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Sector Indices Closing Statistics Closing Statistics Nifty (PDF)


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Market would continue its downward move                                                    Closing Statistics
Indian markets ended a volatile week in the red on Friday, thanks a slew of
negative developments which dampened the investor sentiment through the                    Home Indices
week. Some of the blues for the market this week were wavering global
markets, drop in India's industrial growth, massive earthquake in Indonesia
triggering tsunami fears in the Asian region and a discouraging start to the                                                                  Points         %
                                                                                          Index                 Close     Prev. close
                                                                                                                                              change     Change
quarterly result season after disappointing earnings and guidance from IT
bellwether Infosys. Sensex closed above psychological support levels as                   S&P Nifty        5,207.45           5,276.85          -69.40       -1.32
institutional investors resorted to basket selling in technology stocks.                  SENSEX          17,094.51          17,332.62         -238.11       -1.37
Infosys Technologies reported net profit of Rs 2316 crore for quarter ended               MIDCAP           6,337.97           6,383.95          -45.98       -0.72
March 2012, up 27 per cent against Rs 1818 crore in the same period a year                SMLCAP           6,799.23           6,842.25          -43.02       -0.63
ago. However, disappointing revenue guidance for FY13 pushed investors
to offload longs in the stock. Nifty ended at 5207.45, down 69.40 points or
1.32 per cent and Sensex ended at 17094.51, down 238.11 points or 1.37                     Sector Indices
per cent. On technical front Nifty has developed downward pattern in its
weekly and daily charts and it is expected to trade southward this week.
However 5100 would be an important support range in short term and we                     Index
                                                                                                                 Close    Prev. close
                                                                                                                                              Points         %
may see an upward correction rally in this range.                                                                                             change     Change

                                                                                          HC                   6,693.95        6,625.73          68.22       1.03
European shares closed at a session low on Friday on fresh concerns about
the finances of Spain and Italy. U.S. stocks accelerated their selloff,                   FMCG                 4,665.73        4,638.17          27.56       0.59
logging their worst weekly decline for the year, as tepid economic news in                OIL&GAS              7,981.09        7,940.72          40.37       0.51
the U.S. kept investors on edge. Asian shares eased on Monday.                            AUTO             10,156.26         10,110.28           45.98        0.45
                                                                                          PSU               7,288.90          7,307.00          -18.10       -0.25
Global cues are negative today as almost all world markets are in red. SGX                POWER             2,096.56          2,101.87           -5.31       -0.25
Nify is also showing 34 points cut in morning trade indicating that Indian                CD                6,638.88          6,662.84          -23.96       -0.36
market start with a gap down open. Nifty is expected to trade between 5240                METAL            10,914.79         10,956.13          -41.34       -0.38
and 5150 with downward biasness.
                                                                                          CG                9,900.45          9,955.45          -55.00       -0.55
                                                                                          BANKEX           11,884.21         11,979.99          -95.78       -0.80
Nifty: 5207.45                                                                            REALTY            1,763.86          1,780.36          -16.50       -0.93
                                                                                          TECk                 3,231.33        3,470.69        -239.36       -6.90
Resistance:                 Support:                      200DMA:                         IT                   5,404.27        5,923.08        -518.81       -8.76
5260, 5300                  5160, 5100                    5145

The Technical Three                                                                                                  S&P NIFTY 13/04/2012
These are specially selected stock for traders. Short term trading calls are meant for         5308
cash or futures trading, having a holding period of 5-6 days.
Short Term Trading
JSWSTEEL: 739.85            Buy Above:           753        Target:          801               5268
                            Stop Loss:           729        Holding Period: 5 to 6 days
Intra Day trading
LUPIN: 563                  Buy Above:           568        First Target     574
                            Stop Loss:           562        Second Target 580                  5208

RELCAPITAL: 350.05          Sell Below:          347.70     First Target  344.20               5188
                            Stop Loss:           351.50     Second Target 340.70                      9   10        11        12          1        2     3

