Film Plot Bank_1_ by xuyuzhu


									                                                        43 miracle love lotion proves to be just oils
Film Plot Bank – 500 plotlines                          44 tries to make expensive new car into art        45 money lent to pay bills is used for vacation
                                                        46 luxury cruise proves to be a boatride from hell
1 surprised the circus sideshow is a letdown            47 PANIC - 10 year high school reunion invite
2 cousin defers college for a traveling puppet show     48 neighbor claims you're poisoning the squirrels
3 babysitter allowed kids to watch spicy music videos   49 friends new house - no taste in furnishings
4 corporate credit card frozen - stranded!              50 someone must tell him - the junk cars must go!
5 passed by for job that was a done deal                51 carmel corn balls take a toll on some teeth
6 accused of unfair business practices in town          52 It looks like he lives out of his car
7 decides to have an alias for some odd reasons         53 she's wasting all his money on tasteless junk
8 starts assuming the role of a dead sibling            54 he gave the same type of ring to TWO girls
9 housewife gets a book deal out of the blue            55 tests show the baby could have a genetic disease
10 budget tax preparer makes a massive error            56 kids being taught that Catholics are going to hell
11 friend of a friend wants investment capital          57 sabotages recipe in kitchen - confused rumors
12 trip to state capital - meets a famous senator       abound
13 ancient oak on family homestead is dying             58 suitcase is lost - family photos are gone for good
14 one of the farm kittens is half bobcat!              59 geneological study reveals a bad side to Grandpa
15 cousin is burned badly in amateur drag race          60 geneological study reveals rough folks on her side
16 grandma's old Bible is ruined in flash flood         61 best friend enrolls in costly aerobics academy
17 you don't buy $200 shoes when kids go without!       62 gets drunk - all hear story about old fling
18 his old batchelor ways are really a bit charming     63 gets loaded - admits to a theft in college days
19 the bank calls - the big check has bounced           64 stupid cow clock with swinging tail has to go!
20 the business can't afford such a massive machine     65 she sold his furniture to buy this junk?
21 cousin Betsy isn't taking care of loaned car         66 trip to Grand Canyon on budget airline goes bad
22 she says it was just ONE film - to pay tuition       67 spends $98 to get a non-name Gold Card worth
23 country walk does good - idea for new book           nothing
24 determined to shut down rip-off roadside stand       68 the best man and ring are missing and long gone
25 the fumes from the new asphalt are too much          69 I just said it - you need clothes that fit your body
26 friend complains about son's black pals              70 the girls seems to be a thinner-than-you
27 she left her purse in the back of the pickup!        competition
28 dad wired the house himself - with extension         71 since the trip to Europe his tastes are out of line
cord!                                                   72 since the trip to Europe her tastes are out of line
29 hotel receipts are found and prove difficult to      73 so disgraced - all the reunion photos are
explain                                                 worthless
30 ice storm forces inlaws to share house for days      74 Grandma is convinced he's in some kind of cult
31 local war hero turns out to have faked history       75 Grandma is convinced she's out to ruin the family
32 kids do their own first hand research for term       76 practical joke on co-worker violates a company
paper                                                   policy
33 low income man has secretly funded homeless          77 police officer says neighbor complained about tall
shelter                                                 weeds
34 dad builds wall on wrong side of property line       78 city sends $1100 bill to fix small bit of sidewalk
35 small town burger joint is sued over burger's        79 supply of food runs out before party is half over
similar name                                            80 new club members are setting a very low
36 dad's new business partner shows some                standard
unexpected demands                                      81 eating disorder threatens young friend's life
37 painting bought at flea market is a long lost        82 fakes illness to avoid important business deadline
original                                                83 someone is watching on the other side of hotel
38 adopted stray pet has some bad habits                mirror
39 spends every dime to build big CD collection         84 bride demands a New Age wedding
40 sexy stranger demands ride in new sports car         85 she wants to add something odd to the vows
41 paycheck shows double deductions again!              86 runs into company executive in a low-life bar
42 claims to have helped in planning Mars landing       87 Dept. of Transportation truck shatters windshield
88 invitation to family reunion never arrives            from neighbors
89 finds evidence the computer was tampered with         137 claims she was stabbed but no one can find a
90 some one is cutting down the park's trees             scratch
91 son is copying dad's worst vice                       138 child discovers her favorite TV character is a
