birds for The new iPad - Angry Birds Space HD

Protagonist debut

Once upon a time, there was a group birds tribe isolated in the deep forests. Each of them is
equipped with special skills. One day, a few fat pigs entertain an angel unawares to steal a
few eggs which are breeding birds from the territory of these ferocious birds. This leads to the
never-ending hatred that birds to pigs from generation to generation, regardless of geography,
day and night. In this version, the birds are coming with new dresses which make them feel
like 007 agents.

Special environment

The birds are entering an unknown world in which their proudly shootings no longer work as
usual. After the shooting, the bird is not flying away along the parabolic but a straight line
which lead to the ridicule from pigs. The other birds were immediately aware of this strange
phenomenon is caused by the weightlessness of space. After careful analysis, the birds
concluded that if they want to eliminate the pigs hidden on the back of the planet, they must
rely on the planet's gravitational field, even this is difficult to control than on Earth by
constant gravity free-fall.

New Comrades
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Under fierce attack from the birds, the Space King of the pigs has to order to find a more solid
defense material. They eventually found the metal steel which is indestructible under physical
attack. While the birds were entangled in how to break the metal steel line defense of the fat
pigs, an icy bird which they had never seen before flew over. And this bird said it can help
them destroy all fortifications of the pigs. It after displays the ability to instantly frozen pig's
defensive metal into the easily destroyed ice.

Under the violent attack of the birds, the pigs retreat. The Space King sends the giant Fat pig
which has a strong defense capability to help them. After careful analysis of the route and
countless failures, the birds finally eliminated the giant pig. When they soaring songs for the
victory, they have no sense of what they will face in the next. Even they have exhausted
because of a long period of hard work, the strongest enemy is at hand - the Space King.

The story here is approaching to the end, whether the story end with the birds get final victory
or the fat pigs have defended their territory finally, it needs you to continue to write. Besides,
if you want to find more great apps for your new iPad, then you can just go to the best apps
for the new iPad for a reference.

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Description: The Angry Birds Space HD was released for iPad users to make the most of the iPad. This HD version can be rightly considered as the specially designed Angry Birds for the new iPad. Here we will review this new version of you in details.