World Market at a glance

                                                                                     U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner warned
Index                   Last Rate     Prev. Close    Points        %Change           Congress against repeating last year’s “very damaging” debate
                                                                                     over the debt limit and said the economy is stronger than at
                                                                                     any time in the past several years.
SGX Nifty               5,181.00             5,215      -34.00           -0.65       The Bank of Korea lowered its economic growth forecast for
                                                     Updated On 8.00a.m              the year amid volatile oil prices and persistent worries about
                                                                                     Europe’s debt crisis while its inflation projection was also
                                                                                     trimmed. Asia’s fourth-largest economy will expand 3.5
                                                                                     percent in 2012, compared with the 3.7 percent growth
World Indices                                                                        estimated in December, the central bank said. Consumer
                                                                                     prices are expected to rise 3.2 percent, lower than an earlier
Asia                                                                                 forecast of a 3.3 percent gain.
                                                                                     New Zealand house sales in March recorded the best monthly
                                                                                     result since November 2007, adding to signs of a real-estate-
Index                   Last Rate     Prev. Close    Points        %Change
                                                                                     market recovery that may boost consumer confidence and
Nikkei 225              9,504.55        9,637.99     -133.44             -1.38       spending later this year. Sales rose 25.3 percent from a year
Hang Seng              20,593.20       20,701.04     -107.84             -0.52       earlier, the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand said in a
StraitsTimes            2,981.02        2,987.82         -6.80           -0.23       report. Sales reached 7,330 in March from 6,168 in February,
                                                                                     which don’t adjust for seasonal variations.
                                                     Updated On 8.00a.m              Britain kept its AAA grade with a stable outlook at Standard
                                                                                     & Poor’s as the ratings company disagreed with Moody’s
USA                                                                                  Investors Service and Fitch Ratings on the risks to the
                                                                                     government’s ability to pay its debts.
                                                                                     A Spanish minister called on the European Central Bank to do
Index                   Last Rate     Prev. Close    Points        %Change
                                                                                     more to stem the sovereign debt crisis as the cost of insuring
Dow Jones              12,849.59       12,986.58     -136.99             -1.05       the country’s bonds against default surged to a record. “They
NASDAQ                  3,011.33        3,055.55        -44.22           -1.45       should step up purchases of bonds,” Jaime Garcia- Legaz, a
S&P 500                 1,370.26        1,387.57        -17.31           -1.25       deputy minister in Luis de Guindos’s Economy Ministry, said
                                                                                     The U.S. Treasury Department, defending the Obama
NYSE Comp               7,931.10        8,039.96     -108.86             -1.35
                                                                                     administration’s efforts to fight the financial crisis, said
                                                                                     programs intended to right the economy and bail out
Europe                                                                               companies such as General Motors Co. may earn a profit for
                                                                                     taxpayers in the long term.
Index                   Last Rate     Prev. Close    Points        %Change
FTSE 100                5,651.79        5,710.46        -58.67           -1.03
                                                                                 International Event Today
DAX                     6,583.90        6,743.24     -159.34             -2.36
CAC 40                  3,189.09        3,269.79        -80.70           -2.47      Italy IT:Merchandise Trade
                                                                                    4:00 AM ET
Bel 20                  2,222.00        2,269.00        -47.00           -2.07
                                                                                    European Union EMU:Merchandise Trade
                                                                                    6:00 AM ET

                            Rupee v/s USD                                           USA US:Retail Sales
                                                                                    8:30 AM ET
                                                                                    USA US:Empire State Mfg Survey
                                    51.55                                           8:30 AM ET

                                                51.44            51.42              USA US:Treasury International Capital
                                                                                    9:00 AM ET
               51.28                                                                USA US:Business Inventories
                                                                                    10:00 AM ET
                                                                                    USA US:Housing Market Index
 51.10                                                                              10:00 AM ET
             09-Apr    10-Apr       11-Apr     12-Apr       13-Apr
                                                                                    Australia AU:RBA Meeting Minutes
                                                                                    9:30 PM ET