92 doesn't she know he's married?                        man in a suit
93 doesn't he know about her past?                       139 people and dog pills get mixed up
94 doesn't she know about her record?                    140 ordered team uniforms are rather revealing
95 did you hear about their chat room?                   141 cabin in the mountains is vandalized
96 adopts a child without telling anyone                 142 wins chance to shot free throw for big prize
97 finds childhood goals now within grasp                143 accused of watering the country fair drinks
98 drives off the road for no apparent reason            144 close friend begins talking to imaginary one
99 decides to ignor the summons                          145 cash back from car dealer is wasted at mall
100 has a close call in a construction zone              146 makes unkind comment about sister's child
101 emails resume with a major error                     147 home garage car repair - catches fire on road
102 keeps complaining about seeing light flashes         148 not reading find print proves a tough lesson
103 falls for a woman 30 years older                     149 neighbor kid takes up drums day and night
104 tells everyonre the boss has planted cameras         150 new baby has some strange arm movements
105 her job working for art gallery involves modeling    151 shower gift falls apart before everyone
for artist                                               152 good friend becomes high priest in minor cult
106 recommends a week at a New Age colony                153 buddies fake snow storm to further romance
107 overhears employees planning an inside job           154 the baby's eyes are the wrong color!
108 loses a fortune with a flea market stall             155 they're actually going to do a double wedding?
109 claims the cash was taken by bandits                 156 bachelor party is more naughty than promised
110 fails to report robbery until 3 days later           157 wedding shower turns in a wild strip show
111 evacuation of island spoils planned vacation         158 wakes to feel numbness in both legs
112 Two for One special proves a painful lesson          159 love session in state park is caught on camera
113 pizza delivery guy got a very special tip            160 recurring dream: father was buried alive
114 perfect 'new' car proves repainted and rebuilt       161 recurring dream: can't quite catch true love
115 weekend on farm gives new view on life               162 recurring dream: house is falling apart
116 relative's misinterpret the holiday invitiation      163 trip to tropical island - everything is stolen
117 visits guru - finds a shocking place and person      164 close friend reveals he's a white supremicist
118 his idea of good crystal leaves much to be           165 brother leaves incriminating clothes in garage
desired                                                  166 impresses sweetheart at sport - painful injury
119 waits until Christmas Eve to start shopping          167 fakes resume - boss finds out and blackmails
120 telephone psychic says TAKE THE HIGH ROAD            168 local homeless man will spy for little money
121 mortgage payment is missing just before              169 the kids are doing what in the basement!
vacation                                                 170 childhood toy hobby turns into profitable
122 lets the new neighbor have TV privilages             business
123 claims the neighborhood woods is haunted             171 neighbor suing over construction noise, debris
124 adopts a baboon at the city zoo                      172 can't believe he's dating a prominent widow
125 cousin's marketing company is almost too good        173 a bad boy turns out to be a perfect student
126 three checks bounce in a fateful sequence            174 a little love wins her over like magic
127 court clerk calls - new child support law            175 confronts mortality as two old friends die
128 ideal mate wears inappropriate clothes to            176 local playboy runs off with teen daughter
mountains                                                177 college band decides on Satanic-Occult image
129 river rafting trip - new friends and enemies         178 janitor seduces secretary late one night
130 grandchild is spitting image of...                   179 family restaurant gets bad review by media
131 sells miracle soap - clogs drains and sewers         180 discovers new lover believes in channeling
132 invests in microbrewery - first batch is dishwater   181 ugly bachelor friend gets impressive makeover
133 gift certificate to trendy store offends             182 a man his age spending hours at an arcade?
134 kids switch tags on presents late that night         183 competitor is bribing local officials
135 room service was for two!                            184 jailer friend tells about his illegal business
136 gave cookies and got a expensive Christmas gift      185 there's more to him than meets the eye
186 niece is caught up in environmental blockade         233 military record is a lie - papers catch story
187 favorite hair stylist is talking too much            234 mother has already bought ugly vault for family
188 kids drag race - relative is disabled for life       235 they sure seem extra friendly for first cousins
189 the two wives plan to dump their men                 236 resemblance to latest serial killer is noticed
190 she sets deadline - a ring now or get out            237 she did what with the cab driver?
191 she sells his vintage motorcycle for small change    238 protestors shut down lab - no work and no pay
192 ambition looks like treason to boss                  239 New Year's resolution actually works this time
193 back from prison with some new vices                 240 New Year's party reveals a new wild side
194 vows to build God a chapel in the woods              241 has affair after anniversary party
195 prayer for healthy child is answered                 242 starts wearing some occult medallion
196 old school buddy is dating an old enemy              243 local rock bank angers conservative Mayor
197 caught for pilfering office supplies at work         244 puppit show plot is very close to his real life
198 throws a big party - only three come                 245 junior's credit record is mixed up with pop's
199 confides to gossip about secret affair               246 visiting her parents they find a way to sleep
200 babysitter calls police to get even                  together
201 finds emaciated homeless woman - tries to help       247 the new Mercedes gets a big dent on day one
202 he figures horse medicine must be doubly             248 list of popular party invitees never show up
effective                                                249 disappears from home
203 retires and starts his own university - then         250 invents a new product
students arrive                                          251 abstract ceramic sculpture is interpreted the
204 her idea of a bake sale is a major culinery          wrong way
operation                                                252 annoyed neighbor decides to print up his own
205 family disapproves of help for street man            parking tickets
206 childless father proposes a radical solution to      253 security guard is just a bit too eager to record
wife                                                     events
207 weekend getaway goes bad - meets a new love          254 finds God in a big way
208 he's going on spring break at his age?               255 learns to drive
209 bed and breakfast idea costs time and money          256 goes sky diving
210 deceased relative's home reveal odd lifestyle        257 mistakes a phrase for a sign of love
211 Police: trstify against mob boss or it's jail        258 caught wearing clothes of another gender
212 he let who use my credit card?                       259 moves away to make it in the big city
213 finds a little known document about a local hero     260 invents some worthless thing
214 library research reveals a secret about the town     261 finds help by a chance meeting
215 former employee is missing - police get tough        262 starts collecting stray pets
216 vows revenge for school prank 30 years ago           263 takes up a hobby of their youth
217 might be handy having a private i. in the family     264 local cable show turns into a big hit
218 friend's spouse is having bisexual affair            265 makes a sexist remark on a local talkshow
219 founds mailorder college with life's savings         266 accidently leaves their diary around
220 quits - I'm heading for CHEESEBURGER COLLEGE         267 picks a mate no one else can stand
221 engineer friend finds way to help disabled pal       268 Admits they cannot read above 5th grade level
222 sees the face of Christ in a anthill                 269 suddenly announces a change in attitude
223 town in uproar - coach leaves for big money          270 stops eating red meat and becomes a pest
224 finds evidence a former Nazi lives in town           271 caught on TV news in a protest march
225 sister is getting reputation as local tramp          272 gets their nose done but no one dares to ask
226 insists on being called Dr. after mailorder course   273 gets beaned by a softball at the picnic
227 cousin is having trouble with gangs at his store     274 goes bankrupt
228 nephew is arrested for selling unlicensed T-shirts   275 chokes on a meal in town
229 mall cops catch unusual antics on tape               276 tries to run my life
230 secret lover says divorce or I'm gone                277 decides to divorce
231 generous inheritance ends long-time                  278 tells me their deepest secret
relationship                                             279 is caught telling a fat lie
232 friend on trial - media twist impromptu TV           280 decides to buy that Corvette at last
comments                                                 281 gets a new hairdo/cut
282 has the IRS in hot pursuit                          recorded
283 throws out his old junk                             331 homemade teabags contain a major impurity
284 gives me a surprise wink                            332 she did what at the baptism?