   The coal ministry has hit back at the UK-based The Children's                Market Breath
   Investment Fund (TCI), saying it has in not exerted any pressure on
   Coal India Limited (CIL) for revising its prices as the PSU is free
   to take decisions to ensure its commercial interests.                                     Advances       Declines     Unchanged
   AREVA Solar, the US-headquartered renewable energy subsidiary                                1236           1567            133
   of the French nuclear energy group, AREVA, has an ambitious
                                                                                 BSE India
   plan to tap the growing solar market in India as a technology
   Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor D Subbarao has said that                Turnover on NSE
   India will "gradually" move towards capital account convertibility
   only after preconditions like fiscal consolidation are met.
                                                                                 Cash                       13282.76
   The US Export-Import Bank has approved $80 million in export
   financing for a solar project in India. Supporting US jobs at                 F&O                       137100.82
   companies in eight States, the bank's board of directors approved
   $80.32 million direct loan for the purchase of ‘concentrated solar
   power technology' by Reliance Power in Rajasthan.
   Days ahead of RBI’s credit policy announcement and amid
   speculations over whether the apex bank would opt for CRR cut or
   rate cuts, Crisil Research said that it does not foresee a significant
   reduction in lending rates for corporate and retail borrowers in
   Reserve Bank of India governor D Subbarao has said that rising                                 Total Turnover on NSE (Rs.crore)
   fiscal deficit and short-term debt levels are "quite disturbing" but      155943
   the nation is not facing a repeat of a 1991 balance of payment
   Life Insurance Corporation, retirement funds of state-owned banks         135943
   and public sector organisations will have to step in with cheque
   books for Air India if the government dictates the price at which
   the national carrier sells bonds.                                         115943
   After three rounds of price hike, state-owned oil companies
   announced on Sunday a marginal reduction in jet fuel prices by
   about Rs 170 per kilolitre (kl).                                           95943
   US-based Bank of America paid about Rs 1.4 crore as director
   compensation during 2011 to Indian industrialist Mukesh Ambani
   who had joined the board of the global banking giant last year.
   While it is expanding its current 200 beds hospital to 400 beds in
                                                                                  09-Apr          10-Apr        11-Apr        12-Apr      13-Apr
   Ahmedabad, Apollo Group of Hospitals is now planning to set up
   an acute heart hospital as well in the city.
   Bharti Airtel, the country's top mobile phone company, is in
   advanced talks with Chinese OEMs to bring 'mifi' devices that will
   help people in India to access fourth generation services from their
   3G smartphones on the move
   The last part in the amicable separation between the Hero Group
   and the Honda Motor Company is being initiated, making the
   separation of the leading players in the Indian two-wheeler market
   complete.                                                                FII trading activity on NSE and BSE (In Rs. Crores)
   Tata Steel plans to invest up to 800 million pounds ($1.3 billion) in    Category     Date          Buy Value     Sell Value        Net Value
   its facilities in Wales over the next five years                         FII            13-Apr-12      2634.23       2496.98            137.25

                                                                            DII trading activity on NSE and BSE (In Rs. Crores)
Events Today                                                                Category     Date          Buy Value    Sell Value         Net Value
                                                                            DII            13-Apr-12      1329.61       1809.29           -479.68
Mon, 16th Apr
Board Meet :
                    Castrol India Ltd
                    CRISIL Ltd
                                                                            Initial Public Offerings (IPO) at NSE
                    CRISIL Ltd                                              No IPO today

   Momentum Stock                                                                                              Rupee v/s World Currency
   The dominating lot gives you upto10 stocks which are
                                                                                                               Date                     USD                   GBP             EURO                    YEN
   technically looking tradable and may have good momentum
                                                                                                               10-Apr                 51.204                81.501            67.155                 63.00
   for the day. Clients can use this lot for trading in market.                                                11-Apr                 51.547                81.949            67.567                 63.72
                                                                                                               12-Apr                 51.442                81.963            67.609                 63.52
         •          TATAMOTORS                                                                                 13-Apr                 51.418                81.934            67.669                 63.50