285 is showing too much skin                            333 the therapist recommends a month apart
286 decides to give all their money away                334 makes a scene at prayer meeting
287 crashes car into wall                               335 does it in a poison ivy patch
288 gets caught driving drunk                           336 hits a baseball through my window
289 admits a double life                                337 gets shot and killed by robber
290 admits to being gay                                 338 plays the piano quite badly
291 gets scholarship to college                         339 tells me off on a street corner
292 caught by cops skinning dipping                     340 wins $5000 in the lottery
293 starts a rumor about me                             341 finds spouse in compromising spot
294 starts a crazy project                              342 caught taking funds at work
295 spouse/friend is showing too much in the pool       343 caught going through our garage
296 new web site is giving strange ideas                344 decides to look for a better job
297 rounds of ice tea prove bitter beyond smiles        345 decides to give up all fat
298 starts confessing old sins to everyone              346 Is the girl pregnant?
299 strangers show up to buy crafts by the armload      347 visits a distant friend in need
300 seemed obsessed with death of late                  348 finds his beach home burned down
301 new secretary is telling inhouse secrets            349 rights to tell of New Age conversion
302 white water rafting trip costs dearly               350 calls suddenly with special news
303 no one believes vacation was truly perfect          351 kids pour soda in cedar chest of treasures
304 popular handcrafts revealed to contain hemp         352 donations of goods prove hard to handle
fiber                                                   353 newspaper story prints wrong address
305 can't recall old college chum who shows up          354 link to website promises the wrong thing
306 published article gets cut and rewritten            355 supplier of ordered goods goes bankrupt
307 decides to paint his/her house dayglo orange        356 family members take up competing stores
308 caught shop-lifting a $10 item                      357 been kicked out and needs a place to stay
309 buys a too complex computer                         358 finds an old college chum on the Internet
310 gets shot in the foot                               359 borrowing the bosses' new SUV was not a good
311 mudslide moves house down by two blocks             idea
312 writes a shocking letter                            360 discovered stealing software from the office for
313 drops in on Christmas day                           use at home
314 public disaster - used the wrong kind of adhesive   361 thinks he can deliver mail and packages for fun
315 posts some intimate memories on the family          and profit
website                                                 362 offhand remark about his 'big head' really
316 co-worker is using the office for a love nest on    bothers him
weekends                                                363 family doctor charged with failing to help
317 Shaker furniture turns out to be cheap copies       accident victim
318 thinks they have talent for designing lingerie      364 youth are tossing rocks off a highway overpass
319 Attorney General comes calling as orders are        365 she lives for anything Elvis
unsent                                                  366 discovers love on the rough side of town
320 takes up wearing those dumb wooden shoes            367 finds a way to cover fundraiser losses
321 stolen rare vase turns up at a yard sale            368 family dog undergoes expensive cancer
322 weedkiller backfires - the yard is brown death      treatment
323 he took those young boys to where?                  369 spends half of income on star autographs
324 kids complain coach is getting foul and abusive     370 wants to become the next Norman Rockwell
325 parents start petition to have teacher removed      371 cousin's remodeling job isn't up to par
326 trip to Europe produces an outward change           372 feels a friend overcharged them for the job
327 after the cruise she goes for a strange look        373 goes up against dad for company sales title
328 chili-cheese tube idea is a hit at the ballpark     374 I didn't know it was going to be an all-nerd
329 mini quiche cube business goes bad                  party!
330 casual remarks about ethnic grocery store are       375 dinner at the tavern awakens old self-image
376 college stories are too frank for spouse            life
377 runs his life by the Farmer's Almanac               420 somebody has been reading my e-mail!
378 suspected of borderline personality disorder        421 no one believes why he went to the hospital
379 sheep in back yard cause neighborhood chaos         422 are they really JUST room mates?
380 looses 100 pounds on a cabbage soup diet            423 doesn't know about the other marriage
381 organ decision is harder than imagined              424 neighbor kids smash the garden statues
382 family business is sued for name trademark          425 cardiac episodes cause lifestyle changes
violation                                               426 brother needs a bone marrow transplant
383 grandma's old records sell for big money            427 think they see long-lost friend on a talkshow
384 joins a traveling music show and abandons           428 video camera catches things when mom's away
family                                                  429 finds out ancestors were of Jewish descent
385 guess who is seen in the lingerie store?            430 first gray hairs really cause a crisis
386 guess who is seen in the adult bookshop             431 a bar bet ends up costing big
387 hamburger shop on wheels eats up family funds       432 textile plant is closing - many friends hurt
388 talk about eating bee pollen is annoying            433 helpful friend ruins hedges with new hedge
389 grandma just can't recipes right any more           clippers
390 kids worry if dad is too old to drive his car       434 granny is getting some odd financial advice
391 everyone wants to know who secret love is           435 favorite nephew has joined a biker gang
392 there's more in that salad than spinach!            436 niece is getting quite a reputation at college
393 'bondage palace' opens up in town                   437 do we tell her mom about what we saw in the
394 arthritis cures eat up the meagre fixed income      park?
395 claims to see escaped tiger in the nearby woods     438 elevating the foundation with concrete pumps
396 things keep disappearing from the house             goes wrong
397 takes interest in pre-paying for ornate casket      439 local professor discovers dinosaur on land
398 blows life savings on a silly franchise fee         440 precious ring drops stone - somewhere!
399 aren't they a bit young to be cuddling like that    441 person losing found money makes odd claim
400 visiting cousin asks about sexual confusion         442 police claim neighbor is wanted fugative
401 a bounty hunter calls about an old friend           443 family worried about all those hours in the
402 things keep disappearing from the yard              casino
403 kids see what a little magic herb does to the dog   444 wins a trip to tour Russia
404 letter to the editor has a word missing             445 neighbor gets their mail - starts a wild rumor
405 mice take over the neighborhood                     446 mailorder clothes start to fall apart
406 mom and dad trade jobs for a day                    447 local charity funds a controversial cause
407 funny 'mature' card put in the wrong envelope       448 week with brother's fishing business is
408 anniversary ring is too small to see clearly        uncomfortable
409 she makes up name of prestigious award to pad       449 the so-called 4 Star hotel has surprises
resume                                                  450 the new house develops a long ominous crack
410 cafe is forced to raise prices to drive away        451 something about fiancee seems very familiar
'undesirables'                                          452 son raids attic and sells old heirlooms
411 her new line of clothes are ordinary and            453 daughter finds weekend trip much too raw
overpriced                                              454 friend's new home has some strange mysteries
412 starts spending grocery money at the day spa        455 you didn't tell me this was a lesbian party
413 cousin dumps engineering scholarship for clown      456 ignors red warning light on car dash
college                                                 457 aid police in spying on neighborhood man
414 she's too old to be wearing those leather mini-     458 claims to have seen rock star in local store
skirts                                                  459 naturist colony moves into farm down the road
415 finds a nice person after dialing wrong number      460 boss is caught lying about forthcoming raise
416 tour of slaughter house is real shocker             461 charity campaign costs more than it makes
417 den full of stuffed heads and skins repulses new    462 membership dues prove too easy to borrow
love                                                    against
418 opens above-ground cemetary in town - starts        463 guest's nightwear is less than modest
with late wife!                                         464 executive criticized for wearing alligator skin
419 his swamp tour business is his only success in      boots and fur
465 gift of voodoo doll for fun is taken the wrong
466 new waitress takes to the desserts and eats half
the profits
467 movie memorabilia proves fake when business is
468 she gets mascot job after losing cheerleading
469 kids have close brush with garage chemicals
470 finds kids playing doctor in basement
471 grandma plays doctor with old time remedy
472 his cold cure has unusual side effect
473 new gal in office is really playing field
474 new male executive is devouring office help
475 finds out recent gift is pawn shop purchase
476 city folk fight to stop sell off of park land
477 town folk fight to keep modern art off display
478 town folk argue over planned low income
479 town folk argue over new factory jobs and
480 computer error causes tax bills to soar
481 new town policeman is busy with citations
482 domestic dispute involves unexpected older
483 things heard through motel walls are shocking
484 hotel clerk says his car was definately there
485 bartender says she used fake ID last week
486 new business venture turns into dream
487 old college friend ignites secret forgotten crush
488 trip to country turns into a life-changing event
489 weekend trip turns up interesting shop for sale
490 reports of flying saucer lights trouble friend
491 finds parent's medication untouched and in
492 students are using soda cans to hide mixed
493 school counselor recommands immediate
494 career is going nowhere - looks anywhere for
495 swallows pride and takes menial night job
496 she's pregnant again!
497 good friend from work is suddenly very cold
498 accident causes them to meet a new wonderful
499 valentine gift never arrives
500 airline loses luggage - entire presentation is

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