         •          KOTAKBANK
                                                                                                                                                         Last         Prev.
         •          SUNPHARMA                                                                                   Index                                    Rate         Close       Points       %Change
                                                                                                                Crude (Us$/b)                          102.25         102.83         -0.58            -0.56
   Best Bull’s of the street                                                                                    Gold (US$/oz)                        1653.00          1660.2         -7.20            -0.43
                                                                                                                Silver (US$/oz)                        31.445          31.39         0.06              0.18
                                               Previous            Points             %                         LME Copper(US$/mt)                  8,165.50         8185.00       -19.50             -0.24
   Index                         Close
                                                  close           change          Change                        LMEAluminium(US$/mt)                2,046.00          2070.0       -24.00             -1.16
   GENESYS                      192.35            160.30            32.05            19.99                      LME Zinc (US$/mt)                   2,012.50            2021         -8.50            -0.42
   NORTHGATE                      7.85              6.55              1.30           19.85
   TANFACIND                     21.20             18.55              2.65           14.29
                                                                                                              Commodities Update
   JAIHINDPRO                   115.05            101.00            14.05            13.91
                                                                                                              Oil fell a second day in New York after the first international talks with
                                                                                                              Iran on its nuclear program in 15 months produced an agreement to
   Best Bear’s of the street                                                                                  reconvene in May. Futures declined as much as 0.7 percent after sliding
                                                                                                              0.5 percent last week. Oil has advanced this year on concern that
   Index                          Close
                                               Previous            Points             %                       tension with Iran will disrupt global supplies.
                                                  close           change          Change
                                                                                                              Gold edged lower on Monday, extending losses made the previous
   INFY                        2398.05          2750.65           -352.60           -12.82                    session, as the dollar continued to firm on worries about Spanish debt
   BLUECHIP                        0.75              0.85            -0.10          -11.76                    yields and the pace of Chinese economic growth. Spot gold lost 0.4
   ATNINTER                        0.85              0.95            -0.10          -10.53                    percent to $1,652.29 an ounce by 0022 GMT, after losing nearly 1
                                                                                                              percent in the previous session. U.S. gold fell 0.4 percent to $1,653.40.
   HIRAFERRO                      26.00            28.70             -2.70           -9.41                    Spot silver dropped to a one-week low of $31.27 an ounce, before
                                                                                                              recovering slightly to $31.36. The metal slid 2.5 percent last week.

   Top Traded Future
   Scrip                    Underlying               Close           Previous              Points                 %                    Expiry               Open            Contract               Contract
                                                                        Close             Change              Change                    Date              Interest            traded                 Value
   NIFTY                           5207  5221.10                   5290.65                -69.55               -1.31            26-Apr-12            17221650               393776                1036897
   INFY                            2398  2418.40                   2757.65               -339.25              -12.30            26-Apr-12             3383500                82402                 255661
   BANKNIFTY                      10306 10327.90                  10425.65                -97.75               -0.94            26-Apr-12             1566775                85688                 223866
   SBIN                           2,210  2214.05                   2227.65                -13.60               -0.61            26-Apr-12             4463250                38589                 108175

   Top Traded Call
   Scrip                     Strike price           Close            Previous               Points                 %                   Expiry              Open              Contract              Contract
                                                                        Close              Change              Change                   Date             Interest              traded                Value
   NIFTY                            5300           50.10               80.00               -29.90               -37.38          26-Apr-12             4634350                521142               1398659
   NIFTY                            5400           21.50               38.65               -17.15               -44.37          26-Apr-12             6726750                403186               1094900
   NIFTY                            5500            8.00               15.55                -7.55               -48.55          26-Apr-12             5233450                241268                664953
   NIFTY                            5200           96.65              139.10               -42.45               -30.52          26-Apr-12             3070900                187025                496811

   Top Traded Put
   Scrip                     Strike price           Close            Previous              Points                 %                    Expiry             Open              Contract               Contract
                                                                        Close             Change              Change                    Date            Interest              traded                 Value
   NIFTY                            5200          76.50                 51.35                25.15              48.98           26-Apr-12            6439400                 499624               1314143
   NIFTY                            5300         127.70                 89.25                38.45              43.08           26-Apr-12            3284650                 338055                911752
   NIFTY                            5100          43.75                 28.25                15.50              54.87           26-Apr-12            5985450                 307880                790386
   NIFTY                            5000          24.10                 14.95                 9.15              61.20           26-Apr-12            5800400                 236175                592623

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